Everyone wants to be a blogger these days, thanks to the rising popularity of content creators and the huge income-generating potential of this niche. But starting a blog can be quite intimidating especially if you don’t quite know where to begin.

The idea of having something you wrote being consumed by readers and actually shared to other people can be exhilarating but learning how to create a blog entails hard work. Building a blog site is one thing but making it big, monetizing it and making a career out of blogging is another. If you’re starting a blog for personal reasons - i.e. to have an online journal where you can put your thoughts into words - you can possibly make do with free blog sites provided by known platforms such as Strikingly.

As a leading internet company, Strikingly empowers startups and individuals to share their ideas online through powerful websites. It features a blogging platform that makes it easy for beginners to get into the industry without having to study the technicalities of website development. With Strikingly, you can start a blog for free and scale up as your brand grows.

Armed with the right kind of tools to create free blog sites, here are some tips on how you can get started and potentially breakout into the blogging community.

1. Start with a focused idea

You don’t need a revolutionary idea to make it big as a blogger but you need to focus on a specific niche to make it work. We have seen a lot of successful content creators start with run of the mill topics but were still able to build their brand because they zeroed in on a niche and developed it into a solid blog site.

The reality is that no idea is truly unique but our experiences and voice can be distinctly different. You may have a different approach to a topic and that in itself is worth blogging. When choosing a niche, look within you and ask yourself if the topic you have in mind is something you enjoy learning more about. There’s no use building content on something you are not even remotely familiar or passionate about.

2. Pick a good blogging platform

Whether you choose to create a Wordpress blog or a Wix blog or even a Strikingly blog, it’s important that you go for a platform that you’re comfortable with. Ideally, you should choose a blogging platform that will give you enough flexibility to create a unique website and a good amount of room to grow and scale up. For beginners, Strikingly is an ideal choice because it gives users the opportunity to try different blogger templates and explore various options for building websites. For instance, aside from learning how to make a blog, users can also start monetizing their site by adding an online store for free. These are features that you may be required to pay for in other free blogging platforms.

3. Select a name for your blog

Coming up with a name for your blog is one of the most important steps on how to start a blog for free. For one, you need to choose a name that will stand out and is easy to remember. If you’re creating a free blog, you will not have to worry about purchasing a domain name at first because you will be getting your free subdomain from Strikingly. However, it’s wise to choose a blog name with the view that you will register it as a domain name once your website starts growing. Many bloggers use their name as their website name - or their social media name for those who have started building a following on social networking sites. You may also incorporate your target keywords into your blog name for SEO purposes.

4. Design according to your personality

The best blog sites are extensions of the people behind them. They are created to reflect the personality and image of the blogger. You want your blog site to represent you on the web so it’s important to be mindful of branding and how this site’s design ties back to your other online profiles.


On Strikingly, start by selecting a blog template that suits your preferences and start customizing according to the colors, fonts and sections that you need to get your website to look unlike any other. If you feel that the design is not working for you, don’t worry because you can change your mind and switch to other blogger templates. If you need a bit of inspiration, look through the blog examples on our Discover page and learn more about how you can transform our templates into unique websites.

Ready to build your personal brand? Build your own blog site today.