The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity for potential business owners to start a website for an online shop. Since its onset, there is an increasing need for online shopping portals that can deliver goods to consumers so that they don't have to travel to a physical store, with many people preferring to stay at home to avoid catching the virus. It's important to start on the right foot with the right choice of online store builder if you're looking to tap into this rising industry.

The good news is that you don't need to create a website for your online store website from scratch. To help you get your venture off to a good start, the key is to find the right tools and free online store builder. You have a lot of viable options open and ready to help almost every ecommerce business model you might think of, with thousands of website builders and ecommerce platforms vying for market share. How do you make the right choice, though? Here are a few instructions to think about. Let’s begin your journey on how to build an online store!

Why would I want a free online store or online store website?

It is important to remember that a web store builder addresses a particular need before you begin your quest - the ability to set up an online store without the need for technical skills in web design and creation. It may not be sufficient for everyone who intends to create an online company. Here are some of the many instances where you could be perfect for an online store builder:

  1. You are a fresh business

A free online store builder like Strikingly could be right for you if you're planning to cut costs without losing efficiency and feature. Compared to hiring a skilled web developer to get the same job done, website builders allow users to set up a site within minutes and at a much lower cost. Most e-commerce sites have the basic tools you need to get an online store running - among others, themes, payment gateways, SEO, and inventory management.

Not only does Strikingly offer a featured-pack online store builder, but it is also constantly updated. We strive to push boundaries in what a website builder could be.

Strikingly offers a lot of new robust features that have rolled out recently which include:


  • Export Form Data
  • Improved Publish Speed
  • Adding file uploads to your custom forms
  • Mobile view in the editor
  • Custom form section
  • Adding custom check form fields
  • Increased font upload limit to 5 MB
  • New Section Selector
  • Ability to modify checkout fields
  • Pricing section now available
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • Bulk Delete Uploaded Images
  • ..and many more here

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We at Strikingly work hard every day, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that you, our beloved customers, get the best online store builder and website building experience. With Strikingly, you can start to create an online store for free and finish it within minutes. Our services are totally free with optional premium features to help you and your business stand out.

  1. You are a small startup


Due to limited capital, start-ups are forced to allocate their resources to ensure their venture's growth. As it offers an all-in-one kit that allows brands to scale up as they expand, a free online store builder like Strikingly is a cost-efficient solution.

  1. Would like to keep your customers informed

Hyping your online shop will only keep your customers at bay for so long until they could possibly lose interest if you are branching out to get e-commerce into your website. You can add a temporary website as a placeholder under construction page if you are still working out your online store creator, which can generate more attention and traffic on your website while you are still setting it up.

  1. You plan to get serious with your hobby

Just because a side-hustle is your e-commerce business does not inherently mean that you have to deal with a website that is substandard. By providing your clients with a smooth and streamlined shopping experience, online store builders offer the convenience of converting your hobby into a lucrative business.

A good example would be a candle business. This type of niche market typically begins with an artsy person who has found safe haven with candle crafting and such. This type of business may seem like a hobby at first, but given enough time, research, and dedication, it can be a lucrative sector that you can even get into.

Tips and Tricks to get your online store expanding

Now that we have explored the nitty-gritty of why you would want a free online store, it’s time to get into a few tips that will help you grow and establish your brand through your own ecommerce online store.


  1. Keep in mind your niche market

With your future customers in mind throughout every detail, your online store should be built upon that foundation. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and try to imagine the user experience that will better guarantee returning clients. When you build your online store, during the journey of your customer, it should ultimately recreate a smooth transaction - that which you can track through analytics that you can access. This way, the choices will remain updated based on their attitudes and expectations in the actual customer experience.

Keep close relations within your niche market too. It’s a risky move to transition to markets you have never explored yet, and when it fails it may become a costly one.

  1. Build up hype for your online store’s launch

Your online shop is only one destination point of the consumer experience that comes after the social media marketing strategy and online ad campaigns. If you've been teasing your audience with a first-time product launch on your newsletter, for example, let them know that you're working on this new project of an online store website to generate excitement and traffic into your room.

  1. Keep your online store simple yet consistent

Beyond only ensuring that all of your brand assets are used in your online store for visibility and uniformity, learning how to create an online store from scratch can often take a long time. You can still use Strikingly's online store website models to simplify the work for you if you're in a hurry to set up a store. It saves time, and many other users like you have already tried and checked the models, so you can know that your online store remains well-supported.

  1. Know about App Integrations

There are a handful of app integrations that you can play with when you first create your free online store, whether you're starting from scratch or a prototype. Most of these starting features are part of the core basics but are necessary for you to start a simple store for your goods.

  1. Be mindful of the fees

Most website builders begin their service for free, but you might want to play with more advanced features that come with a certain fee once you have gotten to know your choice of an online store builder. This is also valid for a variety of sites that charge a fee if you have formally started doing business on their site and it can be difficult to select a package. Be mindful of your subscription fees when developing your website, and before formally partnering with a particular network, it's always wise to look at the fine print.

But no worries, as with Strikingly's website plans also contain breakdowns of what you will be paying for, depending on your choice of tier, for your consideration. Strikingly, it provides low overhead running expenses and does not charge extra for any sales on your website - your earnings are yours to retain. In particular, under our Free Plan, you can sell one product, up to 5 products under our Restricted Plan, and up to 100 products under our Pro Plan.

  1. Think well about expanding for the future

As with any new business, there will be a lot of space for expansion, and some strategic investments will help serve what works now for both the back and front-end of your online store. As your product list expands, requirements will need to be considered for such purchases, and you will need the right resources to help your evolving experience with the customer.

You need to consider what is already going well for your clients and for your management team while you are expanding your online shop. That said, just because something works doesn't mean that no change is required. That's why we've constantly worked in Strikingly to improve and add functionality to our online store builder to respond to the needs of the changing world.

Build your free online store with Strikingly

As we have mentioned earlier, our website builder will help you build a promising free online store that you can get up and running in just minutes. With unparalleled customer support and zero basic fees (yes, Strikingly is completely free!), Strikingly will be your best friend in your ecommerce journey. We also offer templates to add flavor to your store and entice even more customers. Get started now!