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The best way to showcase your work as an interior designer is to invite viewers into the spaces you've created, allowing them to take in the lighting, textures, scale, and ambiance. However, if you cannot show your work in person, it is critical to have a professional online portfolio. This allows viewers to become fully immersed in your work, delving deep into your designs from the comfort of their own homes.

Browse through interior design portfolio website templates when creating your own professional portfolio. Each of these portfolio templates can be used to generate ideas or as a fully customizable starting point. We've handpicked a few interior design portfolio examples below, all built on Strikingly, for more website design inspiration - and some dazzling eye candy.

Elements to Be Included in Your Design Interior Design Portfolio Website

A creative portfolio presents your work, vision, and expertise to potential clients, managers, and collaborators. As a result, it's critical to put your best foot forward and get it right.

• Make it Visual by Displaying Your Work in High-resolution Images

interior design portfolio website template

Image taken from Strikingly - Spectre template

To improve your understanding of your designs, combine professional photoshoots of your projects with additional visual materials. A mood board, a hand-drawn sketch, before-and-after photos, or a 3D rendering of the space could all be included.

• Tell the Whole Story

By writing short case studies, you can inform site visitors about the backstory behind your designs. Mention the location, the brief, the dates, and any other information that may be relevant or that distinguishes the project. Give credit to any project collaborators or photographers who shot the images.

• Describe Your Services and Provide Online Bookings

If you work as a freelance designer, explain your various package plans in your interior design portfolio website and clearly state pricing for everything from consultation to home styling to space planning. Set up an online booking system to encourage site visitors to book your services directly on your site.

• Include Testimonials, Press, and Awards

People are more likely to form a favorable opinion of your services if they know others do. Share client testimonials about their positive experiences working with you and any press coverage or awards you may have received.

• Introduce Yourself

While creating an online design portfolio is primarily about the work, getting to know the person or people behind it is equally important. Share some information about your professional background, experience, education, and the values or principles that guide your designs. Include a photo of yourself or your team and your contact information and social media links.

How to Make an Interior Design Portfolio Website?

interior design portfolio website template

Image taken from Strikingly- Interior template

How do you make an interior design portfolio that is appealing to HR managers and clients? When it comes to interior design portfolio ideas, the full list of must-have items is much longer when it comes to interior design portfolio ideas. Different situations necessitate different solutions. Student interior design portfolio websites obviously differ from interior design studio websites. We will leave the interior design portfolio customization to you.

1. Make the horrific About section

First and foremost, log in and select the best interior design portfolio website template for your portfolio. There are over 200 free website templates available. Then select the best block for your about me section or create a new "About me" page. Simply introducing yourself is insufficient. You must attract attention and stand out. If you've chosen a template with a simple design, focus on the powerful copy that users won't be able to ignore. Consider your target audience and how you want to communicate with them. After you've decided on a tone of voice, create an appealing text and fill it in the template.

2. Describe Your Education, Experience, and Abilities

This information may or may not fit in the previous section, depending on the interior design portfolio website template used. If you believe your expertise warrants a separate description, look for a template that includes a separate page. List the software you use, the techniques you use, possibly some working strategies, etc. You can also describe your values here. Say a few words about each team member if it is a company portfolio rather than a personal one.

3. Include a Few Words About Your Services

interior design portfolio website template

Image taken from Strikingly - Modern Home template

With this one, every Strikingly interior design portfolio template gives you some leeway: it can be a simple price list or several blocks with detailed descriptions, images, and a contact button at the bottom of the page. You are the one who must decide what will work best for your interior design studio.

4. Display Some Completed Projects

Any average interior design portfolio website template can be transformed into the best website template by your portfolio. Creating this section may be nearly as difficult as working on all of the interior designs you'll be displaying. There is no need to list all of your completed projects; simply select the most notable ones. You must decide what type of gallery to create – a scroller, a block structure with some text and a "Read more" button, or just images zoomed in as you move your mouse. The options are numerous; choose the one that appears ideal for your work.

5. Explain the Working Process in Greater Detail

This section is optional. It is more critical for freelance designers looking for work or studios waiting for large orders from a corporation. Nonetheless, your work philosophy will be attractive to customers who want to understand the stages and timing. They will appreciate it if you provide insight into some of the projects in your portfolio and include draughts, notes, sketches, and photos illustrating each stage of the project's development.

6. Emphasize the Highlights and Bonuses

When discussing how to create an interior design portfolio website, we always emphasize distinguishing between interior design and decoration. If you can handle the latter, make a separate section for it. Concentrate on design, but include decoration as one of your highlights.

7. Leave Your Contact Information

This section may be placed at the bottom of the page. Choose a template where contacts wrap up the information about your company if that seems more logical to you. A typical list includes

  • Email
  • phone number
  • Location
  • working hours
  • contact form
  • social media buttons

If you're building a company website, this can be a section where you introduce team members briefly and perhaps allow you to contact each of them directly.

8. Incorporate Testimonials

This section contains brief comments from previous clients, possibly with links to their cases. Always request that clients leave feedback and write at least a few words about you and display them on your interior design portfolio website. People usually write these messages willingly. It doesn't take much time or effort, but most people require a reminder or a request. Let users know if you have any awards or press mentions.

9. Consider Some Additional Sections

Based on the specifics of the project and its aesthetics, each designer and agency will take a different approach to creating their sites. When selecting a template for a future website, look for features that aren't required but can help people understand you better. Some portfolio website examples include:

  • a benefits section/page
  • space for an inspirational quote
  • before/after photos
  • a separate press section
  • a blog

10. Maintain its Relevance

Although this may seem obvious, some people still fail to update the information regularly. You may need to update the information you prepared for filling out a template just before launch if you complete an important project worth displaying or if some of your offers become obsolete.

Interior Design Portfolio Website Examples

There are numerous examples of interior design portfolio templates on Strikingly. If you're stuck on which one to use or how to organize information appealingly, look at some of the examples below for ideas.

∙ Pretty Olive Interiors

interior design portfolio website

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

To begin, one of our website's highlights is Pretty Olive Interiors. Strikingly was used to create it, which has a clean and minimalist design. LeAnne is the creator of sophisticated and inviting interior designs. You can see a glimpse of her interior design portfolio website design with a white background on her interior design portfolio. She works one-designs, and the majority of the images on her website feature a touch of soft colors and textures that distinguish her craft as unique and classy. A visible menu bar contains packages, portfolios, FAQs, blogs, and even reviews. If visitors want to find her interior design samples, a site search is easily accessible alongside the menu bar.

Hailey Roberts

interior design website

Image is taken from Hailey Roberts

Hailey Roberts is an interior designer with more than eight years of experience. She has experience working on multiple projects in every aspect, from research, drawings, selections, construction, furniture, and art installation, ranging from high-end residential projects to complete house remodels.

Sojin Park

interior design website

Image is taken from Sojin Park

Sojin Park is a 3D renderer and senior interior designer/architect. She has extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of interior architecture due to over 13 years of work experience on a variety of projects ranging from high-rise mixed-use complexes to small lobby interior renovations.

Introducing Strikingly

Strikingly is dedicated to providing you with the best website design and template to help you build your interior design portfolio website. With our predesigned templates, you can quickly create and edit your own interior design portfolio. However, we understand how designers want to come up with their own concepts, so we've created a few of our templates below to assist you in designing your website. You do not need to be an expert in web design because we have a team of web developers and designers to assist you in creating your personal website. Again, if you want to develop your own creative concept, go ahead.


Whether you are a studio owner, an independent/freelance designer, or a student, an interior design portfolio website is a necessary step in your career advancement and brand promotion. Only by displaying your accomplishments and sharing your ideas will you gain recognition, and the interior design portfolio is the most effective way to do so.

You do not need to be a web designer or have any coding knowledge to launch the website. It is sufficient to select a couple of favorite projects with eye-catching imagery, write a few words about yourself or your team, and fill in the blanks in a pre-designed template. If you require assistance, the Strikingly team will be happy to assist you.