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Having a unique identity is an instant lead in the world of business. If you want to be successful in your field, you must have the power to let everyone know about you. You must possess that ability to capture your audience right when they lay their eyes on you. If you take a closer look at different successful e-commerce platforms, you will notice one thing in common: fantastic product descriptions.

What is a Product Description?

A product description is a piece of detailed information about what you are selling. It is a copy that presents a product’s basic information, special features, value proposition, price, and even outstanding benefits. Making a product page design is a form of marketing strategy which can help customers with all the necessary information on the product to make an informed purchase.

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If you’ve been in the e-commerce space for quite some time now, you surely know how writing the best product page is essential. However, if you’re a newbie, mastering how to write a product description must be one of your top priorities. It is one important skill that you should never miss when it comes to handling an online store. If you truly seek stable growth for your business, knowing how to write a product description is one secret weapon.

Why Write a Product Description?

There are tons of reasons why knowing how to write a product description is a must for businesses. A perfectly written product description could be your holy grail in achieving all your goals in a short period. One way to accomplish this is to equip yourself with the correct information. You need to lookup related topics such as product page design and product page templates and a product description example that would best apply to the particular item you are selling. Sounds fun, right?

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Product descriptions can do a lot more for you. They’re not there to be boring. They help you connect with your customers and let your users envision their lives becoming better with your product. A product description is also way more visible on search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) should also be a part of your product description writing strategy.

Product Description Writing Tips You Should Know

Now that you understand how vital product description is to your sales, where do you begin? Worry less because here in Strikingly, we definitely got your back. Below are some awesome tips and hacks we collected to make your product description copy work for you. When you think about how to best optimize your eCommerce product page, design, or build on that awesome product page templates, the text should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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∙ Know Your Audience

Consumers play the most crucial role in making any business successful. Most product description copy misses the mark because it fails to identify its primary target audience. Never make this mistake. If you want to have a smooth start writing a product description, you must have a clear view of your target market. Who are you writing it for? How are you going to catch their attention with your product description? Create a profile of your target or ideal customer. Make a list of your target demographics. You can classify your audience based on their age, lifestyle or hobbies, generational preference, country or nationality, social group, et cetera. The grouping is all up to you.

Once you have finally identified your target buyers, you can now think of extraordinary ways to instantly connect with them. You can either use words commonly used in their age group or even slang. By adding these in your product description, you can instantly capture their attention, and who knows, it can lead to an immediate purchase.

∙ Add Striking Details

Key details are also essential in making product descriptions. It’s easy to miss important information or specifications unless you write them down. Always have a clear outline of what your product is and what it does explicitly. Write it in a language where your audience can easily understand. Write down all your product’s basic and unembellished attributes. Make your audience discover how you are unique from your competitors.

Mastery of your product’s use is vital in writing your product description. What is it intended for? Which situations, events, seasons, or places apply to it? You need to be able to clearly define the setting for its practical use. With this, you can infer whether there is seasonal demand for it or if it’s constant need year-round. There is a significant difference between an everyday use product or a special occasion product, too. Make sure that these details are clearly defined in your product page template.

∙ Include How-to’s

Customers are often clueless when it comes to the right product use. Most of the time, they watch videos online first or read articles before purchasing a product that they want. To further help your customer, you might need to insert a few clues in your product description copy as to how your product can and should be used. You can add quick guides showing how your product works. However, there are cases when this is not necessary. And when it is, you will need to create a brief infographic or tutorial so that your customer can be guided. This care and attention attached to your product page design might decide the sale.

∙ Social Proof is Powerful

Ratings and feedback are also helpful in making your product page design. Testimonials, famous endorsers, or press quotes add to the desirability and effectiveness of any written product description. Being social creatures, we look to others and ask for their suggestions before making their final decision. People also tend to look to products that possess high ratings and positive reviews.

To write convincing product descriptions, you can include the photo of a famous endorser (if allowed and under contract, of course), a quote from a satisfied user (posted with permission), or any other form of social proof that makes your audience understand that there is a community behind this product. By doing this, you will not just showcase how your product is known, but most importantly, provide the actual proof that every idea included in your product description is 100% true.

Create Your Own Product Description with Us!

Strikingly has one of the best interfaces to accommodate clean, sleek, and practical product description that speaks to your customer. It allows you to design extraordinary products page templates you want for every product you’re selling. With Strikingly Simple Store, you can start easy with a simplified interface and free design that can bring your business to new heights. After you choose your product page template (out of their multiple product page templates), you can further explore the platform for what it can offer. Strikingly Simple Store enhances the user experience with many exciting features, including better product viewing by enabling a product filter sidecar to remain open even as your customer is searching. It also has cool perks like coupons, sale price displays, deal displays, and pop-ups.

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If you want to start right, we’ve provided these basic steps on how to write a product description on your own online platform.

Step 1:

To get started, add the Simple Store section to your website page. Select 'Store".

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Step 2:

On the dropdown options, select “Products”. Click the green “Add New Product” button.

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Step 3:

You can now start adding your product information on your product editor by using the Product Name, Description, and Image fields.


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Step 4:

To add an image for your product page design, simply click on the upload image option. A pop-up will then give you the option to upload the image from your computer or from the Strikingly library. You can even add short video clips to add more spice in your products page template.

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Step 5:

After adding a photo, you can now proceed with adding the name, product description, product price, and current stocks. You also have the power to add other options for a more detailed product page. You can also change the currency and add more categories for your product page design.

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Step 6:

After checking all the information, you included for your product description page, simply click on “Save” and voila! Your product page design is now set to rock the world of eCommerce.

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A perfect product description example is vital to any seller who doesn’t only want to convert clicks to sales, but also establish a solid bond with their audience. Product description pages explain why your product stands out and is worth buying compared to all the other goods in its category. At the end of the day, its purpose is to generate more sales for your business. But that is not its only goal. A product page design can also prime the customer for a future decision, or be a valuable resource for product description comparison and research. It adds to your store’s overall credibility and authenticity.

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