Building a website is simple enough with free website templates and intuitive website editors. But creating your own portfolio website and pitching your talents in the most efficient way possible is a different story. Picking out a prime piece of online real estate, adding the right design elements, writing the copy that will attract potential clients or headhunters - it can all be intimidating.

The best way to get started on creating your own website is to find inspiration from other people who have done it before and were exceptionally great at it. Here at Strikingly, we have empowered thousands of creatives, professionals, startups and small businesses to start building their own brand with the right kind of website building tools, website templates and app integrations. These websites prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to build an awesome website. Here are a few examples to inspire your website building project.

Corentin Monnier

Template: Bright


This website took one of the most used personal website templates in Strikingly’s collection - Bright - and transformed it into a simple but engaging portfolio website that showcases the artist’s finest work. The website used both videos and images of the artist’s work to give users a diverse variety of visuals that represent his work.

Corentin Monnier’s website leads with a strong elevator pitch introducing himself, his passions and the extent of his talent and skillset. Scrolling through the site, you also get brief descriptions of highlighted work and a short CV of the artist to let us know of his work experience and the kind of training he went through.

Elton D’Souza

Template: Sleek


Elton D’Souza is a graphic artist and musician who specializes in animation and comics. His website aims to impress with its simple layout and high quality images of his work. He grouped his projects into categories to help users zero in on the area of graphic design work that they might be interested in. Aside from a living documentation of his career projects, the website also serves as an online store for commissioned prints and digital copies of his work. The artist also connected his social media pages and all other pages on the web to make his website the central hub for his brand on the internet.

Zenofy Media

Template: Maker


Zenofy Media welcomes you with a catchy headline that expresses the artist’s passion for creating beautiful design. When you scroll through, you’ll find a brief account of his personal story, his passions and interests. The content is brief enough to keep a reader interested but meaty enough for him to understand the graphic designer’s thought process. After that, he presents a gallery of his work as well as an ecommerce section. With Strikingly, you can monetize your free website design templates by adding a Simple Store section to your site. You can grow your brand from a single product online store to a multi-category shop.

Lovisa Bengtsson

Template: Daryl


Lovisa Bengtsson is a digital illustrator based in Sweden. Out of her chosen personal website template, she chose to create a site that features a color scheme that reflects her brand and the illustrations she comes up with. Her portfolio features a lot of high quality imagery as well as videos of her animation projects. Overall, this is a good example of how you can turn any free responsive website templates into a simple website that perfectly represents your personality.