One of the goals of the best fitness websites is to inspire people to adopt healthier lifestyles. If your website doesn’t attract followers, there must be something in your design and content that has to be changed or improved. Whether you’re a personal trainer, a gym owner or a simple health-enthusiast seeking to share your passion with the rest of the world, here are some design tips to inspire you to create one of the best health and fitness websites.

It starts with the right template

You don’t need a background in programming or web development to build your own fitness website. Website builders like Strikingly have that covered for you by setting you up with a collection of fitness website templates that will suit your content and design requirements. Strikingly’s templates are mobile responsive so you can provide an improved user experience and capture readers who are on the go. With majority of searches, particularly for fitness related services done on mobile, you want to make sure you’re grabbing the attention of this market group.

2019 11 28 best fitness websites

One by One Fitness

One by One Fitness features health and wellness programs that are customized to meet their individual clients’ fitness goals. This website is powered by Strikingly and uses the Zine template to create a clean and user-friendly single-page website.

Don’t take away from your content by making your design and navigation too fancy and complicated. When it comes to the best health and fitness websites, less is more.

Implement strong branding

With so many other fitness websites competing for market share, you want to make sure that your own brand stands out. Your website should be one of the strongest representatives of your brand and business. Aside from adding your logo to your Strikingly fitness website, make sure that your choice of color and font reflects your branding as well. Each template has a prescribed set of color scheme that you can use but you can add in custom colors by hex code to make your site more personalized. If you have a custom font, you can also upload your own type to the website editor.

The voice of your content should also reflect your business. Branding elicits an emotion from the reader so your content should be able to affect the same kind of response. Understand your target audience and learn how to communicate with them at a deeper level. For instance, people who do crossfit may have different needs and sensibilities compared to those who practice yoga. Your message takes on a different tone depending on the kind of fitness company you run.

Be approachable

As a fitness coach, your job is to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle and take care of their bodies. The top fitness websites are designed to make it easy for visitors to reach out to the trainer if they have health and fitness related inquiries. Put down your contact details prominently on your website. Provide other means of communicating with you by connecting your website to your social media pages, if any. Encourage visitors to like your social media pages to give them more ways of connecting with you and staying updated with fitness and health advice.

2019 11 28 top fitness websites NutriShop

NutriShop, another Strikingly fitness website, is a good example of how to keep communication lines open for visitors. Strikingly has a chatbox feature that you can add to your site to enable you to respond to your customers in real time. Another alternative to the chatbox is adding a Facebook messenger widget to your site so questions can be routed to your social media pages if that’s where you usually address inquiries about your brand.