Have you noticed that most interior design portfolio websites have used a minimalist concept to put the spotlight on their craft? Whether you are a student or a professional interior designer, it is a smart idea to make your own interior design portfolio online. In times when you can’t show your best work in person, having an interior design portfolio website can help you to get your potential clients looking at your successful projects. Some people can easily determine whether a specific designer’s portfolio belongs to a professional or a protege. Obviously, we can’t deny that we can see the most astonishing works from professional designer’s gallery sites. There is one way you can escape this scrutiny if you are a beginner who wants to create an interior design portfolio that will truly stand out. By choosing the best template and design for your website, you can come up with a professional portfolio that is eye-candy for your site visitors and prospective clients. Guess what? One might have a hard time telling if it’s an interior design portfolio of a protege or not. For professionals, having an online portfolio with your original concepts and stylish ideas will help you stand out among the heavy competition.

Let’s have a sneak peek on how these interior design portfolio websites are created.

You’ll be amazed at how the simplicity and authenticity of website designs can put glamouring lights on the interior designer’s work of art. We’ll keep the ideas honest and simple. Strikingly can show you a few website examples, inspect pre-designed templates, guide you on how to make an interior design portfolio, and make it stand out.

Interior Design Portfolio Examples

• Pretty Olive Interiors

interior design portfolio website

Image taken from Pretty Olive Interiors website

To begin with, one of our website prides is Pretty Olive Interiors. It is created with Strikingly using a clean and minimalist design. LeAnne is the designer behind sophisticated and comfortable interior designs. You can see on her interior design portfolio a glimpse of a website design with white background. She works on e-designs, and most of the images on the website highlight a touch of soft colors and textures that makes her craft unique and classy. There is a visible menu bar that consists of packages, portfolio, FAQS, blog, and even reviews. A site search can be easily located along with the menu bar in case visitors would like to find her samples of interior designs. This interior design portfolio is an example of a minimalist concept that most designers fell in love with. It allows their beautiful creations to stand out and shine in the eye of the audience.

• Craft & Bloom

interior design portfolio

Image taken from Craft & Bloom website

Craft and Bloom website is a contemporary interior and furniture design studio that carries a minimalist aesthetic from its work to the website design. It is clearly expressed on their homepage that it consists of the studio’s logo, its vision statement, and an interior design image. They’ve done a great job by putting an email subscription box plus social media links aside. It is also a clear expression of making the brand of Craft & Boom stand out. In creating an interior design portfolio website, keep in mind the most important things that you must highlight. It is your brand, your personality as a designer, your creative craft, and a powerful vision that will surely catch the attention of your clients. Remember, there is beauty in simplicity.

• Sybrandt Creative

 interior design portfolio gallery

Image taken from Sybrandt Creative website

The designer’s visual presentation focuses on interior details that is a collage of interior design images thatwill welcome you on its homepage. A fixed side-bar where you can find projects in yellow highlight while the about section, contact info, and news are in green. A logo design with a reflection of a copyright icon is simply expressing originality and ownership of the brand. While most designers choose an interior design portfolio template with a white background, some are using either dark and pastel colors. Some choose light shades that are close to the color of the interior design. No matter what concept you choose, originality and authenticity must be a priority on your personal portfolio website. Not only that it will help you stand out, but also put a high level of professionalism in your career as a designer.

Interior Design Portfolio Template By Strikingly

Here at Strikingly, we love to provide you with the best website design and template to build your online portfolio. With our predesigned templates, you can easily make and edit your own interior design portfolio in just a few minutes. But, we know how designers want to come up with their own concept that is why we’ve come up with a few of our templates below to help you design your website. You don’t need to master web designs because we have a team of web developers and designers to help you build your personal website. Again, if you want to come up with your own creative concept, feel free and go on.

• Interior

interior design portfolio template

Image taken from Strikingly- Interior template

• Spectre

Spectre template

Image taken from Strikingly - Spectre template

• Modern Home

Modern home template

Image taken from Strikingly - Modern Home template

Quick Guide on How to Create an Interior Design Portfolio

1. Sign up Now or Log in to Your Strikingly Account

This is your first step, and you must not hesitate to do it now. With Strikingly, you can create your own website with ease while not needing the expertise on web designs.

Strikingly landing page

Image taken from Strikingly website

2. Choose the Best Interior Design Portfolio Template

We know how your eye for design works that’s why we got you covered with different styles and layouts for your on website.

Pretty Olive Interiors

Image taken from Pretty Olive Interiors website

3. Create a Killer ‘About’ Section

Show who you are and what you got. This is the part where you can put winning projects and achievements with prominent clients you’ve worked with.

A photo of LeAnne

Image taken from Pretty Olive Interiors website

4. Show the Team Behind the Scene

This is the way you answer the question about who is the team behind the interior designs. Your team is essential to your website’s success. Make sure that they’ve got a special spot.

Team section on a website

Image taken from Strikingly- Interior template

5. Start Uploading Images to Your Gallery Section

Make the best out of your design images and let them shine in your site gallery. In having an interior design portfolio website, you should keep in mind to upload quality images.

how to create interior design portfolio

Image taken from Strikingly- Interior template

6. Don’t Forget to Add a Contact Form

You surely want to convert your audience to clients. That's why you should leave contact information where they can reach out to you.

add contact info

Image taken from Strikingly website editor

7. Publish Your Site in Minutes!

Congratulations! You now have a professional interior design portfolio waving a flag online.

Tips on How to Make an Interior Design Portfolio That Stand Out

• Proper Self-Introduction Is Key to Success

Introduce yourself as if you’re in front of your client. As much as possible, make it a friendly tone without losing professionality on your choice of words. Tell more about yourself, your education, accomplished projects, and what is your inspiration. This way, you are creating a direct connection to your audiences.

• Show Your Best Works and Make It Work

Okay, let’s talk about quality images here. The interior details should be clearly presented to your audience, that’s why you need high-resolution pictures to populate your gallery section. Poor quality images will surely don’t stand out in the market. Invest in quality images just like how you see stunning photos on photography websites. You realize now the importance of properly documenting your projects so that you have something to share with your wide range of audience online.

• Tell the Story Behind Each Craft

You can add blog content to your online portfolio. Storytelling your inspiration behind each project is one of the best marketing strategies online.Did you know that another way to increase SEO on your website is by adding blog content? Every story is worth telling. You should know that as an interior designer who has beautiful insights and captivating ideas about how someone can make their space accessible and comfortable while enjoying fresh ambience at home or in an office building.

• Add Engaging Testimonials From Your Clients

Use the power of word of mouth on the reviews section of your interior design portfolio website. Add engaging testimonials and positive reviews from your previous clients. This will level up the confidence of your visitors towards your skills and ideas about interior design. Make sure to make this portion on your site visible because you don’t want your potential clients to miss it.

At the end of the day, you should not create an interior design portfolio just for the sake of having one. Having an online space where you can reach out to future clients, you should make sure to establish a winning portfolio. Whether you are a freelancer with interior design training or a designer by profession, it is absolutely a key to your success if you have made a website that stands out. Keep in mind that the world of designs is a competitive one. You should keep up with your best foot forward, otherwise you won’t rank well in your field nor you can make it on Google searches. Show what you got. When you need expert advice about making your own interior design portfolio website, Strikingly got your back. Visit us now and we’re excited to work with someone who has a creative mind.