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“Overall, the web is pretty sloppy – but an online store can’t afford to be.” – Paul Graham, YC

After months in the making, we’re incredibly excited to bring you Simple Store Beta – the easiest and fastest way to launch a beautiful online store. Based on countless requests from you guys, we’ve poured our best into building an eCommerce solution for everyone – burgeoning startups, makers and artisans, mom and pops, all of you. An online store represents the power to reach the world with your unique story, passion, and products. Now, that power is yours.

This isn’t your typical, clunky eCommerce affair. We’ve trimmed the fat, cut the technical jargon, and done away with the usual complications to streamline your store building experience, letting you get your store up fast. No more wandering through a maze of eCommerce options. No more messy payment setups. Simple, with robust functionality – this is how we want to give you eCommerce.

But enough talk. Here are the current highlights:

Customizable Store Section

Simple Store is a section that you can add to any Strikingly 4 template – just go into your site editor, and add the new [Simple Store] section. Add images to showcase your product, and try out different layouts to customize your store style to your liking. As with all Strikingly sites, your store will be mobile-optimized, so your customers can shop and purchase comfortably from any device.

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Easy Payment Setup

We’ve integrated Paypal and Stripe for you to set up payments without any hassle. Enter your Paypal email account or sign up with Stripe, to receive immediate direct payments into your Paypal account or bank account respectively.

Transparent Pricing

Strikingly will not take any transaction fees from Simple Store transactions. You can sell one product under our Free plan, up to 5 products under our Limited plan, and up to 100 products under our Pro plan. Our integrated payment partners, Stripe and Paypal, charge $0.30 + ~2.9% for every successful transaction.

Seamless Checkout Process

Simple Store creates a smooth experience for your buyers. Shops selling multiple products have a shopping cart interface, while shops with single products take visitors through an express checkout flow. Your customers also get automatically updates with order confirmation and completion emails.

Flexible Order Management

Our Order Dashboard lets you fulfill and refund orders on desktop and your iOS device, for on-the-go managment. You can also track your inventory there, and export your order data to a CSV file for easy bookkeeping.

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Simple Store section is a huge stepping stone in our mission to empower our community of creatives and entrepreneurs. We’ve already seen some amazing results from stores launched by our beta community, including:

  • Carica Road: Backpacks, handmade from denim and burlap coffee sacks, that inspire their owners to forge their own journeys
  • The Guy Behind the Letters: The ‘Guy Behind the Letters’ – known only as Josef – captures energy and emotion in his typography and logo design work.
  • Sandrine Dal Zotto: Born in France, originally from Italy, Sandrine designs functional yet cutting-edge bags for the modern city dweller.
  • BooknitureNotebooks that deftly unfold into multifunctional furniture.

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Simple Store is still in beta, so please let us know your feedback! And if you run into any bugs, please ping us at – we’re quick on our feet, and will sort out any issues out quickly. Thanks for letting us join your entrepreneurial journey – we’re excited to see your store launch!

Ready to get started? Log in to your Strikingly account to start setting up your Simple Store!

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