Improve Your Portfolio with Templates for Photography Websites

When it comes to portfolios, presentation is everything. Great photography websites have a higher chance of getting noticed. Getting noticed means attracting clients, which translates to revenue. This is why it’s important to give your portfolio website a lot of love and attention.

A photography website builder is a great way to get your portfolio available to your potential clients as quickly as possible. This platform enables you to create an online space where you can highlight your best work. The best part is, you don’t need programming or web design know-how to get your site up. The site builder will provide you with photography website templates to get you started.

Here at Strikingly, we make the task of creating photography portfolio websites easier through our user-friendly site editor and extensive collection of modern and mobile-responsive web templates. Here are some of our well-loved photography website templates to give you design inspiration for your upcoming portfolio project.

Hayes Gallery

hayes gallery photography website template

Hayes Gallery is a great choice for photography portfolio websites because of its clean design and full-width images and videos. Showcase your best works through the grid-style image gallery and get them to connect to your social pages through the integrated social share buttons. The template also features pastel color schemes that would add a nice accent to the white canvas. You can also customize the site fonts to suit your branding and personal style.


sparks photography website template

Sparks was created with the modern photographer in mind. The customizable background allows you to maximize your photography website’s real estate. Use it to feature your favorite works or add in a video to increase user engagement. The color schemes on this template are reminiscent of a darkroom, or a postmodern art gallery. The grid style layout lets you customize and divide each section so you can add in more content such as a feature on the services you offer, packages and rates.


bright photography website template

When building free photography websites for photographers, we recommend adding a few bits of information about yourself and your personal story to make your clients relate to your site. Bright is a good choice of website template if you want to add text content to your image gallery. You can introduce sections such as key projects that you are or have been a part of, reviews and testimonials from previous clients and probably a short story about yourself and what you do.


Perspective photography website template

Perspective is another perfect all-rounder in our opinion. The color scheme on this template is ideal for image galleries of various moods and lighting styles. It’s general look and feel appeals more to photography websites adopting vintage and rustic themes. Here is another template that allows you to feature not just your image gallery but a bit more content if you have a knack for writing. It has an integrated blog section that allows you to create fresh content on your website so your visitors will have something new to see every time they land on your site. Here’s another pro tip: people love a good story. Creating a feature on your favorite projects through the blogs is another way to keep your photography portfolio website updated and engage visitors at the same time. Short and interesting stories behind your most popular shots will engage users and make them understand more about your artistic process.

Final note

One of the best things about Strikingly’s website templates is how they can be adapted to suit various industries and site content. Do not be limited to the ones that we listed here. By all means, feel free to explore our other free templates and play around with them to find the best design for your photography website.