In a world where a lot of people know the same skills that you have learned and you are competing against hundreds, even thousands of other professionals in your niche, how do you stand out? A personal website enables you to differentiate yourself from your competition by providing you with a platform to narrate your personal story to potential clients and employers.

If that’s not reason enough to create a personal website page, here are a few more to get you convinced.

1. Recruiters can find you easily when you’re online

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Recruiters nowadays like to search around the Internet for stellar candidates, even when they already have a database of thousands of potential employees. Your potential employer may also do a background check on you by searching for your personal website and social media profile, or LinkedIn resume. You want to make a good first impression through a professional page.

A personal portfolio website makes it easier for recruiters to find you. Just include the URL of your site in your resume. This cuts down on the process of having to search for your social media profiles. You have all your information and your work history in one page for recruiters and potential employers to review.

2. You have more control over your branding

Having a LinkedIn account is good but the best personal websites often offer a lot more information than what you can include in your LinkedIn profile. Having your own site means you get more control over your brand. You can customize your personal website design to reflect your personality.

Here at Strikingly, we enable users to create their own unique brand through free personal blog sites. Users get a bit of freedom to create unique pages even on a free account because we believe in every individual’s potential to affect change through his or her unique story and talents.

3. Highlight your best works with a personal portfolio website

Your personal website can become a portfolio site where you can show (rather than merely tell) recruiters of what you have worked on and the projects you have completed. Everyone can claim to have a stellar work history but you can engage headhunters and employers more when you can prove to them, through visual presentations of your previous work, just how qualified you are.

The best personal websites also serve as a testament to your skills. The fact that you were able to create such an engaging site shows what you can do and what skills you can offer to any organization.

4. You are more than just a static CV

You have a story to tell and the best personal websites can give you the platform to do so. Employers nowadays look beyond your CV to understand your personality. Aside from qualifications, they want to make sure that you have the right kind of attitude that fits well with the company’s ethos and environment.

A personal website enables you to share your story in the most creative way possible. It allows your unique personality and talent to shine through much more effectively than a static CV.

5. Control all your social pages with your personal website

2019 09 23 control your social pages with a personal website

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The typical internet user has pages in at least 2 social networks and a lot of millenials probably have a page or two in each platform. Creating a personal website to introduce yourself more effectively to the world. It can serve as a master profile - an introduction to all your other social media pages.

Let’s face it, you’re probably all over the internet if you’re the consummate web user. You want to direct recruiters to the right pages that can show off your personality and your skills. They don’t need to see those photos from that wild party back in college. Point them to the right pages on the web through your personal site.

Overall, a personal website is the most effective way to promote your personal brand online. Need more tips on how to create your personal branding? Check out our post on how to build your brand and create a strategy that will effectively promote your talents to the world.

Get ready to share your brand to the world. Build your personal portfolio website today.