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One of the goals of the best fitness websites is to inspire people to adopt healthier lifestyles. This is an advocacy rather than a business strategy. Helping other people to stay fit and healthy is so important, especially in these times when good health matters most. If your website doesn’t attract followers, there must be something in your design and content that has to be changed or improved. When you build a fitness website, you have to stand out among the heavy competition on the internet. More and more fitness trainer websites are flexing online.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, a gym owner, or a simple health-enthusiast seeking to share your passion with the rest of the world, here are some fitness websites design and templates to inspire you to create one of the best fitness website online.

You don’t need a background in programming or web development to build a fitness website. Website builders like Strikingly have that covered for you by setting you up with a collection of fitness website templates that will suit your content and design requirements. Strikingly templates are mobile responsive so you can provide an improved user experience and capture readers who are on the go. With the majority of searches, particularly for fitness-related services done on mobile, you want to make sure you’re grabbing the attention of this market group.

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Image from One by One Fitness

One by One Fitness features health and wellness programs that are customized to meet their individual clients’ fitness goals. This website is powered by Strikingly and uses the Zine template to create a clean and user-friendly single-page website. It is ideal if you are looking for a personal trainer website design.

Don’t take away from your content by making your design and navigation too fancy and complicated. When it comes to the best health and fitness websites, less is more.

With so many other fitness websites competing for market share, you want to make sure that your own brand stands out. Your website should be one of the strongest representatives of your brand and business. Aside from adding your logo to your Strikingly fitness website, make sure that your choice of color and font reflects your branding as well. Each template has a prescribed set of color schemes that you can use but you can add in custom colors using hex code to make your site more personalized. If you have a custom font, you can also upload your own type to the website editor.

The voice of your content should also reflect your business. Branding elicits emotion from the reader so your content should be able to affect the same kind of response. Understand your target audience and learn how to communicate with them at a deeper level. For instance, people who do Crossfit may have different needs and sensibilities compared to those who practice yoga. Your message takes on a different tone depending on the kind of fitness company you run.

  • Be approachable

As a fitness coach, your job is to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle and take care of their bodies. The top fitness websites are designed to make it easy for visitors to reach out to the trainer if they have health and fitness related inquiries. Put down your contact details prominently on your website. Provide other means of communicating with you by connecting your website to your social media pages, if any. Encourage visitors to like your social media pages to give them more ways of connecting with you and staying updated with fitness and health advice. This way you have open communication about personalized questions from your visitors and members. Be approachable and inspire them to stay motivated in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

NutriShop website screenshot

Image taken from NutriShop

NutriShop, another Strikingly fitness website, is a good example of how to keep communication lines open for visitors. Strikingly has a chatbox feature that you can add to your site to enable you to respond to your customers in real-time. Another alternative to the chatbox is adding a Facebook messenger widget to your site so questions can be routed to your social media pages if that’s where you usually address inquiries about your brand.

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Image taken from the Habit House website

Habit house is one best fitness website example that is created with Strikingly. The site design has a minimalistic approach that only focuses on the good results, positive feedback from its members, and the process on how things work. It has a simple yet interesting gym fitness design that gives its visitors and members the idea on how to achieve their fitness goals. It is important to present a short and realistic approach to attract new members. The first two steps about getting a personalized plan and committing on a weekend workout are effective ways to help members find ways to get fit.

Statistical Results page

Screenshot image from Habit House website

The numbers presented on one of Habit House website pages are definitely a winner. These statistical results give new members the trust and confidence that they can also achieve good results like others. This is a very creative design for a fitness website. If you want to showcase how existing members feel about the fitness program, make sure you have testimonies from those who have experienced it very well. Aside from building the best fitness website, remember that the word of mouth is also powerful.

Tips on How to Build A Fitness Website

We will show you how to do it and how it looks like when you create it with Strikingly website builder.

  1. Create an account and get a template

Strikingly landing page

It’s free to get started at Strikingly. Give your fitness gym ideas a best shot by creating a website with us. The first step is to create an account and choose from our existing user’s pre designed templates.

  1. Organize your content

Add element screenshot

Organize content on your website by adding element blocks such as your profile, card, and feature. The free plan will give you the basic pages you need to get started but it’s nice to add some cool stuff on your fitness website with the Pro access account. Building a website has never been this easy with our website editor that has a desktop view and a mobile view editor option.

  1. Make simple and easy edits

Drag and drop mode

There’s nothing like designing your own fitness website. Whether you choose a template or start from a scratch, no worries because you can easily drag and drop objects, images, and texts on your website. It feels good to have control over the things on our own site. You get the confidence and pride that you made something with your bare hands.

  1. Add a Signup section

Sign up section

Two girls high five

Screenshot from Habit House website

Add a signup section without being obvious that you want your visitors to take action immediately. Make it subtle with a friendly and engaging statement like this example “Be the first to know”. It makes signing up or getting a subscription to sound more exciting. Also, you can add a custom form where they can submit their queries about the package. This is the best way to interact with your visitors and potential members.

Here at Strikingly we love the idea of making our users at ease with our website building tools and services. Just when you thought about making the best fitness website, we thought it’s better to get things ready when you need to customize and move around objects on your site. We’re on a mission to make great things happen as you set your goals to build a fitness website.

We are here to support our user’s advocacy to share their expertise to the world. More people are getting health-conscious nowadays and having a fitness website if you are a fitness trainer is a must-have. Share your ideas to help other people get fit. Go live online and demonstrate simple workouts to loosen up muscle cramps.

Sometimes, our goals seem so big that we think we can’t do it. You have to focus on this goal to get positive results. If your goal is to help other people get fit, then it won’t take you too much time to build a fitness website. Put on your sweat suit and start recording some workouts. Having quality content and materials will help your site rank well in the competition. Plus, you got this bonus of fulfilling your advocacy to help other people live a healthy life.

Stay at home and stay fit. More people are making the right choice to get a personal fitness trainer online. It is the safest way to get a healthy lifestyle instead of going to the gym and being exposed to many people. Before you think about the competition among the best fitness websites, think about your own unique qualities that will make you stand out. The ideas mentioned above will help you set up your fitness website in just a snap. But, remember that a good attitude towards your clients will give you the best results.