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A new year has rung — it’s finally 2021. It’s time to do an overhaul and leave behind all the gunk and grime that weren’t adding value to your life in 2020. And yes, that includes the old website ideas that weren’t working for you, anyway. Unique website ideas are a dime a dozen, but the best ones are harder to come by. Perhaps a great way to start the year is to have new website ideas from us to level up your website-building game.

What is a website?

A website, simply put, is a set of interconnected web pages that is accessible for users in the World Wide Web at a single address.

Why should I build a website?

A website is a great way to disseminate information. It lets people know what your products and services are all about without having to go to your brick-and-mortar store (you can even have a business that is solely online!). Most importantly, if you’re an entrepreneur, it is a way to acquire clients and boost your business’ sales. Did you know that a single Reddit post even acquired as many as 170 new clients in 3 hours?

How do we build a unique website?

The good news is, it is easy to start a website nowadays. In fact, Strikingly can help you with just a single click.

  • Write a variety of content - writing for different niches that range from photography, fashion, to weddings allows your website to have a wider audience reach. A blog post can be done in mere seconds by incorporating a simple blog into your website.

Strikingly Add Simple Blog

  • Select the right template - your website template can make or break your website. New website ideas can only do so much if you don’t make sure to use a template that is fit for the type of content you want to deliver. Choose from a variety of beautiful and ready-to-use templates here.
  • Keep your website ideas up to date - whether you need fresh website ideas for your personal blog, are an educator whose target market is students, or even thinking of creating website ideas to make money, we’ve got you covered.

40 Website Ideas to Try

Personal Website Ideas

  1. Online journal: Here it is, the most basic among basic website ideas for beginners. Now in the twenty-first century, World Wide Web users are anything but private. If you’re just starting out on building a website, you may want to try building a website to put your personal thoughts on it. That way, you will find like-minded individuals that can even turn to friends.
  2. Photography website: If you enjoy capturing life’s moments then you would enjoy a simple photography website where you share your favorite photos.
  3. Fashion website: Calling all fashionistas who enjoy mixing and matching their clothing to create and share their #OOTDs.
  4. Hobbies website: Whether you like knitting, fishing, or drawing, you can start a website where you can share your best tips. Ideas for websites in this genre are endless.
  5. Portfolio website: A portfolio website is designed to display all your best works. This can be a culmination of your life’s work and can be used for your family and closest friends to see, or can be referred to when you’re seeking employment.
  6. Online vision board: If you’re into manifesting your dreams into a reality, keeping an online vision board that you can check often will help you stick to your goals and remind you of your life’s desires.

Website Ideas for Students or Educators

  1. School website: A website for schools and universities allows students and teachers alike to review school policy, view or upload grades, or simply learn more about their alma mater.
  2. eLearning website: An eLearning website can be a great resource for those who want to learn new skills or sharpen existing ones.
  3. Online study forums: Online study forums are a great way for students to interact with peers or educators when they need extra help regarding a subject matter.

Strikingly Idea Forum

  1. Career counselor website: If you want to help students and young adults to navigate the extensive career world and advise them on possible career options, then making a career counselor website allows you to do so from anywhere around the world.
  2. Budgeting website: A budgeting website speaks for itself; it can help people manage their money better by helping you track your income and expenses. It doesn’t hurt to use online tools if it means being financially wiser.

Website Ideas to Make Money

  1. Affiliate program website:

Strikingly Affiliate Program

By having an affiliate marketing website, you can earn money by simply putting the products and services of merchants into your content. Whenever a reader of yours buys via the link on your site, the merchant records this and a percentage of the profits will go to you.

  1. eCommerce: If you’re looking for website ideas to make money, then look no further. Perhaps the most lucrative website idea is by setting up an eCommerce website, an online platform for buyers and sellers alike. Think Amazon, an online retailer. Its major shareholder, Jeff Bezos, is one of the richest people (if not currently the richest himself) in the world. He did this by making shopping accessible at the comfort of your own home.
  2. Dropshipping website: Similar to an eCommerce website, a dropshipping website is a streamlined form of retail business wherein a seller doesn’t keep goods sold in stock. In short, the seller fulfills the orders through a third party without having to have inventory.
  3. Real estate website: Creating a real estate website to showcase prime locations for sale will help brokers let clients see different housing options that best suit their needs without having to go to the location. This niche, along with eCommerce, is probably two of the most sought after website ideas to make money.
  4. Car website: A website showcasing the cars you sell allows clients to read up on the car models they would like to buy.
  5. Construction website: This website is perfect for those who offer house remodeling, electrical repair, or plumbing services.
  6. Cleaning services website: Cleaning services such as laundry or those needing to hire house help would appreciate this website.
  7. Healthcare website: If you are in the medical field and you offer services such as ambulance rental, medicine delivery, hospital services, or online consultations, then this is for you.
  8. Restaurant website: A website for your restaurant allows diners to check your menu, store opening schedules, and branches near them.
  9. Job posting website: These days there is an option to do online interviews instead of having to commute to the site. This allows job hunters to seek their next job without having to endure long hours on the commute.
  10. Stock market website: A stock market website allows investors to earn money and transact more easily without having to go to a bank or through a traditional broker.
  11. Cryptocurrency website: Similar to stocks, cryptocurrency is another way to earn money by investing money for possible huge returns; however, it is considered to be more volatile.
  12. Advertising website: Facebook ads and Google ad, are examples of advertising platforms that can generate money for you.
  13. Travel agency website: Creating a travel agency website that offers tourists the top vacation spots can also be one way to earn money.

Entertainment Website Ideas

  1. Humor website: Everybody loves a good laugh. A website that is filled with memes and jokes can surely make anyone’s day better.
  2. Movies website: A website where movie schedules are posted for your local area. This can also include movie reviews for cinephiles.
  3. Gaming website: A gaming website comprises different online games that can be played using a browser.
  4. Celebrity news website: What is entertainment without good ol’ celebrity news? If you love keeping up with your favorite stars, then this one is for you.
  5. Sports news website: Likewise, for football, basketball, or other sports enthusiasts, a sports news website is a way to keep score.
  6. Music website: Music websites cite which songs are trending at the moment, which are soon to be released, and what has topped the charts for decades past.
  7. Books website: If you’re a bibliophile who is looking for the next New York Times bestseller, then you would enjoy lurking — and possibly even creating your own — books website.
  8. Fandom website: Creating a website dedicated to a particular KPop bank or Anime Series is going to be a blast for similar fanatics to enjoy.

Unique Website Ideas

  1. Sponsorship website: Volunteers and those who want to give back to the community can create a sponsorship website to support their chosen cause.
  2. Weather website: Need to know what weather is in store for you today? Fret no more.
  3. Wedding website: Wedding websites are a place where lovebirds can read up on all things marriage and wedding planning.
  4. Motherhood website: A specific niche for mothers, this website caters to women who are soon to be mothers, have been for a while, or those just interested in the subject.
  5. Pick a winner website: A website where you enter names or numbers of a giveaway you made, and the website does the picking for you. It also makes it fairer for the participants.
  6. Survey website: Survey websites allow people to give and receive feedback on a particular topic or experience.
  7. Website builder site:

Website Builder Site

Last but not the least, if you enjoy helping others build a website of their own, then creating a website builder site would be perfect for you.

Whether you are just starting out on building your first website and are looking for website ideas for beginners in the industry, or an educator looking for website ideas for students, we hope that these 40 website ideas are helpful to you. Which one is your favorite? Let us know below. And if you’re unsure of what the first step is to build your dream website, then contact us and we’ll gladly help you out.