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There may finally come a time when you’ll be trying to showcase your innovative product to the world. For that, the most important thing is to create a solid online presence. The collection of Strikingly templates has made it very easy for a website owner. They provide you with a solid foundation to build a professional eCommerce website that can give the biggest brands in the world a run for their money. The most important thing to choose the best website template and work with its planning and execution. Both of these aspects are important for generating an ideal web design for the website.

As numerous websites have their prescribed themes and layouts, choosing one template out of an entire collection can be time-consuming. Strikingly has made life really easy for the website owners as they don’t need a programming or coding degree to justify creating an eCommerce website. Choosing the suitable template is your bread and butter if you want to get value from your invested money.

Strategies for a Website Template

First and foremost, you need to select the best website builder for your templates. For that, it isn’t a secret to the world that Strikingly ticks all the boxes for a website developer. As you have decided on your website template, you have to look at the strategies you need to consider for your website’s template. We have shared some of the key talking points below while selecting the template.

1. Type of Website You Want to Build

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As with most websites, your objective is the most crucial factor in determining the right website template for your platform. For example, you may have the objective of creating a crowdfunding website, a wedding website, a music concert website, etc. If you have your own business or work for a brand, your template and its layout must make the visitors understand whether you are an individual or a group of people working for a website.

If you have launched a new product in the market, you must choose the bold color to make its information readily available to the visitors. This was the most fundamental regarding web design. However, the most significant talking point is regarding what must be present during your working hours. Moreover, create a plan for your customers on how they will respond to the information you provided regarding your products or services.

2. Web Design and Layout

Once you have decided upon the kind of website you have to make, it makes it very easy for you to choose the most ideal web design and layout for it. For example, if we talk about a traditional website, it will consider a boxed width layout rather than full width as you want to showcase your website’s content to your visitors. Having said that, a full-width layout will be ideal for modern websites and portfolio websites.

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The white space circulating the layout’s design elements gives some margin for the developers. The other design fundamentals while choosing a website template include navigation, header style, and location. Mantra by Strikingly (shown above) is an ideal example of a template that will suit the visitors who have come in for shopping or looking into the description of any new product that has been launched recently in the market. The template has added menu items to its header banner to give the visitors easy access to the other sections of the website.

3. Timeline

Depending upon the progress of your website development, the timeline for the building of your project may vary. The project timeline is a critical aspect of the overall project management process of a website. You have to make sure that you are efficient with your tasks during the completion of your project.

If you are building your website yourself or have all the power for selecting the right website template, you need more time to learn. You should use the maximum time as a learning curve, especially when you are not outsourcing your tasks. Regardless of the resources or the timespan you have, make sure that you adopt your project timeline efficiently. This will give you more time to do revisions or conduct other potential verifications. You must remember that luck always favors those who are prepared for everything.

4. Platforms with Flexibility and Customization Options

Working on an online store is essential for the growth of your online business, which means that the website owner modifies some of the things on the online website to ensure that his/her business grows further. Wherever you decide to create your eCommerce website, make sure that the website has all the required tools in terms of flexibility and customization options. When you choose the best website template, you must make sure that you can customize just about anything with it. If you don’t know much about website development, this becomes more of a necessity.

5. SEO

Like any other website, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial while choosing a website template. It can also be considered as one of the constituents of the website building platform’s flexibility. However, in a period of multi-screens, you must develop a website that can respond to different types of screens to display your content. Most of the website traffic is generated by hand-held devices, and numerous websites are responsive to the different screen sizes without impacting their overall performance.

If the user experience is maintained on a smaller screen, you have kept your website up-to-date with the mobile optimization process. You can afford to experiment with the templates if they maintain their performance on smaller screens before zeroing on your prescribed template. Similarly, you can look into how these platforms can support your respective website. If they can boost your Google rankings via SEO, there is nothing better for your business and website.

6. Customer Support

In the market today, you will find numerous website developers looking to avail all of their respective services. However, most of them are unable to present their performances or their comprehensive performances properly. A low-quality platform may look fine on paper but will bring issues to the table once you start adding your own assets to it.

Therefore, when you consider an ideal website template for your website, always rely on trustworthy website builders, such as Strikingly. We ensure to provide templates with unique characteristics. Our templates have testimonials and accessible channels so that you can view the customer support section if you run into a few problems with your website. All you need to do is select the best template regarding the idea you have envisioned for your business.

7. Mobile Responsive Design

mobile responsive design

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As most of us are experiencing websites through our mobile devices, it will be totally unfair to disregard the mobile optimization of your template. You have to make sure that your website is available for all screen sizes of a mobile device. The website editor of Strikingly has a mobile screen view which will give you a complete understanding of how mobile viewers will view your website. The best website templates in the world are all mobile responsive. The website owners having those templates have nothing to worry about regarding the HTML and CSS edits to ensure user experiences on mobile and other browsing platforms.

8. Drag and Drop Website Builder

If you don’t have an IT degree or experience in building eCommerce websites, you must know about the drag and drop feature while choosing a website template. In today’s online community, you will find thousands of content management system (CMS) platforms in the market. However, there are many with a rigid layout. If you want to do any kind of modification in your template, you must do complete navigation of your platform before making a final conclusion.

drag and drop

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Strikingly provides you with an ideal user-friendly editor through which you can easily drag and drop the selected items as per your choice. Regardless of the template you have chosen, you can easily place a section on top of it.


Considering all website builder platforms, Strikingly provides the most professional website templates for all the respective niches. Whether it is a business website, a blog website, or a wedding website, Strikingly has created categories of all the templates for every niche. All the templates found on Strikingly are unique and have ideal website characteristics. Our website templates are made with a mobile-first approach, making them ideal for working with all the available browsers on any device.

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Before you start working on your eCommerce website, you can go through our collection of templates alongside the actual user’s website that has used one of the templates out of that collection. Once you have selected the best template for your website, everything else falls perfectly in your path.