Weddings are stressful enough as they are without the additional task of having to manage your guest list and informing and reminding everyone on pertinent details about the wedding. A wedding website can free you from this unnecessary stress and the best part is, unlike other details in your big day, this doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Strikingly is a great platform for building free wedding websites. The user-friendly interface, feature-rich editor and its collection of responsive templates lets you create the best wedding websites in no time.

Start building your wedding website

Taylor and Julian

Taylor and Julian are Getting Married

Making free wedding websites is easier with Strikingly’s quick sign up feature. All you need to do is open a free account with the platform and choose from our collection of website templates. Our collection spans different design genres from the modern contemporary to rustic and vintage themes so you’re sure to find a template that suits your taste. The templates are all mobile responsive so that your site’s design remains consistent on all screen sizes.

You can preview the template before making a selection so you get a feel of how your website might look like on this design. Once you’ve made your selection, the real work begins.

Building the content

Build your content

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After deciding on a template, you want to sit down and decide what information your free wedding website should contain. Do remember that you’re creating this site for your guests so you want the content to be as informative as possible for the people who are coming to your wedding.

Standard information that free wedding websites contain include the date of the event, venue and time. Use Google Forms to create your RSVP form and embed it to your site through the Strikingly App Store.

If you’re expecting guests from out of town or if you’re getting married in a different city or country, you want to include travel information on your wedding website. People will look forward to attending your big day more if you give them detailed tips on the local sights that they might want to check out during their stay. Recommend local activities and attractions that might interest them. Play the role of the tour guide through your wedding website and include other details such as directions to these sights from your hotel and contact information for reservations as applicable.

Share your story but don’t write a novel

Include your story on wedding website

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A timeline of your love story would be good to have on your wedding website. Include details such as how you two met, your first date, and when you got engaged, for example. This will help guests connect more to your story and is particularly great for big weddings where the couple do not necessarily know everyone who’s invited.

Sharing your story adds a more personal touch to your website but take care not to make it too long. Photos from your engagement or other notable moments in your relationship can help break the text in this area of your site.

You can cover tricky subjects on your wedding website

A website is a good way to inform your guests about things that may be awkward for you to do in person. Do you have a limited budget and will not be doing an open bar or are you making it an adults-only affair and children may not have sufficient entertainment on site during the day itself? Maybe you’d rather receive cash gifts instead of presents? You can devote a section on your wedding website for this information and avoid the awkward conversations about these.

Make sure the site is searchable

Many event planners suggest having the website up at least a year before the big day to give the guests enough time to find the site and get a gift, especially if you have a wedding registry. Strikingly has SEO apps to help you get started on optimizing your website. It also comes with a social share feature so you can share your page on Facebook and other social networking sites.

After the wedding

You can still keep the wedding website up after your big day. You can just change the content to contain “what happened” during the big day. Images and videos taken during the event can be posted up here. It’s also a good way to thank your guests for sharing this special day with you.