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Who would imagine that you can take anyone to the best places you have been? It’s amazing how people are connected with their common interests and ideas. Nowadays, digital technology has taken our culture to the next level. Vlogging is the new trend online. Regardless of the age group, people are getting hooked to video contents that serve their best interests such as travel and lifestyle, tips and recipes, shared skills and expertise, and too much to mention on the list. Just by simply uploading videos on Youtube channel or personal website, you can share your latest trekking adventures and give your viewers a breath-taking 360 degrees panoramic view at the mountain peak. You can share some recipes and tips on how to cook your favorite dish by recording a video from your kitchen.

The internet has provided unlimited possibilities and opportunities for content creators and even ordinary people. We simply love to share daily hacks in life and inspire others. Many are hopeful to get rich and famous by creating good content that is why they put so much time on video editing work. We can’t actually blame them. Because it pays to have video editing skills, especially nowadays, one would definitely want to learn it.

If you want to be a successful content creator on Youtube or any other video streaming site, you need to learn how to edit your footage and transform it into video content that will engage your viewers. This is why your choice of video editing software can affect the success of your project.

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The good news is that there are now tons of options in terms of free video editing software. This is great for people who are just starting out and may not have the budget to purchase full-featured post-production equipment and software.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Free Video Editing Software

Making informed decisions is important when you’re spoilt for choice. Here are a few guidelines to think about when selecting an appropriate free video editing software.

1. User interface

When you’re just starting out with video editing, you need a tool that doesn’t look so intimidating to use. While most consumers might navigate towards feature-rich apps, it is wiser for beginners to prioritize user interface over fancy features that they may not use when they are just starting out. Go for a platform that is intuitive and simple while allowing you to access advanced settings and controls easily.

2. Input format

When looking for free video editing software for PC, you also need to consider input formats supported. With a wide range of video formats and source devices available these days, you want to use a video editing software that can support your source files.

3. Editing features

The truth is that no one will put out a software product that could not edit well enough. Most of the free video editing apps available these days are capable of basic editing functions such as cutting, splicing and trimming. Software that provides advanced editing features such as HD resolution support and camera stabilization is good to have even for beginners. Some users even opt for open source free video editing software so that they can access the full suite of editing video for beginners features without the need to sign up for a paid subscription.

4. Editing tracks

When you’re editing raw footage, you’re going to need to accommodate a minimum number of tracks that are open at a given time. Some software offer unlimited tracks and that’s good, but at most, you’ll probably need about 9-10 tracks without your workspace turning into a hot mess. It’s a low priority feature unless you’re working on a full-length movie or you have an infinite number of footage that you need to put together.

5. Software upgrades and stability

A good free video editing software should not just look good and provide the perfect set of features for your needs. It should also be able to run on your computer or device smoothly. Video editing apps demand lots of resources out of any device so before you commit to a single software product, make sure to test it on your computer first. If you are considering open source software, it’s important to check if the app comes with substantial support through video tutorials, knowledge bases and even a community forum where you can ask for help if you have any questions.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Beginners

Now that you know what to look for in a good free video editor, here are some of the best options you can check out:

  1. iMovie - if you have a Mac computer, you probably have this video editing software installed by default. Like most native Mac apps, this is intuitive and very user friendly making it a good choice for beginners. It provides all the basic features you need to start editing videos as well as 4K HD resolution support.
  2. Magisto - for those looking to create video content for Instagram, Magisto is a good video editing app to check out. The app allows you to edit videos through your smartphone, and uses AI to help you organize your footage to let you deliver your message clearly. Magisto is available on both iOS and Android.
  3. Adobe Premiere Clip - if you want the Adobe Premiere video editor but you don’t want to spend on the paid subscription. This app which is available for both iOS and Android brings the famous video editing software into the mobile device for free. It does most basic editing tasks and allows you to share your product directly to social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
  4. OpenShot - Video editing beginners and pro would definitely love Open Shot video editing software. For one reason is that it does not have a watermark. But, the best thing about this is you can do basic edits to resize your clips, trim, scale, mix audio, and simply drag and drop elements on your video. This is good for short and simple projects. If you are trying to edit videos before uploading to your Youtube or website gallery, simply edit without the help of a video editor needed.

Strikingly Lets You Add Videos on Your Website

Strikingly allows you to add videos in several locations. You can add them on your site to make it more interactive.

  1. Add video as a background

Set video as background
Once you select a template, Strikingly website editor will give you three options on what you can use as a background. You can choose whether you want a color, an image, or a video. The screenshot above shows how you can easily choose from Strikingly video library or upload from your computer. You also have the option to embed video. Click embed video and it will give you a pop-up window where you can put the URL from Youtube or Vimeo.

Embed video popup

  1. Add video on your gallery section

Adding videos to gallery

Adding videos on your website gallery section would only take a few minutes. You can share and compile videos of your free language courses and just add sign up form where they can subscribe to your newsletters.

  1. Some of Strikingly Users Websites Using Videos

Dan Makoski

Selfless design video screenshot
Image taken from Dan Makoski website

This is a Youtube video clip embedded on Dan Makoski’s website which is built with Strikingly. Dan Makoski demonstrates his approach of compassionate and selfless design during his talk at TEDxHongKongED. This is a very effective strategy to gain more audience on your page. By sharing footages and videos of your recent engagements and achievements, you show your audience what you are up to. And it adds value to your website content.

Drawing On Experience

Landscape sketching video screenshot
Image taken from Drawing on Experience website

Mike Sheehan has put great content along with his masterpiece on this website. With Strikingly website editor, he was able to add videos of his actual sketches. He also shares his tutorial videos that are linked to his Youtube channel. One way of showing his audience how he draws on experience is through these videos. There are so many reasons why people choose to share their talents online.One of these reasons is to give inspiration to aspiring art students. We can call it a passionate mission to share expertise with the world.

If you are thinking about sharing your skills online, record and upload your videos on your website. First, you have to check on which of the best free video editing software mentioned above will work for you. Strikingly, has made this process a very easy thing to do. Try it for yourself and start sharing great content on your own website.