Advantages of Using Video Marketing for Your Business

With the rise of social media marketing, we are observing another change in the global marketing trend: the gaining popularity of video marketing. People still read blogs, but their attention span is much longer when they are watching videos. This is why businesses have been increasingly using videos to promote their products and services.

Whether it be an explainer video, a doodle illustration, stock footage, or simply a spokesperson talking into the camera, video content marketing is becoming a part of the brand management strategies of big and small brands all across the globe.

The ease of embedding videos into websites has encouraged this trend even further. Cost-effective and straightforward marketing videos prepared in smartphones or open-source video-editing tools are uploaded onto third-party video platforms, such as Youtube and Vimeo, and embedded into the landing pages of various organizations. Most of these marketing videos are set to auto-play when a site visitor browses through the landing page.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the concept of promoting a brand, a product, or a service using videos posted on social media sites, brand websites, landing pages, and other digital channels. There is a likelihood of gaining engagement from viewers about the brand.

Video content marketing tends to attract more engagement from viewers because people’s attention span is usually longer when watching videos than when they are reading the text in an article. This is why organizations that want maximum focus by viewers on their web content promote it the most via different kinds of videos.

With the growth of video marketing, many people are learning and selling their video-making and video-formatting skills, both as freelancers and as full-time or in-house employees in organizations. Businesses are increasingly hiring these individuals because they know that there are many benefits of video marketing that they can cash on to get an edge over their competitors.

 A marketing video embedded into a Strikingly user's website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

The Top 10 Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing has many advantages for both online and offline businesses. Even if your business runs purely through brick-and-mortar outlets, your brand still needs to have a solid online presence to build brand awareness and market your products effectively. That’s why you still need to include video marketing in your marketing plan.

Here are the top 10 benefits of video marketing.

1. Growth in Sales Revenue

Video marketing, as mentioned above, is more effective than other forms of marketing because videos are generally more attractive and appealing to watch than text. There is a fun element in video content marketing that is hard to inculcate in blog articles. This is why using videos for promoting products on websites increases the conversion rate of that site. As a result, the business can grow in its sales and revenue.

2. More Influence on Buying Decisions

Marketing videos have the potential to influence potential customers to make instant buying decisions. A marketing video can be so enticing to watch and so illustrative about a product’s features that it can fully satisfy the viewers’ need to know about the product and convince them to make a buying decision on the spot. Video content marketing can have a stronger impact on customers’ buying decisions than catchy product descriptions or quality product photography.

3. Entertainment for the Audience

Marketing cannot be fully effective if there is no element of entertainment in it. Since marketing videos usually include royalty-free music and fun animations, they are entertaining to watch. Thus video marketing tends to grasp the attention of viewers longer. Sometimes, even if customers are not influenced to buy the product after watching its marketing video, they start humming its jingle after being repeatedly exposed to it. This causes a psychological effect that makes them remember the product and its brand and increases the chances that eventually they will end up making the purchase. This is one of the ways for a business to get the first 100 customers for its product.

4. Higher Search Rankings

Video marketing makes your content stand out in a more easily detectable way by Google bots and other search engines. That’s why video marketing enhances your website’s search rankings. Landing pages with marketing videos embedded in them tend to rank higher in search engines than those that only use text and images.

5. Increase in Website Traffic

Marketing videos make a website more colorful, animated, and appealing. Some website templates allow you to insert a marketing video on top of the home page. This grabs the attention of site visitors within the first few seconds of them landing on the site. They are also more likely to spend more time browsing through the web pages, looking for more interesting marketing videos to watch. Suppose you regularly track your website’s traffic through the website analytics. In that case, you will be able to see the difference between it before and after you upload or embed marketing videos into its web pages.

6. More Backlinks

If you know the basic rules and requirements of having good website SEO, you would know how important backlinks are for a site. Video marketing helps you to get more backlinks for your website. Other brands and domains are likely to link back to your website when they refer to one of your marketing videos to explain a concept or phenomenon.

7. More Likelihood That Your Content Will be Shared

Video marketing makes your overall marketing content more shareable, especially on social media. It is very common for a marketing video to go viral on Facebook, YoTube, or Instagram TV, not because the users necessarily like the product being marketed, but because they like the concept shown in the video so much. This can give rise to viral marketing, which is very good for spreading the word about your brand.

8. Increased Brand Awareness

As mentioned above, a marketing video can spread the news about your brand, even if you initially do not observe a rise in sales. This is very good for your business in the long term. Video marketing can create a long-lasting impact on the minds of your target consumers. They may not buy from you right away but will indeed talk about your videos and campaigns with their friends. Increased brand awareness gradually leads to a good brand image and a broader customer base.

9. Ability to Reach Decision Makers

With video marketing, you can get your message across directly to the decision-makers in large organizations. According to HighIQ, most business executives watch videos every week related to their field of work. They are likely to come across your marketing videos and gain interest in your products.

10. Increased Effectiveness in Email Marketing

Combining video marketing with email marketing can do wonders for your business. According to Syndacast, if you use the word ‘video’ in the subject line of your marketing emails, your click-through rate can increase by 65%. When you embed marketing videos in your emails and newsletters, the number of people who unsubscribe also reduces as people begin to find your emails more engaging.

The 4 Main Types of Video Marketing

Now that you know the benefits of video marketing let’s see what type of video marketing is most suitable for your business.

1. Educational Videos

Educational videos are those marketing videos that guide your customers about your products and the industry you operate in. These include the following.

・Tutorial Videos

These show how to use your product or tool.

・Industry Update Videos

These reveal the latest trends in your particular niche.

・Explainer Videos

These tell customers about your brand story and product usage in a short and quick sequence of animations.

2. Company Culture Videos

This type of video marketing reveals your corporate culture. These videos are filmed with your company’s mission, goals, and values in mind. The purpose of these marketing videos is to build trust between your brand and the public.

3. Product Videos

Product demo or product launch videos are the types of video marketing that help you showcase the features and usage of your products and get people interested by announcing the upcoming product versions or upgrades. These can be embedded on your landing page or even on your product page, where you write your product details.

How to do Video Marketing With a Website Built in Strikingly?

Strikingly is a website builder that enables you to build and launch a full-fledged website in just a few hours, without the need of hiring a full-time web developer.

Strikingly landing page

Image taken from Strikingly

It is easy to do video marketing if you build a website in Strikingly. If you have videos uploaded on third-party video platforms, you can add them to your website by simply embedding the links of those videos into your web pages. Here are the steps you need to follow to do that.

  1. Add a section called ‘Gallery’ or ‘Big Media’ from the Strikingly editor.

Screenshot showing how to add gallery section from Strikingly editor

Image taken from Strikingly

Screenshot showing how to add big media section from Strikingly editor

Image taken from Strikingly

You can click on ‘Import Image/Video’ from the gallery section to upload a video from your device.

Screenshot of Strikingly editor showing how to upload images/videos into the gallery

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Next, click on ‘Import Image/Video’ from the gallery section to upload a video from your device.
  2. When the small tab opens, key in the Youtube or Vimeo video link there, and click ‘Save’. It will take a few seconds for the video to upload onto your web page from the third-party site.

Screenshot of Strikingly editor showing how to upload images/videos into the gallery

Image taken from Strikingly

This is how Strikingly makes video marketing easy for you. If you would like to build a website in Strikingly, sign up for your free Strikingly account today. With Strikingly, you can create a professional website, a blog, an online store, or a portfolio site, whichever template suits your business needs.

Even though our tools are feature-rich, we are always available to resolve queries from our users 24/7. If you would like to know more about any of our features before or during your website development, you can contact our support staff any time through our live chat. We also have a knowledge-base help centre where you can find answers to the frequently asked questions by our other users.