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Words possess mysterious powers. One word can make peace, while another can start a war and bloodshed. With communication being second nature to us, the way we use words affects every little detail in all aspects of our lives.

We communicate to express ourselves—and the same thing can be said in terms of marketing your product through product details.

Product description writing is marketing your product by offering the best proposition for potential buyers. With words as your primary weapon, the key to make good product details is by utilization of such words that describe your product in ways to entice customers to buy your product.

You might have noticed how your mouth instantly salivated the moment you read the words ‘decadent layers of moist cake and ganache, a true mouth melting chocolate cake’, or even instantly wanting to buy a juicer machine after reading its product description of ‘make your life easier with just a press of a button, the machine does the juicing for you’.

Being able to talk to your customers through product description is your prime gateway to your customer saying yes, and eventually buying the product. With tons of online sellers on the market, having product details is an edge to really capture your customer’s attention and trust.

Why do you need to create a product details page?

Customers want to be treated special. I mean, who doesn’t?

We pay for the product and service that meet our standards. We buy a product when we know it’s worth our hard-earned money. So, a picture wouldn’t fully convince a buyer to spend their money. This is why product details are essential if you want to score high on your sales.

The way to the customer’s hearts is crafting a convincing description in product details. It must be persuasive but not too much that it would sound inauthentic. It must be distinct to the needs of a specific person but can still cater needs of other people.

Aside from that, products that provide product information and product availability have a higher chance of selling their merchandise. Given the array of benefits that they can read on the product details, the customers can see what’s in it for them and what can be solved when they buy it.

The purpose and goal are to simply make everything easier for the customer when they buy your product.

Make it to a point like you’re talking to that specific customer addressing their wants and needs, as well as offering solutions to problems they didn’t know were there in the first place with the help of product details explaining all that information to them.

Nowadays, it’s more effective to sell the experience that goes along with the product. Make buyers envision their life if they have the product and what they would lose if they didn’t.

Time is essential to every person since it’s the currency of life, and making the most out of it has always been a holy grail. This innovative approach of letting them know that work can be done in a much faster and more efficient way can surely bring bucks to your business.

Elements of a good product detail

Product description writing amplifies a buyer’s experience even if they don’t have your product on their hands yet. Now that every transaction is almost done online, it’s hard to keep sales afloat if you do not take the time to write product details on your items.

To help you further in mastering good product details, here are the elements you need to focus on:

1. Product Image

Images bring the life out of any paper or website. It’s pretty much the face of the whole show. Images best communicate the product since it’s the first thing that registers in our brain.

Through images, buyers get to visualize the product or service you offer, and the potential it has on just one glance. When uploading a product image, make sure that the process is treated with the utmost professionalism, with varying angles for the user to have an overall glance at the product.

Since everything is virtual, we want buyers to see the product, even if it’s just from a monitor or phone screen.

2. Product Name

Having a product name is a no-brainer. You can’t simply sell something without having a name to call it. The product name is. It also provides a lasting impression to the customers—a detail that makes them remember your product.

While having a generic name can do the job, adding a little bit of creativity in naming your products wouldn’t hurt since it would gain more sales in the long run if it were to become a household name.

It’s important to think about the product name carefully for it to be memorable, distinctive, and presents itself impeccably to your target market.

3. Description

A good products details page must have all the necessary information that the user can get. From the size of the product to the maintenance it needs in order for buyers to know what to expect when they finally grab hold of your product.

When writing good product tags, always put your feet on the buyer’s shoes. Ask questions that a buyer might hypothetically ask when they are presented with your product. Using the perspective of the buyer instead of using yours as the seller generates a different connection in terms of the products worth and profit. You value sales while they value the benefit.

On a side note, avoid using cliché and overly-used words in the market like ‘best’, ‘innovative’ and the like, because using these words can make your description dull and boring.

Also, make your description scannable by using powerful and sensory words since not everyone has the time to read the product details, while others are just plain lazy. You can also make use of the fonts in your website to highlight the best aspects of your product or service.

4. Ratings and Recommendations

Hopping on the bandwagon is always a trend. The bandwagon consumption behavior has generated a lot of studies in the art of advertising and found out that people tend to choose a product that has been used and chosen as well by a lot of people.

This is also why some products hire models to advertise their brand since it provides authenticity and trustworthiness.

Also, people want to buy the best when spending their money. When you have a rating or recommendation page, people will see the value of your product through the testimonials given by your customers. Through these, buyers would have an idea of the probable results they would likely get when they purchased your merchandise.

The right words can satisfy your customers and eventually buy your product when you use them correctly and efficiently.

5. Guarantees and Policies

Customers feel more secure if you lay out a strong guarantee, warranty, and return policy on your products details page. In such circumstances, customers would want to feel secure about purchasing your product, and with these policies posted on your products details page, they will more likely invest in your product knowing the backup plans you have when they seal a purchase.

6. Price

The price should always be visible on the product details, at the same time, reasonable for the buyer to finally click that “Buy Now” button.

Too high of a price for a product can take all that effort away from making good product detail information. So, it’s always best to consider an approachable amount while still earning revenue from your products.

For customers to be more enticed to buy your product, you can offer discounts through e-coupons, and limited-offer sales for them to value the price of the product and buy if it goes on sale, thinking it would all be worth their money.

Example of good product details

If you’re still perplexed about how a good product detail page should look like, here are some examples from business websites made at Strikingly:

Strikingly User's Website Coffee

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Strikingly User's Website Beauty Inu

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Strikingly User's Website Winemaker's Loft

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Strikingly User's Website Woody

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Strikingly User's Website Beauty Inu

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

How to create good product detail pages:

You might be overwhelmed when there are tons of websites to choose from. If you have no clue, Strikingly is here to help you.

Strikingly has a collection of thousands of templates to choose from. Not only that, but it also has a products details page where you can upload your product and services picture with ease.

Follow these steps so you can start your business website today on Strikingly:

  1. Go to Strikingly website and create an account

Strikingly Website

Image taken from Strikingly website

  1. Create a new website, then click on the “Store” button on the left side panel.

Strikingly Website Store Section

Image taken from Strikingly website

  1. After clicking the “Store” button, find the “Add Product” button in the middle of your screen.

Strikingly Website Add Product Button

Image taken from Strikingly website

  1. You can now upload your photos and make a convincing product description, together with the price and stocks.

Strikingly Website Products

Image taken from Strikingly website

If you want to know more about the process of making a good product detail page, head on to Strikingly now and try it for yourself.

With thousands of users worldwide, you can keep up with and business enthusiasts like and make blogs, websites, and portfolios in just a matter of minutes. You’ve heard that right! Strikingly is best for beginners as well since its features are user-friendly and mobile-ready.