Your photography business depends highly on how you market your talent. When your potential clients land on your picture website, they should be able to see your work immediately. Your site should start selling your skills during the first few seconds that your visitor is on your page. Well-designed and curated picture sites have the potential to draw clients and get new projects.


Select the right website template

Your unique brand should be reflected in all aspects of your website - including the design and layout. Strikingly’s modern website templates enable you to create a unique picture site through a number of customization options without the need to edit your site’s backend code. The templates come with default sections such as an image gallery for displaying your best work and headers for attracting your reader’s interest upon arriving on your site. However, you can add more sections to your webpicture page according to your content requirements.

Make sure your gallery is updated

Treat your website as a living document that evolves and offers something new over time. You cannot just build a picture website and leave it at for a long time expecting for it to continuously attract new clients. It’s important to keep your site up to date with your latest projects. The beauty of being a photographer is that you don’t always need a paying customer to be able to shoot beautiful images. The next time you go on a photo session, make sure to keep your website’s image gallery in mind.

Your gallery should load well on mobile

You don’t want to lose a customer on the go because your website doesn’t load well on mobile devices. Make sure to test your site before publishing. Your gallery should render well on small screen sizes so that it doesn’t affect the user experience when your client switches to a different device. Having said that, it’s important to test the functionality of your website on all types of screens and devices as well as across different web browsers before you launch so you can tweak the design accordingly.

High quality images are a must


We can’t emphasize this enough - high resolution images are crucial to the success of your picture site. This may sound so logical but you’ll be surprised at the number of websites we’ve seen that fail in this aspect. Even when you’re an amateur photographer or somebody who’s just starting out in the business, you don’t want to be caught dead with a gallery filled with low-quality photos. You want to sell your brand as a professional and reliable business. Don’t let a bunch of bad photos ruin what you’re trying to work for.

Sync your social pages

While it’s good that you have a fully-functional picture website to showcase your work, you also want to manage social media accounts to establish a following on these platforms. To consolidate your online presence, it’s also important to connect these social media pages to your website and sync your content across these spaces. This allows you to keep content fresh on all platforms and also cut down on time spent managing each one of them. On your Strikingly website, for instance, you can add a social stream so your Facebook and Instagram feeds are synced with your site.

Optimize your pages

To build your online presence, you must make sure that your website is searchable. Optimize your website so it ranks well on search engine results. This ensures that your target clients can find you when they are ready to engage your business. Optimizing for local SEO is also good for attracting clients within the same geographic location as your business.