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Have you got an eye for interior design? Then, you probably want to come out and hone your skills. You might have so many questions at the back of your mind. Are these questions invading your mind before you sleep at night? How to get into interior designing? How to start a career in interior design? Indeed, it seems like there are so many things to do to become a well-experienced interior designer. Strikingly made you this exciting content about the frequently asked questions on how to become an interior designer.

First, we need to understand what an interior designer is. If you dream of becoming one, you should learn the craft very well. Interior design is more than just learning about color theory, arrangement, space transformation, and improvement. It comes along with the designer’s eye for beauty, safety, and functionality of a specific space being developed. An interior designer works on architecture, space accessibility, and designs. A specialization in any design field is a plus factor in becoming one of the best interior designers.

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  1. How to become an Interior designer?

This question can get a general answer. But, to be an interior designer, you must learn how to embrace it. Be passionate about it. Most importantly, you need not to only dream of becoming one but work hard to understand it very well. When it comes to becoming an interior designer, no fixed answer will work for everyone. There are basic guidelines on how to start your career in terms of interior design, but there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer. One step may not work well with others or there might be alternative ways to learn about the world of interior design. Here, we can show you the basic steps on how to get into interior designing.

  1. What are the steps to becoming an interior designer?

One thing for sure is that there are no shortcuts to become an interior designer. It is not enough that you put so much interest in the design field. You have to work hard and be qualified before you work as an interior designer. We have a few basic steps that you need to do in order to achieve your career goals on interior design.

  • Hone your gift for interior design - You’ll discover that you have an eye for design when you are keen on the details such as colors, patterns, and shapes. Then you also care about proportionality, accessibility, and safety of a specific space. It all comes down with your eye for these details. Others see their edge on interior design as a gift. If you are one of the gifted ones, hone it.
  • Get educated - Most interior design business firms require their designers to have a formal education related to designs. You can get a Bachelor of Fine Arts. The majority of schools offer the design field under a Bachelor of Fine arts degree. Some schools are offering the design course under the Bachelor of Science. You need to weigh which of these two options will work well for you. Take time to investigate the areas they’re focused on such as business aspect, legal issue, mathematics, documents, environmental psychology, color theory, and the like. If you dig deeper into what subjects you want to take in interior design, you will become your ideal interior designer someday.

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  • Know what kind of Interior design jobs are available for you - There are three types of jobs that you might need to pay attention to once you graduate and get licensed. Commercial interior designers work for business establishments such as restaurants, theme parks, corporate offices, and even public buildings. Residential interior designers work on home space, specifically on each room like the kitchen area, living room, storage, master bedroom, and play place at home.

Lastly, start to get renowned and extraordinary by winning projects and getting more clients along the way. You can do this by reading the last couple of questions answered about how to start your career in interior design.

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  1. How to get a degree in interior design?

While attaining a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement of most interior designer firms, you’ve got another option to have proper knowledge about interior design. These are short courses and programs that offer a diploma or certificate once completed. Practically, this sounds better because you will save time and money instead of getting a Bachelor’s degree. But, if you are wondering how to get into interior designing with a reputable school that will help you get licensed after graduation, we recommend that you choose to get a degree in interior design. Your future clients will consider outstanding proposals along with a good background in education. When you start applying for an interior designer position, your skills and talent need to be backed up with the minimum qualification requirements.

  1. How to start your career in interior design?

As an interior designer, your job is to design a space and make it look beautiful and meaningful. Your job may require you to sit down with your clients and listen to their requests while you give professional feedback. An interior designer career means you will be working with architects, engineers, and contractors assigned to build or reconstruct the space. Make sure you find a way to connect with your colleague and your clients. Provide clear instructions and advice that will end up to satisfying results. After all, a satisfied client will not only compensate for your interior design skills but they can also give you more projects and future clients.

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  1. How to Build an Interior designer Portfolio?

Okay, we’ve come to the most crucial part on how to start your career in interior design. Build your interior design portfolio and get more clients on your website. Whether you choose to work in a design firm or go solo, your best option is to have a web presence. It is where you can showcase your expertise by uploading images of your previous projects. Think about showing your best works on your online portfolio. Strikingly has a predesigned template just for an interior designer like you. Remember that you can make simple edits and navigate our site editor easily. On your website, you can put an image background of one of your designs. Don’t be afraid to work self-employed if you’ve got what it takes to the interior designer you ever dreamed of. Build your interior design portfolio now with Strikingly. You will be amazed at how wonderful it can be to publish your designs.

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Create Your Interior Designer Website With These Four Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for an account. Strikingly landing page is waiting for you.

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  1. Choose a Template - We recommend you choose Interior template because it is predesigned with images to guide you. You’ll get excited once you take a glimpse of this template. Also, you can get inspiration from our users’ websites that stick to the quality, simplicity, clarity, and creativity of their brand online.

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  1. Upload quality images of your designs, write compelling content and story behind each design, share your inspiration to your audience, and connect with them at your own pace. You can link your social media accounts to keep you updated with potential clients and projects.

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  1. Publish your own site in just a few minutes. Your interior designer portfolio is waving at your target audience.

Finally, you have the ideas you need on how to become an interior designer. As mentioned in the first part of this article, you need to have an eye for design to be the best designer. Others call it a “design eye”. Eye means being attentive to details like colors, patterns, lines, and shapes you want to incorporate into your design. The perfect proportion of tables and chairs to paintings on the wall is showing how you master the rules and guidelines in interior design. Ensure that you don’t just focus on the beauty and the functionality and accessibility of the space. That is the reason why you should know your career better. You don’t only follow requests but, most importantly, make sure to prioritise safety before the design trend. After many years of learning designs and software to help you get into the design action, always put your heart into everything that you do. Put your heart at the center of your designs and value your colleague’s suggestions. There is a saying that “two heads are better than one,” always consult your client before making big decisions. Last but not least, get your satisfied clients talking on your website. Positive reviews can take your career in interior design to the next level. Strikingly knows the power of word of mouth. That’s why we keep our clients satisfied with the tools and services they need to build their own website.