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The internet is flourishing, not just for businesses, companies, and online stores. It has also thrived in encouraging people and giving them the avenue to showcase who they are and connect with the right people and organizations. And given the proper promotion, these people expand their reach towards opportunities that will help them grow to be more successful and reach their fullest potential. Having personal pages that exemplify all you have to offer the world gives you an edge regardless of your industry.

Personal Websites

Having a personal website of your own elevates your introduction to a whole new level. This allows you to tell people more about you without telling them in person or over the phone. The content of your website can tell the whole world about your whole story. In these personal pages, you can not only include images of your projects or clients or even add videos showcasing what you can do. You can also show a bit about your personality and your creative prowess using this personal website. Or you can show your layout, organizational, and even website coding skills on your website in addition to the already magnificent artistic talent that you are mainly known for. To put it simply, creating a personal website allows you to show the world another side of yourself that you won’t usually be able to use to get jobs or clients, or projects. This is only but one of the benefits of personal websites. There are many others that you would fully realize once you start working on your own and once you start sharing and using it to further your career.

How to Build Your Personal Website?

1. Know Your Purpose

Your personal website should be all about you, yes. But in building your personal website, you should really consider and narrow down what you specifically want to achieve with it. This will help you narrow down what you will include in your website content. Knowing the purpose of creating your website will also enable you to more efficiently and effectively decide which of the personal website designs you will utilize for your own website. Ask yourself if you’re doing this just for yourself, or because you want to be able to reach more clients or customers, or because you just want to introduce yourself uniquely the next time you apply for a job or a project. Answering these questions will enable you to more easily start creating your own personal website.

2. Find Your Muse

By your muse, we mean your inspiration. By inspiration, we mean exploring different personal website designs and finding the right one that will spark your interest and passion. Once you find the right inspiration, making your personal website would be easier because you already have a foundation and a baseline. But take note that you don’t have to choose just one. You can have many personal website examples and personal website designs as your inspiration. It all depends on the kind of person you are, the kind of industry you are a part of, and the purpose of the personal website you are creating.

3. Decide on Your Design

Once you have gathered up all the personal website designs that you were inspired by, you can now start looking for the template that you can use to apply these designs. When you find the template that you think will best suit you and your purpose, you can easily and immediately get started. With the hundreds of templates from website builders, like Strikingly, there are a lot of designs that you can choose from as you begin creating your own website. With Strikingly, looking for a template among the personal website examples is easier because you can preview the website template before you even start using them.

4. Add Your Own Sparkle

When you finally choose from the templates of personal website examples, you can now start adding your own sparkle. And by that, we mean modifying the personal website designs and adjusting them to fit your own style and purpose. With Strikingly, you can easily modify the template that you would use. You can add your own images, change the color scheme, or add your own graphics. You can even add videos or other website designs to help your chosen template turn into your personal website.

5. Make It Your Own

In addition to adding your own personal sparkle to your personal website, you can really start calling it your very own once you start to add actual website content. This is the part where you stop referring too much to the personal website examples you’ve been using because it would be so much better for you to actually do this part on your own. The reason behind this is because when making this part of your personal website, you have to really bring out the best of yourself. What that means is that, depending on your purpose, your personality, and your identity.

6. Introduce Yourself to The World

Of course, no matter your primary purpose, you created your personal website because you want a much more creative and unique way to introduce and express yourself. And as you put in your sparkle, make it your own, and veer away from the personal website examples that you started with, you also have to consider how your website is going to be found. This bit gets a little technical. See, as you start putting and editing your website content to make your personal website stand out from the crowd, you have to make sure to utilize search engines optimization techniques. This means using the right keywords so that your website would be recognized and found by your desired audience.

7. Be Free, Fly, and Thrive

Finally, once you have really completed and built your personal website to the best that you can make it, you can start using it and promoting it. You can add it to your business cards in addition to your email and phone number. There is also an innovative way today to make your own QR code that will automatically lead anyone who has it directly to your website. In addition, you can also take your website to social media. You can add your website to your social media bio and social media feeds - and vice versa, add your social media accounts and even your social media feed to your website.

Strikingly Personal Website Examples

1. Oriana Castro

Oriana Castro

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This personal website belongs to a product manager who has handled product development in all product life cycle stages. There are many personal website designs that you can find online, but this one is different because it is conveniently consistent and compact. She clearly stated what she has worked on and all the clients that she has handled.

2. Cynthia Blair

Cynthia Blair

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Cynthia Blair’s personal website revolves around her journey as an artist and all the artworks that she created. This is one of the personal website examples that act as a portfolio. What’s wonderful about her personal pages is that she separated her works according to a category so that potential clients can easily identify what they want to find.

3. Gary Sheng

Gary Sheng

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The website of Gary Sheng is one of the simplest personal website designs. It simply uses an image of the owner as its homepage, and as you continue scrolling through the personal website, you will know all about the job positions and his personal insights on each of them. His website doesn’t just cite his achievements in his endeavors. He also talks about the lessons he learned from each experience.

4. Chloe Hwang

Chloe Hwang

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Chloe Hwang’s personal website is a good example of personal website designs that serve as a curriculum vitae or a resume. Her website layout is simple, organized, and comprehensive. She lists down all her life’s achievements and experiences starting from education, skill sets, experiences, works, and fundraising highlights. She mentions here the years that she did all of these and the organizations she worked with.

5. Troy Liew

Troy Liew

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This personal website is an embodiment of the quote: “Let your success make the noise!” Troy Liew just introduces himself, tells his audience a bit about how he ended up on this path, and lets his artwork speak for him. Even his banner image is artwork made by him. He also connected his Instagram social feed to easily showcase his talent.

Building your own personal website is no joke. Besides allowing you to expand your horizons and help you reach the right people and organizations, all of these personal website designs allow you to express yourself in a more elevated and enhanced avenue. Unlike the normal introduction to your clients and to the world, your personal website can be used as another way to make sure that you leave a lasting impression from the start. And while it requires a bit more work, you can ask all of the people who own the personal website examples you got your inspiration from about how worthwhile all of the time and attention you give to it will be in the end. Using the right tools, you can introduce yourself in the best way possible. Sign up with Strikingly today!