It is difficult to be creative all the time, but it is more disappointing if you surrender without thinking deeply. The reason is that most of those ideas are out of your comfort zone. For example, if you think about a multi-million dollar invention, your mind will reject the idea straight away. It is either due to the lack of passive income ideas or the lack of funds.

As we know in business, you have to invest in order to get something concrete in return. Usually, the investment is associated with monetary resources. So just because you don’t belong to the 1% community of investors, it doesn’t mean that your business idea has died completely. This is where the establishment of a crowdfunding website comes into play. If you have a project plan in place but are struggling to bring it to the ground, then a fundraiser website is the ideal solution for you.

Reasons to Create a Fundraising Website

To make it simple, you create a fundraiser website to generate money for a project or a cause. People who participate in the fundraiser donate money in small amounts. Usually, the person who starts the project establishes a fee structure and a rewarding system. However, some project owners are happy to welcome any donations that come their way until they reach their objective. To make it easier, we have shared four unique reasons for you to build a fundraising website.

1. Achieve your Goals

It is pretty simple to understand this, you start a crowdfunding business to generate funds for a particular cause. Building an eCommerce website solely dedicated to funds and project updates makes life very easy for the potential backers. They will be able to know about the daily updates of your project.

Apart from that, setting up an online website will enable you to interact with more audiences than you could have ever imagined. You will get to know those people who support unique project ideas. Therefore, you can promote to those who matter and don’t waste time impressing those who don’t care about your initiative.

2. Be a Storyteller

Crowdfunding for business is a brilliant idea for you to share your aims and objectives, not just by the number of words you write but also by the web design. As you know, there can be people who will care more about the animations than the text. If the elements are appropriately integrated within a website, even an appropriate website template can be customized as per your idea and brand dimensions.

However, this doesn’t mean that you show laziness regarding your fundraiser platform. By conducting appropriate planning for your fundraiser project, you will have a clear idea about your target market. By writing an effective website copy, you will find it easy to interact with them benefit you in copywriting.

3. Make Funding Convenient

When you do crowdfunding for business startups, there will eventually come a possibility when potential backers start visiting your platform. Once they visit, you must be ready to help them out. If you choose a concrete website builder, such as Strikingly, your website will have a system in place for accepting payments from your backers. Instead of going to the bank and depositing the money into your bank account, you can make their life easy by ensuring the payments are just a click away.

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Moreover, you can convert your online store into a donation platform. You would require setting up your product as a service. It totally depends upon the product type that you are setting up. Since your idea is crowdfunding, the best idea for this would be a service idea as it doesn’t require downloads or delivery details for shipping purposes.

4. Get Exposure

When you build a crowdfunding website, you will gain a lot of exposure, especially if you have an effective marketing plan at your disposal. However, most eCommerce platform users are unaware that exposure validates your respective ideas.

As you have to communicate with your potential buyers, you can ask them questions about your project. You can explain to them why you started this project or tell them who made this project possible. By having an exquisite website and having the backers on the same page as you, your project will bear fruit, and there will be a lot of visitors looking forward to seeing your platform.

Strategies to Build a Fundraising Website

As you have now understood the reasons for building a fundraising website, you would be rubbing your hands to make it part of your working plans. A fundraiser website is simply a web page that is designed to raise funds for a particular project. The website or business owners come to the homepage of their website and share their updates. We have shared some of the key strategies for you to build a fundraiser website for better understanding.

1. Set your Objectives

Like we have seen with many fundraising initiatives, crowdfunding a business is more than just giving financial support to a particular project. It requires effective planning and thought-processing for you to get to that stage. If you have a clear idea about your project management fundamentals, you will be aware of all the guidelines throughout the process. This will enable you to understand your website outlook, from your website template to the marketing strategies.

Moreover, you must visualize the amount of funding you require for your project, which will enable you to create fee structures and price points appropriately. You must decide the kind of rewards you would like to give to your costs and prioritize all the costs involved in the production phase.

2. Conduct Copywriting

conduct website copywriting

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When you start copywriting for small businesses, you must be aware of the copywriting phase that you eventually have to go through. Doing copywriting isn’t just about giving all the details about the project but also injecting some emotions behind it in your website copy. This will be beneficial in generating considerable customer feedback. As a result of a healthy response, you will get people involved regarding your crowdfunding business, sharing their ideas with the people who have the same mentality as you.

Moreover, good copywriting skills will make people understand the importance of your idea. To do copywriting, you shouldn’t just complete the word limit but also make the readers understand the potential of your project.

3. Choose the Correct Website Builder

If you want to learn about crowdfunding business, it won’t take long to know about its guidelines. However, the best part is that you don’t need a professional coding CV or a programming degree to be considered eligible for building a fundraising website. With the help of Strikingly, creating a fundraiser website has become easier than you would have ever thought.

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If you consider Strikingly for website building, you will get a lot of already established resources as well as customer service, so you’ll never feel confused in your website development process. When you register yourself with Strikingly, all you need to do is customize a website template that suits the demands of your fundraiser idea. You must build a concept according to your needs, and within no time, you will start receiving funds.

4. Choose an Appropriate Website Template

If you are worried that you do not have the coding credentials to meet the demands of Strikingly, think again. We do not put any such restrictions upon you when it comes to website building. All you need to have is a considerable idea about crowdfunding for business startups, and you are ready to go.

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Strikingly has numerous website templates for you to go through. Make sure to choose the best one and get the job done. Most importantly, Strikingly has all the features available for you to start receiving funds. You can accept credit card payments on your eCommerce website, which will allow you receive the payments electronically via Paypal or a credit card. Moreover, you can add a featured blog or social media icons to your platform to interact with your backers. However, all of this procedure starts from square one. So you must decide upon your template and see how Strikingly amazes you with its easiness in making required edits.


Many business startups around the world are concerned about visual branding for very good reasons. It is challenging to get up for a project if there is no time invested in its presentation. Your website’s branding tactics should reflect your project’s potential. The potential of the website must indicate that you are a value for your backer’s money.

Now, it is just the question of whether you should use a website template for a fundraiser activity or not. Will it play a part in your website’s overall branding? If you choose Strikingly, it won’t. Our already established website templates enable businessmen to customize them and make them their own.

Do you want to do crowdfunding for small businesses? Make sure to head over to Strikingly and build a fundraiser website for yourself. You don’t require to be an expert in HTML coding. Select a solid template for your website, and let us help you prioritize the things that you would want to see.