Rise of Parallax Scrolling

Website designing has been massive in almost every part of the world. For the past years, many individuals and even companies who engage in the field of business have taken turns in developing their own websites. Each made their own designs in their own unique ways. From the overall layout up to the smallest details, webmasters made sure that each of their websites will definitely stand out. Among these techniques is known as parallax scrolling, a creative and brilliant strategy of upgrading your own designed website.

Travel-Inspired Parallax

What is Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax Scrolling can be defined as a design layout made on websites wherein the background image/design of the main page moves at a slower pace compared to its foreground image/design. This design is mostly single paged and creates a three dimensional effect once you move your cursor on the screen and scroll throughout the whole homepage. Parallax designs are found by many as a creative and entertaining tool for a website. Parallax scrolling websites are not just viewed as a page but also a reflection of how the business prioritizes their customers.

Parallax websites also became an instant hit among different businesses who seek to engage their products/services offered to a wider range of markets. Web designers are able make different varieties of parallax website designs depending on the message which the business wants their customers to receive. With the primary aim of not just entertaining their customers as they visit their website, parallax web designs are also created to showcase how companies formulate marketing strategies which will help them become notable to each potential customer. After all, first impressions last right?

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Perks of Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is undeniably one of the hottest trends nowadays in the field of ecommerce, specifically web designing. Well, we can’t blame those companies who are very immersed in this type of modern marketing. With all the benefits one can get from it, parallax web designs are truly made to be the game changers in website designing.

There is a long list waiting if you are finding the best reasons why parallax scrolling is beneficial. Among them are the ones listed down by Strikingly just for you.

  • “Heart-capturing”. Marketing is not marketing if it does not involve capturing the hearts of each potential customer. Parallax web designs are primarily made to set a good impression of the business towards its site visitors. With it serving as the "welcome" greeting, higher chances of capturing a large number of audience is more possible. It is important that the "taste" and "soft spots" of the target market is carefully analyzed and identified by the whole business itself before coming up with the appropriate parallax scrolling design they will be using. Through this, their designed parallax scrolling will not just be as effective as they thought but also be able to help them secure loyalty and trust from their customers. And when you talk about capturing the hearts of website visitors, Strikingly is surely a master in that field.
  • Increase curiosity. Parallax scrolling on websites is also one way of capturing attention. Once a user dive into your website and sees the parallax designs, he/she will develop curiosity about the whole business in an instant. This is because humans are naturally born curious of every single object/idea around them. Once something catches their attention, they will not stop knowing more about it until they are satisfied. With this, it is only a must that businesses know how to design their parallax scrolling websites well and seize the opportunity every time a user visits their website.

Shows-off. Parallax scrolling can be designed in any aspect you'd want them to be. One of the ways of designing it is through showcasing the special features and offers of the whole business itself. You can include beautifully-taken photos of the product as well as some of its prices. Features like the materials as well as some snippets of how it was done can also be included in the whole parallax scroll template. With this, the business is already giving a quick glimpse of what it offers and at the same time, customizing its own parallax website design for a more personalized look.

Personalized Parallax Page

  • Time-travels. Parallax scrolling does not only add aesthetics to any website. Believe it or not it also possesses the power of time travelling. There are various designs of parallax scrolling which features a quick flashback of the journey of the company/business. Some web designers include this in the whole parallax scroll template to add more meaning to the overall design. Adding such information will also enable the business to show to their users how far they already become. Users on the other will also be given the chance to understand what message the business/product is trying to convey towards their consumers.
  • Interacts & invites. Digital marketing primarily aims for effective interactions between the website itself and its target users. With the help of parallax scrolling, businesses are able to create more opportunities through effectively interacting with their users. With the type of new normal we are all facing now, interactions are mostly done electronically. This is a great opportunity for businesses to widen their marketing activity and build stronger connections towards potential customers. And with the ability of being able to master the art of parallax scrolling, making such effective interactions will not be that much of a problem.

Having no clues on how to attract users? Well, just a friendly tip: Interacting and inviting potential website followers has never been easy through Strikingly.

  • Guides. Customers are born to be curious of what a certain business/product is offering them. On the other hand, it is the business' job to respond to those curiosities. Parallax scrolling isn't just designed to fulfill aesthetic needs of a specific website. They are structurally made to serve as the main guide of each site visitor. They serve as a "tour guide" which ensures that the overall travel of the user within the website is flawless, informative and very useful. Through the presence of well-designed parallax scrolling websites, businesses are able to provide a guided path for their customers. A path which will directly lead them to the heart of the whole business itself.

These are only a few of the reasons why parallax scrolling plays one of the major roles in the field of website building. If you happen to be still confused and having second thoughts about parallax scrolling, Strikingly will clear it all up for you.

Parallax Template for Art

Websites which Aced Parallax Scrolling

There is a continuous growth of websites which engages in the use of parallax scrolling these days. With the benefits it can make in a marketing strategy, that is actually not surprising at all. Parallax scrolling makes a website more exciting to visit with. If you want to get more ideas on how you will be able to start your very first parallax scroll template, Strikingly will do the work with you.

Below are some of the parallax examples made by website pages which did it right in choosing parallax scrolling as their mode of showcasing their webpage design.

  1. The Qode Interactive Catalog. This website page features a styled text navigation system filled with their own set of images which appears the moment you scroll throughout its whole page. This type of parallax scrolling is actually one of the simplest and is commonly used by many companies. If you want to achieve such parallax scrolling design, you can place the text either horizontally or vertically, and even add animations on it to make it more fun for the visitors.
  2. Canals. Canals is a website which showcases the ability of parallax scrolling to take you on a time travel. Its design features some clips of photos and snippets of the beautiful and rich history of the country of Amsterdam. It is designed to look as if you are scanning through a leaflet. This type of parallax scrolling is also one of the best structures to follow. It will not only showcase the highlights of your business/product, but will also enable the users to take a mini museum-like tour where you and your business is the main tour guide. Who knows maybe through this type you will be able to touch their hearts and turn them into one of your loyal followers. Sounds amazing right?
  3. Dogstudio. Dogstudio is one of those websites which features an object as their main subject for their parallax scroll template. As you visit their main page, you will see a figure of a dog in the center which seems to move as you scroll down throughout the page. This type of parallax design is one of those real game changers. It steps up the game and makes it more exciting and entertaining for users to visit the whole page.
  4. ToyFight. This site features a parallax scrolling website wherein the whole design is made more personalized and connected to the business. The main founders of the business are turned into three-dimensional versions of figures which appear the moment you visit their page. This type of design is one of those which will automatically glue you to your monitor screen as you get immersed in the whole website itself.

Steps in Weaving

Parallax with Strikingly

Parallax Scrolling may be too complicated for some, especially to those who are still learning in the field of website designing. But, one thing about it is that it will never be a problem if you know who to entrust yourself with. With that, Strikingly can surely remove all your doubts.

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