Starting a blog might be easy, but making money from it is a totally different story. If you are into fashion, you're probably already following the hottest fashion blogs and fashion influencers on Instagram. But it’s not all glam and fab as there’s just so much more to it than you realize.

What is a fashion blog anyway? A fashion blog will provide your readers with a forum to get their thoughts out on the topic and gives them many possibilities. You'd be shocked to see how many ways their blogs earn fashion bloggers money! It is also reported that by 2022, apparel and style labels are expected to invest up to $15 billion, according to Business Insider. From sponsored posts and content to free demos, flights, and more, these labels are investing in everything. It’s needless to say that it’s a booming business! Now is the perfect time to start your own fashion blog in 5 easy steps, and here’s how:

  1. Be creative with your Fashion Blogs Name and Niche


You have to decide what you're going to write about before you dive into the nuts and bolts of your blog, like choosing the right hosting site.

You know you want to write about clothes, but take some time to sit down and brainstorm and figure out if your plan is feasible. If you can come up with at least 20 ideas for blog posts in 15 minutes then you are starting to get on track. Make sure that your ideas are creative and a breath of fresh air.

You will also want to call your fashion blog with something simple, a temporary name holder until you've selected your main subject. Think about your subject, your target audience, and what the theme of your fashion blog would be.

  1. Set Up your Fashion Blogs Web Hosting

One important aspect of your fashion blogs is web hosting. Your web hosting servers keep your website's material and data accessible. It is not a straightforward job to pick a hosting website, but Strikingly is one of the best in terms of efficiency since it is also one of the market's most accessible and user-friendly website hosting services and website builders.

  1. Time to Set Up the Fashion Blogs!


The technical side of fashion blogs will need three essential elements:

  1. A domain name that is unique. We have already done an article on this, so be sure to study it well! But if you haven’t yet, an example would be, which is what users type into their web browser to search our website building and blogs service. Typically, it's the same as your name on the blog and should be quick to say and type.
  2. A secure web host: As we have mentioned earlier, this is where you store all your files, images, and content. Services such as Strikingly make your account and fashion blogs simple to set up.
  3. And lastly, a platform where you can post your blog entries. This is the platform that you use to write and publish your posts, link your site to the design and layout, and more. We at Strikingly offer our website building service to you where you can create a fashion blog platform within minutes. It’s a free place where your fashion blogs can feel at home. Strikingly is easy to use, versatile, and provides a wide range of themes and plugin customizations!

At this point, many aspiring fashion bloggers and shopping bloggers get stuck because of website hosting fees. But like we have mentioned earlier, Strikingly is your best bet if you’re finding a beginner-friendly and best bang for buck website hosting and builder.

Remember that you control the possession and management of all the contents and properties of your fashion blog. At any moment, your free trials at other services can expire, leaving you without any copies of your content and a dissatisfied audience. Plus, free sites for blogging are very limited in functionality. Many of them are not going to let you use advertisers to raise money from your fashion blogs. With Strikingly, you can never go wrong as our free options are still featured packed and they’re free - forever! After setting up your fashion blog with Strikingly, you can freely customize it with hundreds of themes and templates.

  1. Time to populate your fashion blog and style blogs with content!

As a fashion blogger, your content should match your niche which is, well, of course, fashion. In this step, you are finally able to start producing and writing material for your fashion blog. Without a schedule, resist the temptation to start typing and writing blogs. That way, your fashion blog will not become a hit.

Start with your main menu and core sections! Strikingly will help you to create two separate content types: blogs and sites. Be mindful of this fact as we have tools curated specifically for bloggers to help them grow their platform.

For your latest fashion blog, we recommend building these pages

  • An About Page
  • A Contact Page
  • A Gallery Page
  • Personal Website Link (if you like)
  • And your portfolio link


It's time for the nitty-gritty now: to write the first entries on the fashion blog. You have already brainstormed some ideas for blog posts before, so take them out and start blogging.

Check out our definitive list of blog post suggestions and our guide to how to write the best blog post if you're stuck with ideas. Don't think just yet about monetization though. You have to get some material on your blog right now, so it gets indexed by search engines and starts to create an audience. To keep the thoughts flowing and your fashion blog fully loaded with updates, you should also build a blog plan.

And tada! Congratulations! Your latest blog on fashion is up for the world to see!

But, you're not done just yet. To build a promising content wall and follow up, you have to promote your blog. You want to keep readers interested, after all, and to come back to your blog frequently, right? Plus, if you try to make money off your fashion page, you'll need an audience, because, without one, it will be difficult to make money off it.

  1. Spread the word about your brand new Fashion Blog through social media


As a fashion blogger, you should know how important your website is to social media and fashion enthusiasts, especially if you have awesome photographs and content that can quickly be digested and shared. When you get more views on your posts on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram (IG TV), Twitter, and TikTok, they will help create options and expand the reach of your posts.

There are a lot of outlets out there for social media, so you'll have to consider which ones to use for your fashion page. You won't have time to concentrate on content development and expand your fashion blog sustainably throughout tons of platforms, so choose wisely. To give you a tip, platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are the hottest right now. They offer business tools to help your enterprise grow, and your blog flourish. But here are more tips to help you spread the word on the cloud:

  1. Spend time browsing at fashion's greatest websites. See what platforms they're using on social media, and dive further. Look past the fans and likes, since you can buy those. Look at how dedicated their fans are, how much content each platform posts, and what sorts of experiences they have on the blogs themselves.
  2. Try out similar tactics. Select one or two platforms for social media and create content for them. Via them, share your content and connect with your audience. Ask individuals on those networks to join you. For a couple of months, see how it goes and then determine whether to continue or switch.
  3. You'll see, given the time, which ones fit for you and which ones you should miss. To begin with, we suggest that you connect with commentators on your posts and introduce one or two social media sites to the mix.

Social Media is a very powerful tool nowadays, and shouldn’t be a forgotten factor when trying to start a business or a blog. As with every business, check all the elements that may be missing out on social media when you’re planning to expand!

Build a Fashion Blog Website With Strikingly


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This wraps up our guide! To keep your audience coming, just keep tabs on which platforms you are doing well on and capitalize on that. If you want to enhance your Fashion Blog experience, then make sure you build your blog with Strikingly. We offer free services that are enticing, and even our paid services won’t break the bank We also offer tons of themes and templates that will fit any fashion niche you may cover. Whether it be a niche in fashion or a desire for your own personal portfolio, Strikingly is your best pal.