People rely on Google. We have been so dependent on it that the term itself has become a verb referring to the act of looking up information through the search engine. Whenever we want to find something, we just “Google it”. The same holds true for your website visitors. The search engine is one of the many ways through which they must have learned about your site so learning how to get your website on Google is crucial to your brand’s online success. Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

get your website on google

1. Submit your website to Google

The first step on how to get your website to show up on Google is to let it know your site exists.

Google as a search engine has three major tasks: crawl, index and retrieve. It crawls through the web regularly to “find” pages to add to its growing search index. When a user makes a search for these pages, Google retrieves these pages and lists them in order of what it deems relevant to the user. With that said, Google should be able to find your website anyway, but if you want to make the process a bit faster, submitting your site to the search engine gives an active go-signal that your pages are ready for crawling and indexing. It’s like announcing that you want in on the race.

2. Pay attention to your on-page SEO factors

how to get your website on top of google search results

There are several factors that affect search rankings but if you want to know how to get your website on top of Google search results, the answer lies in Google’s regular search algorithm updates. Over the years, the search engine has constantly introduced improvements to its algorithm so that it can consistently serve relevant and useful content to its visitors. On your end, creating quality and fresh content is an effective way to get your page to rank favorably.

Help the search engine understand your site by optimizing your site’s metadata. Strikingly has an integrated SEO tool that lets you edit your page information for search engine bots.

3. Share your links on relevant and trustworthy websites

The next step on how to get your website to the top of Google search results is to work on building quality links to your site. Consider links as votes of confidence on your content and your brand. The more pages linked to your sites, the higher your credibility goes. Google likes reliable and trustworthy websites.

Do note that you also need to be cautious about the kind of websites you’re sharing links with. In the world of SEO, who you are connected with matter. Google penalizes sites found to be using link farms or unnatural links as a way on how to get your website noticed. Share your websites and webpages with social networks, bookmarking sites and local directories. Coordinate with industry forums and build relationships with businesses in your industry. These are some of the many strategies you can use to build links to your site.

4. Do keyword research

To get your website on Google, your content must be optimized for relevant keywords. People find information on Google using keywords or keyphrases and you want to use the same ones on your content so search engines will consider them as relevant. Take care not to stuff your content with your targeted keywords, however, because this can also get your site penalized.

A rule of thumb is to incorporate these keywords in the most natural way possible. If you’re creating content around these topics, it shouldn’t be so difficult. Learn what keywords people are using to search for your content and optimize your website for those words. Serve quality information around these words as well.