With the web saturated with blog sites covering virtually every topic known to man, how do you make your own blog stand out? How do you get readers coming back for more and how do you build a loyal following? The reality is that competition among blog websites can be quite stiff these days but it is still possible to succeed in this industry. Here are a few tips to get you started.


1. Find a niche and come up with a great name for your blog

Successful blogger sites focus on a specific niche and build great content out of it. It is not advisable to cover a subject that is too broad because it can be tricky to establish a following when you write about a hundred different niche topics in your site. You want to come across as an expert in the niche that you picked out and to do that, you should keep on writing within this particular area.

It’s important to choose a niche that you are particularly interested in. This is key to writing awesome content. If you are not passionate about the topic you have selected and you’re just in it for the money, this may reflect the quality of your content. Research your niche and find out what people are usually looking for in terms of content and build your free blog sites from there.

2. Come up with an awesome name and domain name

Your website name is one of the first things readers will see when they find your blog on search engine results lists. You want to choose one that describes exactly what your website is about. If you have the budget for it, we also recommend that you purchase a custom domain name. For those who are just starting out, Strikingly also offers free website domain along with web hosting services.

Some blog websites choose a website name that contains their target keywords for SEO purposes. You can go by this route to reach a wider audience actively looking for your content. If you have built a following on social media, you may also opt to use your own name so users can find your site when they search for your name.

3. Choose a reliable website builder

You don’t need to have a technical background in web design and development to create the best blog sites. All you need is a good site builder and, if you’re on a limited budget, free website templates to get you started. Choosing the right platform allows you access to a variety of design possibilities that you want to explore when designing your own blog.

With a free Strikingly account, you get access to its entire library of web templates to help you make the right design decisions for your website. Now that you’re off to a great start, you can move on to customizing your blog. The best free blog sites are capable of looking professional and even at par with bigger brands because they take the time to tweak their template design according to their needs and branding requirements.

4. Offer real value

Before you start writing a blog post, or adding a design element to your website, you must always ask yourself: what’s in it for the reader? A great blog offers something of real value to its readers. This means creating quality content, publishing helpful information and providing knowledge that can change a person’s life or way of thinking. People will not take the time to read a blog unless they see something valuable in its content.

Aside from valuable information, you might also want to encourage engagement and interaction. The best blog sites are those that start conversations and facilitate discussions. Make it easy for readers to comment on your posts. Add a social stream feature or connect your social media pages so readers can interact with you directly. Don’t forget to listen and respond to feedback as well.