The main point of having a website is to build your company’s online presence so it’s important for customers to be able to find your site. This is why improving your website SEO should be one of your priorities.

how to seo your website

One of the challenges of a small business website is establishing audience awareness and competing against bigger brands. Great content and a beautiful website design gets diluted in a sea of similar but stronger websites that offer the same product or service. SEO raises your online profile and enables you to compete with the best brands in your industry. Here are a few strategies on how to SEO a website in 2020 to further improve your site ranking next year.

1. Prioritize your users

Google rolls out algorithm updates hundreds of times in a year to continue improving the search experience for its users. The search engine aims to serve the most relevant information to users. It only follows that if you want to do seo for website visibility, you want to take a more user-focused approach to your design and content. A huge part of your site’s search ranking has to do about what visitors do when they land on your website. It’s no longer enough to get users to come to your site. You need to make them stick around and read or interact with your content.

2. An irresistible title and meta description helps

Having said that, it’s also important to make a good first impression for you to be able to get a user to come to your website. The first thing that a user sees about your website when coming from any search engine is your page title and meta description. You want to optimize these elements to entice users to go into your website. The best website builder for SEO will have integrated tools where you can edit your meta title and description to reflect your content.

Ideally, you want to provide an accurate description of your site’s content on your meta description and title. Clickbaits will not work, however, because we go back to the first item of getting users to stay longer with relevant content. If your metas do not have anything to do with your content, users will quickly leave your site upon landing.

3. Create long-form content

Users have gotten smarter in their consumption of information from the internet. When they take the time to read a page, they expect to see authoritative and well-written content. Blogging is an important element of seo website optimization. It enables you to add fresh content to your website regularly. To attract customers, you want to come off as a reliable and knowledgeable brand. Providing answers to consumer challenges surrounding your niche is a good way to establish trust and confidence in your brand.

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By long-form content, we don’t mean 2000 word empty articles that do not really mean much. Don’t waste your reader’s time with wordy content. Make your material meaty and worth his time. And while you’re at it, make sure that the length of the content does not affect readability. Making your content easier on the eye is another tip on how to seo your website.

4. Break text into sections and headlines

Long form content is good but don’t forget about user experience when planning the content layout on your website. Breaking text into headlines, sections and points make it easy to digest and understand. Learning how to seo website properly means keeping your user at the top of mind. When you plan content, imagine how your user will navigate through the information you have on your website. Make the experience easy an enriching for them.