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Videography services may be in high demand these days, but clients have also raised their expectations regarding service quality. People are no longer content with mediocre videos documenting the best events in our lives or representing our company’s brand and products. This trend only means one thing - a video website has to work harder at convincing potential clients that your services are worth the price tag and a reliable brand.

Website building platforms such as Strikingly enable videographers to create a video website to house their online portfolio for everyone to see. With a good video website design template, Strikingly lets you create your online video portfolio and showcase your best work to the world. You don’t need to learn how to code to build your site. You only need to create great content to show visitors just how good a videographer you are.

We thought it would be a great idea to share some tips and steps in making a video website that stands out. These days, you should not settle for ‘just okay’, instead stick to the best-in-class quality. You need to get some fresh ideas of the best video website design tips that work.

Video website

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Tips in Making a Video Website

1. Stick to Your Brand

Every videographer knows how important it is to stick to the brand of their business. Whether you choose a video website design or create it from scratch, you need to apply your business identity and quality to your site. Making a video website is not just a no-brainer job. Thanks to website builders such as Strikingly, you don’t need to become an expert to create a video website that genuinely rocks. We’ve got branding and video marketing tools ready for someone who would like to turn their videos into an online business. We treat business branding as a serious matter because it’s the foundation of your success. Without sticking to your brand, you’re just anyone sharing videos on the internet which remain unnoticed.

2. Show Only Your Best Video Projects

You’re probably tempted to show off all the videos you have produced so far. Some people argue that they want to give potential clients a variety of different materials to look at. But truth be told, no one has the time to go through a video website from start to end. You’re better off selecting three to five videos that represent your talent and the best of your work so far. If you create videos for different niches like events and business videos, you may want to choose at least one in every category to give your visitors an idea of the kind of work you can do. Your audience will notice the sophistication of your video website design if you don’t overwhelm them with many videos right away. Let them take a peek at your best works and wonder about the rest.

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3. Keep Your Website Simple

A video portfolio website can get heavier than most sites because of the number of video files. The heavier it gets, the longer it takes for a site to load. You can host your videos on a different video site such as YouTube or Vimeo and embed them to your selected video website design templates. This takes the load off your video website and ensures that it will load when users try to access it.

Keep your video website design simple so visitors will not have to wonder how to get around your space. Make the navigation clear to encourage them to look around.

4. These Elements Must Be Present

One of the best things about working with videographer web templates is that you get to start with a fully-working site, and all you need to do is add your content. Your online portfolio must have the following categories that will be able to promote your talents clearly:

  • Homepage - If you create a single-page website, your homepage may serve as your entire website. This section is your elevator pitch to potential clients. Put your best foot forward by creating a site banner that contains an overview of what your business is about and a call to action that is dependent on your digital marketing goals and objectives.
  • About Me - Having your own video website allows you to create a space that reflects your unique personality. Interested clients will want to know more about you. This section can include a short story about your passion and how you create engaging videos for clients, among other things. Make sure to keep the story brief and to the point to avoid boring your users out.
  • CV - Visitors will want to know your background and if you’ve had the right kind of training to produce quality videos. Make sure you include your CV in the video websites templates that you are working on.
  • Testimonials - You can announce how great you are all you want, but visitors are more likely to be convinced of this if you add positive reviews from previous clients. Add a section on the video website dedicated to testimonials to let people know just how good you are. Make sure to gain permission from clients before you put their details on your website.

making a video website

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How to Create a Video Website?

1. Choose the Right Website Builder For You

In making a video website, the very important decision you have to make first is choosing a website builder. Find the right features and tools you need to present your ideas clearly. Many popular website builders such as Wix, Weebly, WordPress, GoDaddy, and Strikingly offer the best web services you need as a videographer. Strikingly, for instance, got over a hundred free video website design templates to choose from. Moreover, we’ve got an intuitive web editor that you can set to drag-and-drop mode. Making a video website shouldn’t be complicated. Not to mention the freebies you get with a yearly or monthly plan, such as unlimited web hosting, data storage, free SSL, built-in eCommerce, and custom domain. Our easy to set up video website is mobile-first and fully optimized. Head on to our homepage now for more details.

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2. Create a Landing Page That Converts

Choosing the right website template is another crucial part of making a video website. As much as possible, create a landing page that would make a good impression on your visitors. It must be love at first sight. Strikingly gives you the option to use a video as a background. While most of our users like to use images or color blocks, it would make sense to capture your audience’s heart with a video slider as a videographer. Yes, you can create it with us.

3. Upload Videos

With Strikingly, you can upload videos easily. You can upload files or browse from your computer. Make sure that your videos are high-quality and well-edited to justify the look of the video website design you choose. Low-quality videos can cause disappointment to your customers, especially if you’re selling tutorial videos or digital courses.

4. Create a Video Display

A video display can make or break your audience's attention anytime. Thus, you need to ensure that you choose the most appealing video that will get their attention. Make It simple but don’t compromise the quality, ever. A good video display can make your visitors stay a bit longer or even make them hit the subscription button.

5. Add a Blog Content

Tell a story about your video website. Good blog content shares the experiences behind the videos and how you come up with your works. Videos alone can’t tell all the hard work you have done. Your audience would want to understand and discover the story behind your videos. Tell them your story and show some behind-the-scenes footage of a work in progress.

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6. Add a Payment Method

If you want to monetize your video website, you need to add a payment method on your website just like most people want. With Strikingly, you can add Paypal or Stripe as a payment gateway. By allowing multiple payment options, your site gets more chances of selling membership or subscription online.

Here at Strikingly, we make sure that your ideas come first while empowering you with the right tools and features. Website building is our way to help people express their thoughts, share their expertise, and make a difference using the online space. Video websites, along with the thousands of sites on the internet, are the most potent medium to transcend information, influence many people, and deliver services across the world. We want our users to fulfill their goals by providing the best web services they need. We have witnessed such brilliant ideas from our users. We’ve worked with talented photographers, illustrators, artists, vloggers, business owners, and individuals with a passionate mind. You can check out some of their sites on our discover page. Until then, we can bet that you will end up creating an account with us.