You have this great idea for a product which you’re sure that people will want to purchase.

You have already identified the necessary materials you will need to make this product.

When you have already procured or bought your materials, you started making your prototype of the product.

And after a couple of tweaking and revising, you finally made the perfect one. The one you’re confident to sell in the market.

Imagining how the market wonderfully reacts to your product, your heart is set to enter into manufacturing this particular product, mass-produce it, and share it with the market. That’s sends butterflies to your stomach.

However, planning to manufacture a product does not only involve your imagination. It involves a lot of things to consider. You have to consider the number of raw materials you will need to produce in bulk this particular product, how those raw materials will be delivered to your end, how many workers you will need, the market you’re targeting to cater to, how you are going to deliver this to the end-users or consumers, and more.

Why do all of these concerns matter when you’re just trying to sell a product that you made in the market?

What is a manufacturing business?

There are different kinds of businesses that you can venture into. Some provide services like automobile repair shops or massage parlors. Some produce goods like Samsung and Apple which produce gadgets ranging from watches to cellphones to computer desktops.

Samsung and Apple are examples of businesses engaged in manufacturing products. So, a manufacturing business is a business engaged in processing raw materials to produce goods or commodities. These goods or commodities are then made in bulk and are sent to wholesalers and retailers. These wholesalers and retailers then supply the goods to the market and sell them to consumers.

There are cases, however, that manufacturer is also the one selling the goods or products they produce to the market.

So basically, if you are into manufacturing, you make use of raw materials to create or produce the products being sold in the market.

You are the factory in the market chain or the manufacturer supplier of other businesses.

Take, for example, a convenience store. A convenience store has a wide array of products in each aisle. However, you will see there are different brands of cookies like Hershey's, Chips Ahoy!, Oreo, and many more.


Those brands are the manufacturing businesses or manufacturers that supply convenience stores with delectable cookies. They sell their products to these convenience stores or what we call wholesalers so that the products can reach consumers like Cookie Monster in Sesame Street.

Now, how can you penetrate large markets like chains of convenience stores or mall department stores? Or other business that could help your product reach the end-users?

How to make your manufacturing business known?

Today, there are a lot of products being introduced in the market. Some of them are even the same or are similar.

Just look at the online marketplace, Amazon. If you open it and search for a particular product, you will see hundreds of results in your first search. And sometimes, the options are so overwhelming, you end up not purchasing anything. Until someone comes along and recommends a certain brand.

So, how do you become that person’s recommendation? How do you become the manufacturer behind that brand? How do you become the manufacturing business that brands will consistently tap for supply?

There are a lot of ways to become that manufacturing business. Of course, we have to start with the most important thing or characteristic that you must possess, and that is QUALITY.

Well, as was said a while ago, there are a lot of options of products in the market today but there are a few who stand out.

How will you stand out?

Having good quality and well-made products will set you apart from the others in the sea of options that consumers have.

Why? Because consumers are typically attracted to goods or products that will last them for a long time. So, if you make quality products that do not easily get broken or food that tastes like heaven, people will likely buy your products and wholesalers will probably contact you for supplies.

However, having a good quality product is not enough. Yes, you might have the quality that people are looking for but that will all go to waste if they don’t know about you. That’s where good advertising comes in and there are a lot of ways to do that.

Here are some:

  1. Referrals

The basic and simple marketing strategy would be to get referrals.

If you’re a food manufacturing business, you can have taste tests in supermarkets, groceries, or a farmers market. This will help consumers to get a sense of what your product tastes like.

Or, if you’re a manufacturer of earbuds, you know, the earphones with no wires? You can make “EX-Deals” with certain people of influence like Youtubers or Vloggers. That means you send them your earbuds for free. Ask them to test them out and make a product review about it.

If consumers, like them, see that your products are good and worth the money, they will likely talk about you to their friends and relatives. And that’s good advertising and marketing.

2. Magazines and newspapers

When you have established a little name for your product or even if you’re just starting, you can venture into advertising that can introduce your product to a wider market and not just to a few sets of friends and relatives.

You can use your local newspaper or magazines. Buy a portion of a page, or a page, and even the centerfold so that people will know that you exist.

However, there is something more that you can do to widen your market and make your product more known not just in your hometown, but also in other places.

3. Manufacturing Websites

It has become more convenient for people nowadays to search or Google things online. Like looking for the top restaurants in town or the ten best places to shop in the city. People search for answers on the internet.

And you know what else they search for on the internet? A manufacturer likes you!

Through manufacturing company websites, wholesalers and retailers will be able to learn about you. It will be like an online portfolio of the products that you create and your profile as a business engaged in manufacturing.

Why create manufacturing websites?

Creating manufacturing websites for your company can help you a ton. This will help you reach people, especially wholesalers and retailers, far greater than what word of mouth and newspapers and magazines can do.

This will act as your brochure; a brochure that can reach potential buyers from all over the world. Like typical brochures, manufacturing websites can introduce and present your products to potential buyers. You can even let your manufacturing web site talk for you.

You can share the process of how you create your products through a video uploaded to your manufacturing web site. You can also add a blog and share there your humble beginnings or if you like, describe the materials you use in production.

They will know all those things by searching for you on the internet! Just make sure to make good use of Search Engine Optimization and other tips and tricks in making your manufacturing web site stay on top of the list of searches in google.


How to create a manufacturing website?

Making websites nowadays has not only been achievable for newbs but also easy for those who do not even have a background in language programs.

All you have to do is find a website builder

These website builders can do almost everything for you. They can help you create a wonderful manufacturing website design that will appeal to your target market.

And you won’t have to worry because these websites will be easy to edit. You’ll just have to click on the items you want to change, upload, or edit, and boom! Your very own manufacturing web site!

Of course, your site should not only be pleasing in the eyes but also one that could highlight your company and your products.

And Strikingly can provide you with that. They have a lot of website templates you can use to make your online brochure attractive and at the same time, interactive. You can even add widgets or features like chatbots to make inquiries easier for your potential buyers!

So if ever you have a great idea for a product, don’t hesitate to make the most out of the marketing opportunities that you have, including creating a manufacturing website.

That way, you’ll be able to share your great idea not just to the people around you but around the world!

So go ahead, start planning for your manufacturing website now, it might just be the next big thing online!