The use of YouTube videos in your site has proven its massive benefits as it makes your contents remain alive and it widens your network in every corner of the world. YouTube videos have paved the way for greater communication with your target audience, and when they do, your content gets passed on and reaches a wider community.

Through the years, YouTube has become popular for users who want to showcase their video editing abilities, business, interests and hobbies, and even their advocacies. Many YouTube creators have also risen with varieties of content to offer to a wide audience, such as travel experience, hang out with friends, dares and challenges, and insightful talks among others.

For your site, YouTube has also opened opportunities to exhibit your content. With this, however, there comes a time that you want your YouTube videos on your site to be unavailable for the general public.

This is where the answer comes at hand! You don’t have to worry if you don’t feel like wanting the world to see your YouTube video because there are options where you can choose from: YouTube private vs unlisted video. Read on to find out the difference between private and unlisted videos.

YouTube Private vs Unlisted Video

Before delving into the difference on Youtube private vs unlisted video, it is important to take into consideration the intent of your video. Is it exclusive for your friends and family members? Are you using the video for marketing or for promoting your business? Is the video limited for your potential customers only? And a lot more questions will follow.

You first need to know what the purpose of your YouTube video is to be able to determine if you will set it as a public, private, or unlisted video. Now, you ask, “how are they different from one another?” Know the right answer on YouTube private vs unlisted video through the following explanations.

A public YouTube video is just simple; it is the type of video that is open for viewing for everyone. Usually, a user will put his/her video in public if he/she is comfortable having it viewed by persons of different walks of life. YouTube videos set in public offer a lot of advantages in terms of a bigger subscriber count and effective brand awareness.

However, if you don’t feel like setting your videos in public, you have two other resorts: Youtube private vs unlisted.

A private YouTube video is the most secure one because only the people you invited to have the chance to view it. But you have to take note that the people you will invite have their respective YouTube accounts as the maximum number of usernames you can welcome in the private video is limited to 50 only. Aside from this, the security is really tight because anyone on YouTube will not be able to find your video in the search results or on your channel unless you have invited them to view it.


On one hand, an unlisted YouTube video is what they call “somewhat of a cross between private and public video.” An unlisted video is similar to a private video—invisible in search results, your channel list, subscriber feeds, and suggestions—except anyone with the link, whether they have a YouTube account or not, can see and share your video with others.

You have seen YouTube private vs unlisted videos work on your site. Now, when do you use these videos?

Why Set Videos in Private?

Setting a YouTube video in private is the most ideal if it is very personal or you have a business proposal to be presented. These examples are just one because there are more reasons as to when do you need to set videos in private.

  • Sharing family content – Setting videos in private is very beneficial for families who are away from each other; it is one way to stay connected with your relatives by sharing private videos that matter to all of you. Some YouTube creators share their weekly vacation, their child’s development, or a day in the comforts of their homes. But if you don’t want to share the same experiences with the world, then setting your videos in private is the solution!
  • Personal Private Library – If you use your drive as your online reading library, then having private YouTube videos is the counterpart for when you want to keep a gallery of videos for yourself. This is also a great way to keep copies for yourself, so when the time comes that you will be needing them, you can just access these videos on YouTube.
  • Sharing Company Information – Private videos are helpful for your company when you want to share data (e.g., training videos, pitch proposals, etc.) with your colleagues while keeping it secure from your competitors. This is a great way to employ a smooth process in the company’s action plans and undertakings.
  • Online Resumés and Portfolios – Video resumés are now in trend to step up your game in finding the best job. By setting it to private, you can send it to potential employers only.

When Do We Set Videos As Unlisted?

What does unlisted mean on Youtube? If you’re running a site or a blog, you may want to keep the videos on your website exclusive to the platform. Setting the videos as unlisted is a great option you have! In this move, you can upload your videos on YouTube and embed them on your site while having them invisible on the YouTube page. Let us look at more reasons why set videos as unlisted!

  • Peer Feedback – Unlisted videos can be of great help in eliciting feedback among your co-workers. The best thing is you can share it to over 50 employees in your company. This is a great way to keep the communication organized that can be beneficial for your company’s success.
  • Online Resumés and Portfolios – Setting your video resumé to unlisted can land you many job opportunities because you can send it to more than one prospect. More chances to get the job that you want!
  • Surveying – Having an unlisted video can be helpful in determining initial reactions and feedback from a selected audience before sharing it with the general public. If you received negative feedback, then you can have the chance to refine the video.

Though you still have to take note of few things about how to find unlisted YouTube videos: one, this type of video ends up being shared to a dedicated site for unlisted videos or, sometimes, on other sites; and two, the unlisted videos will appear publicly if they get listed on a YouTube playlist.

Now you might be asking yourself what the best video option for your site is – YouTube private vs unlisted. Strikingly, a website builder, offers recommendations on what’s the best video type you have to use for your site based on various cases.


  1. I want to create an online course using Strikingly’s paid membership feature.

You can start promoting your online course by creating a Paid Subscription Membership on your site and get paid every month! Here, your audience will pay a recurring subscription to become members and have special access to your paid-only content.


Image taken from Strikingly product

If you’re going to create an online course using YouTube videos, you observe Youtube private vs unlisted videos. Now, you have to make sure that the videos you will use are set as unlisted. This is to ensure that only the people who have the link can access the site and that the video cannot be found on the YouTube search list.

  1. I want to create a video gallery, but I want it to show up on the site only, not on YouTube.

Using Strikingly, you can add videos on your site from video platforms like YouTube. Here’s how! After uploading the video, you can either set the video as unlisted or private, depending on your preference or purpose. Copy the link of the video, then go to your site editor and click “Add new section” (Check the image below).


Image taken from Strikingly product

Click "Image & Media" and select the "Gallery" section. Hover over the section and click "ADD VIDEOS". Paste your video URL into the URL field and click “save”.

  1. I want to sell online courses.

Using Strikingly’s powerful membership feature, you can sell online courses. Weighing between Youtube private vs unlisted, it is best for you to use private videos so that you can restrict access only to those members who have purchased certain courses from your site.

Create new tier

Image taken from Strikingly product

Check out this site that offers online courses. If a member purchased Social Media Marketing out of the three courses offered, his/her access will only be limited to that course only. You can limit that by establishing membership tiers.

Now that you are already conscious about YouTube private vs unlisted videos, you can now maximize the benefits of these videos for your site to its full potential! You can now connect better to your audience by giving them quality videos that will surely make them ask for more!

And if you want to add more competencies in web development, just head onto Strikingly, create your account, and start using YouTube videos on your website to step up the game and keep up with other YouTube-oriented sites!