As a photographer, your work is a testament to your talent and skill so it’s only fitting that your portfolio website reflects the level of professionalism and creativity that you have in all your projects. An online portfolio serves as your business card on the web - it represents your brand and enables clients to easily engage your services. When designed correctly, a website portfolio also has the potential to attract new gigs and revenue to your business.

A great website starts with the right choice of portfolio template. Strikingly empowers individuals and creatives with a robust website builder combined with an expansive library of portfolio website templates that enable them to create unique and feature-rich sites with no coding required. All the backend work relevant to web development is already covered so you can focus on creating great content.

With the technical heavy-lifting out of the way, it will only take you a few minutes to set up a website on Strikingly but you will want to spend a bit more time on your site to make sure that it attracts the right audience. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own free portfolio website, you have come to the right place. We have put together some of the best photography portfolio website examples that were created with Strikingly’s portfolio website templates to give you ideas for your own project.

MyABCs portfolio website template

Scham.In uses the MyABCs portfolio template and features a full-width layout that is suited for modern photography portfolio websites. It maximizes the use of the site’s real estate by arranging images in a grid-style layout for easy viewing. The site opens up to a sliding header to highlight the photographer’s current works to give the user a sense of the technique and light treatment he could expect from this professional.

2. Passerby Photography

Perspective portfolio website template on Passerby Photography

When you’re a photographer, it only makes sense to use one of your best shots to grab a reader’s attention. Using one of your best shots for your header image, combined with a magnetic tagline such as what Passerby Photography used, can help create an inviting welcome to visitors to your portfolio website. The header, being the first thing that a user sees when he lands on your site, should be able to entice him to scroll through and learn more about you and your services. This website example in particular chose a full-width portfolio template

3. Shane Leong

Shane Leong website portfolio

If there is one tip about how to make a portfolio website, it has to be that you need to keep it lean. Think of your site as your greatest hits compilation album. You don’t add every single work that you have done in your lifetime but you pick out the ones that will best highlight your skills. If you have worked with quite a number of clients in the past, however, you’re likely to still end up with a sizable collection. Shane Leong used Strikingly’s Light Deck portfolio template and added a few gallery sections to break the portfolio down into categories.

4. ZPotler Photography

Zpotler Photography using Sleek portfolio template

Clients are always keen to know the person behind the lens. More often than not, how you present yourself as an artist and as a professional photographer is just as important as the quality of your free portfolio website. Do include a short About Us section on your site and use this space to tell the reader something about yourself and your motivation behind your shooting technique. ZPotler Photography opens up the website with a short introduction about the photographer, his interests and what he has been up to so far. He also took the Sleek portfolio template with its sidebar menu to create a site that is easy to navigate. A quick look at the left side of the page will give the user an overview of the content and where to find information such as pricing, packages and the different portfolio collections featured on the site.

5. Emelyn K Photography

Emmelyn K website portfolio on Strikingly

If you have a knack for writing, another way to spruce up your portfolio website is to create a blog. Strikingly’s portfolio website templates allow you to easily add the Simple Blog section so you can start writing in minutes. Emelyn K Photography uses this area to give more insight into some of her key projects. She also used this piece of additional web real estate to add more photos that may not have made it to her main portfolio gallery.

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