A Complete Guide to Building a Mechnic Website

A mechanic website? Yes, an auto repair website. It sounds pretty much like a needless idea for a website, doesn't it? But wait till you read this.

Every business needs a website. It is no news that the world is getting more and more digitized daily. Individuals and corporate organizations are optimizing the benefits that technology avails them to promote their brand.

Suppose you are a business owner looking to grow your business, a personal brand looking to reach a wider audience, especially an auto repairer who wants to expand their customer base. In that case, this post is for you.

Maybe you still don’t know the importance of having a website to promote your auto repair services? This article will discuss all you need to know, including the benefits and how you can get started!

Why do you need a mechanic website?

The emergence of COVID-19 taught us vital and unforgettable lessons about how helpful technology, especially the internet, could be, even in the middle of a pandemic. It showed us a different dimension of optimizing the virtual space for maximum benefits and gains.

If you had dilly-dallied before now and downplayed the need to get your business website because you think it's not essential or necessary, maybe the following reasons will convince you to change your mind.

  1. It helps people discover you online.

Have you ever imagined what happens when you have SEO customized repair shop websites and people search your name online to ask for your services? Your name pops up immediately. This doesn't even invalidate or relegate the need to own a physical workshop. It is a collaborative means to help maximize all available options your business needs to expand.

  1. It widens your reach.

You are expanding your clientele and letting more people know about your business and the services that you offer. You aren't just limited to the audience in your locality or office space. Additionally, it gives you access to global opportunities. You are also making it possible for potential customers to see you.

  1. It helps you sell online 24/7

One of the goals of owning a business website is to explore all selling opportunities online. Having your virtual shop allows more clients to access your business 24/7. There are several other services and packages that you can provide as an auto repairing company without even getting to do the actual repairs on clients' cars. It is all about being innovative and creative. You can check some auto repair manuals or online repair manuals for inspiration.

  1. It gives you credibility.

It gives you the credibility your business needs, which will, in turn, boost your sales. When people see that you are tested and trusted by your previous service reviews, they will have no issues entrusting their auto repair jobs into your hands. Gradually, you are on your way to becoming a reputable and trustworthy brand in your line of work.

Now, you are ready to build customized auto mechanic websites, right? Okay. But, wait. Let’s get into the design part after reading this:

What should you include on your new mechanic website?

What you should include on your new mechanic website

One of the life-changing decisions you can make to upscale your auto business is to create an inclusive website that shows customers every significant detail they need to know about the services you offer.

However, more than the excitement and opportunities it brings, it is also essential you do it the right way. This enables you to get the feedback you envisage.

Having a website is like applying for a job. Only the people with CVs that are tailored down to the role and fit the job description will be considered in the recruitment, isn't it?

Additionally, owning a website is not the final destination. How you set it up and create a catchy website that appeals to your target audience is even more critical. How you pitch your business will determine the feedback that you get.

Also, know who your target demography is and work towards meeting their needs and providing solutions to their problems.

Here are things that will make your mechanic website stand out, even in a competitive virtual space.

  1. Good Design

It isn't just how top-notch and unparalleled your services are, and aesthetics also play a significant role in whether or not your prospective clients want to continue to check you out. Much more essential than the designs, it is also about how easy-to-navigate, user friendly, and enhancing its features are. All labels and prompts should be boldly written and clickable to guide and give users access to relevant information about the business.

  1. Images

From the background images on your homepage to other redirected pages on your website, make sure the photos are clear, high-resolution, imposing images that enhance the beauty of your mechanic website. One of the many advantages of great images is that they help establish a subtle visual and colorful appeal to your clients.

  1. Content

Content is king. Engaging, error-free, and well-written content that communicates the right message to your prospective client is essential. Your "About us" "Mission" and "Vision" section of your website should give everyone that visits your page the core values of your organization and everything you do. You don't have to make it too long and tedious. Concise, engaging, and straight-to-the-point write-ups are just fine.

  1. Services

Give a detailed analysis of the services you offer in this section. Encourage your visitors to ask for more information if they wish to know more about your services or have further inquiries. You can also activate the one-on-one online booking services that allow you to attend to visitors who have questions or required special services.

  1. Opening Hours

If you don't offer a 24/7, around-the-clock service, let it be displayed. This allows users to know when best to contact you for business inquiries.

  1. Contact Information

This is a crucial aspect of your business website that you don't want to skip. After perusing your mechanic website, there may be a need to reach you. Don't forget to include a call-to-action button. Also, include your phone numbers and your mail address to be easy to ask you further questions. You can also include your physical office address in case there's a need for a physical meet-up.

  1. Testimonials/ Recommendations

Nothing is as beautiful as the validations and positive reviews you get from clients. Testimonials that you get from previous clients will assure prospective clients that they are at the right place.

Auto Repair Website Examples

Strikingly websites is one of the best website building platforms that you can use to design your mechanic website. While you are planning to start building your mechanic website, below are some of the best websites designed using Strikingly.


Image from Strikingly user's website.

Vintage Motorworks make use of a simple, uncomplicated design that gives visitors instant knowledge about what they do. Their number is boldly written on their landing page, such that you can reach them to find more about their services. It's a bold call-to-action strategy.


Image from Strikingly user's website.

The Mechanic App’s home page welcomes visitors with a warm message that proffers instant solutions to their problems. To best utilize their services, they also include a button to download their mobile app.

How to build your mechanic website with Strikingly?

Gone are the days when building a website used to be rocket science and a task exclusively reserved for tech-savvy individuals. These days, the technical difficulties continue to lessen, and more and more people are learning the ropes on how to set up their websites. What if I tell you that you don't even have to be a geek to be able to do this, would you believe?

But, that's right!

With just a few steps using Strikingly, you too can be the owner of one of the best auto repair shops website.

To begin, log in to the Strikingly website. If you are a first-timer or a new user, you will have to register. The registration only contains a few steps that last only a couple of minutes. You will provide your first name, create a password and provide your email address. After you have done this, follow the prompt. This is what the registration interface looks like:

Sign in page

Image from Strikingly

After you have successfully registered your account on the site, you are on your way to exploring limitless opportunities to design your dream website. There are numerous auto repair website templates you can choose from. Just choose the one you wish to work on that best describes your brand.

Now that you have a template of your choice, how about tweaking it to suit your auto mechanic website?

Business Template

Image from Strikingly

Proceed to the "Add section" menu and add all the sections you want to appear on your landing page and subsequent pages. We’d advise you to have everything written out somewhere, not leave anything out for easy reference. But even if this happens, rest assured that you can continually update information.

Woohoo! You made it!

Template edit page

Image from Strikingly

With our Strikingly editor, you can add an “About” page to your auto repair websites designs. This page will contain everything about you - you can include what you do, who you are, and many more.

You can also add more sections to your site by clicking on the “Add new section” button. If you sell auto repair equipment or parts, you can always include a store on your website to display all your available items. You can do this by clicking on the “Add Store” button at the left-hand corner of the template page.

Add Store Page

Image from Strikingly

Remember that with our pro service, you can access more fantastic options that can help you create a desirable virtual auto repair website just by DIY like a real pro. Do you want to launch the next big thing in your business? Let's guide you through the process. Register with Strikingly today!