Here at Strikingly, we always strive to roll out new features and services to enable entrepreneurs to scale up their web store efficiently. As an internet company with more than 3 million users worldwide, our ecommerce platform is constantly growing to adapt to recent trends in the online retail industry. We are all about providing a robust platform and the best web store builder that will support growing brands as they expand their reach and offer more products to their customers.


Start selling online for free

Strikingly lowers the barrier to entry for owning your own online web store by providing access to the Simple Store platform to free accounts. You don’t need to spend extra to start your online business. With Simple Store, you can create a single-product web store in minutes and with no coding required. This makes Strikingly one of the best web store builders in the industry today.

By taking advantage of Strikingly’s free ecommerce platform and mobile-responsive web store templates you can now focus on developing a winning product for your business.

If you’re in the process of building your own free web store with Strikingly, we strongly recommend that you make the most out of your account by exploring the different updates and features available on this platform. Here are just a few to take note of.

1. Manage inventory with different product features


Here’s a nifty tip for managing your product listing so you don’t have to delete items that are out of stock: simply hide the out of stock products from your product list and then re-publish once you’re ready to start selling them again. You can also do a batch re-order or batch delete within the same platform.

By the same vein, you can also duplicate similar products on your list for easy adding to your online store. To make it easier to manage your inventory, you can also export your list from the platform to do a batch-edit and re-upload them seamlessly. This is great for multi-category online web stores.

2. Run sales easily


Get more customers to stock up on your most sought-after products by running sales on a regular basis. With Strikingly, you can display the Sale Price for products next to a slashed out original price to get people to buy.

3. Create a multi-language site with language switcher


Building your own web store allows you to reach customers from other parts of the world. You can create a global brand with a multi-language website. The language switcher is now available for all Strikingly templates. All you need to do now is to clone your original site and translate the content into different languages. Link all the sites together by activating the language switcher on the website editor. Connect the individual sites to language-specific subdomains for easier access. You can also add a custom URL to the language switcher drop down for easy access to multiple sites.

4. Manage staff access

Once your online business takes off, you’re going to need to hire staff to help you out with daily operations. Assign different roles to your staff according to their functions. For instance, Strikingly’s Simple Store has a Store Manager teammate role that is can edit products and process orders. You can also use the teammate search bar to search for names if you have a bigger staff size.

5. Start a subscription-based business with the membership feature

Strikingly memberships

Create different membership tiers for loyal customers with Paid Subscription Membership. This is ideal for those who are selling recurring content or subscription-based products such as kits, magazines, elearning modules and software. Connect your site to a Stripe or Paypal account to enable customers to sign up and pay for a recurring subscription.

Supporting your business is our highest priority here in Strikingly, and we’re always working towards improving how we can serve you. You can learn more about what we’ve been working on to improve your user experience as you build your online store here.

Ready to start selling online? Set up your free web store with Strikingly today.