Photography is not for everyone. You can take pictures and even your mom can too. But taking really good pictures that can leave the world in awe is a totally different story. As a passionate photographer, you can be among professionals who enjoy making their own names in their own chosen field of photography. You can enjoy taking photos of animals in wildlife, capture photos of fashion models, be an event photographer, take portraits, and many more. You can simply pick your own subject, capture a photo of it from different angles, and have the best shots of your life. All you just have to do is master the art of getting different perspectives for every image you take, and let the whole world see it. And what’s one effective way to do that? It’s through 3D photography.

What is 3D photography?

3D photography is a style of photography also referred to as stereoscopic photography. With 3D photography, you are doing the art of capturing and exhibiting two different photographs, counterweighing each other, resulting in a three-dimensional effect on the captured image. This 3D photograph effect works because of a principle called stereopsis. A human eye is naturally placed in different locations. This phenomenon is the main reason why our eyes see slightly different images. This difference between the images we see lets us recognize depth in objects we lay our eyes upon. This effect can be simulated through 3D photography.

When you shoot 3D photos, you are adding more life to your 3D photographs. You simply take 3D photographs of subjects that are about 2.5 inches or 63 mm offset from each other. This offset distance is almost the same distance of your two eye’s pupils in between. The two 3D photographs are then observed by the eye correspondingly. Your brain is the one responsible for putting the two captured images together, giving off the three-dimensional effect you’ve been seeking.

Knowing how to make 3D photography can be your next hobby. You can start experimenting and take photographs of toys, your pets, and even the simplest objects you lay your eyes upon. It is one good way to start a new interest, especially nowadays where we are required to stay at home most of the time. Who knows, you may be the next 3D photography professional and even start your own 3D photograph business. Sounds fun, right?


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How to make 3D photography?

Now that you’ve started getting into the world of knowing what is 3D photography, it is now the right time for you to learn how to actually do it. No worries because we’ve provided the best tips you need to know in mastering how to make 3D photography.

• Choose a subject

One of the first steps in taking 3D photographs is to choose your subject. When picking your subject, choose the ones with depth. This way it will be easier for you to highlight the kind of 3D photograph you want to show. The best way to do this is to capture a subject that has elements that are either very close, in the middle ground, or far.

• Set your camera

Your camera plays a key role in perfecting the art of 3D photography. There are no special specifications required in doing 3D photography. Yes, you heard it right! You can take 3D photographs without spending a large sum of money purchasing a single camera. All you just have to do is know the best tip and tricks in taking the best 3D photography shots.

When setting your camera, it is highly recommended to use manual settings. Using manual settings present on your camera is easier specifically when controlling shutter speed, camera aperture, and even image white balance. Just keep in mind that to achieve the perfect 3D photograph shot, always remember to use the same settings on taking the photos of your subject. If you make adjustments between shots with different settings like enhancing the white balance or exposure, the final product won’t look right.

• Shoot at the right angle

When taking your 3D photographs, always make sure to keep your 3D photography subject in the center of your 3D photography camera frame. This way, you can maximize the 3D photography effect you were trying to achieve. It can also serve as a reference point for you to make sure that both of your taken images are framed properly. If your separate 3D photograph shots are not lined up properly, you are more likely to get a blurred photo rather than achieving the 3D photography effect.

Another tip you could do in achieving that perfect 3D photography shoot is to shoot 3D photos as much as you can. Take more than two images of your subject. Doing this step helps you to gather more options for your 3D photography collection. During editing, you can just simply select the best two photographs among the set of images you’ve taken.

• Put a distance

One essential element in achieving an amazing 3D photography shot is distance. An appropriate amount of distance separating your images usually relies on how close your 3D photography subject is to your 3D photography camera. If you are planning to shoot 3D photographs from a more distant angle, your 3D photographs will need more distance from each other to achieve the right 3D photography effect. So to make it easier for you, taking shots at a closer distance is the best thing to do. The best place to start taking your 3D photographs is using the distance between an average person’s pupils which are measuring at approximately 2.5 inches.

One pro-tip: Start shooting your 3D photographs from your left side to the right. Doing this step is one effective trick in making your photo editing easier. This is because it will be easier for you to identify which photo is on the right angle, and which one is on the left side. This will also save you from the troubles of needing to look at every photo you’ve taken at a very close range just to know which is which.


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What equipment do I need for 3D photography?

As mentioned earlier, there are no specific 3D photography cameras required in taking your photos. But, to ensure a more high-quality result, there are different photography tools that you can use.

  • Tripod

One essential 3D photography equipment when shooting your subject’s photo is a good working tripod. Taking 3D images will require you to move your hands and arms a lot. You wouldn’t want to get your arms sore because of too much movement for the right angles, right? A good tripod can help you take the best 3D photographs at any angle you want. It can also help you keep your 3D photography camera in place and at the right height to ensure that your photography subject is kept in the camera’s center frame.

  • Dual-camera setup or stereo lenses

Another helpful piece of equipment for 3D photography is a dual-camera setup or some stereo lenses. This equipment is one best tools in capturing moving objects. It will also enable you to capture 3D photography shots from two angles in a simultaneous manner. There are tons of camera types, including dual-camera mounts, which are widely available online. This equipment allows you to mount two of your cameras on a single tripod. But, if you are on a budget and not yet ready to invest in a second 3D photography camera, a stereo lens could already help you in starting your 3D photography shooting. These photography lenses can split your camera’s view into two separate angles making it easier to achieve a 3D effect.


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Showcase your 3D photographs with us!

Now that you’ve learned all the basics of starting 3D photography, here’s an additional for you.

Online portfolios have been the best weapons of many aspiring professionals in different fields. Creating an online portfolio helped them land their dream jobs and even earn a living from them. You could be like them too!


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To give you a better view of how to start your own 3D photography portfolio, here are some tips for you.

  • Always choose the suitable and appropriate website template design for your 3D photography portfolio.
  • Keep your brand unique and visible to your target audience.
  • When creating your online portfolio gallery, always remember to include your best photos.
  • Do not be afraid to share behind-the-scenes footage of your shoot. Consumers usually fall in love with rawness.
  • Include a section showing testimonials and service reviews from your past clients. It adds more reliability for potential customers.
  • Always keep your 3D photography portfolio updated. Make sure that your audience is on track about the latest about you and your website for you not to miss the chance of getting new clients.
  • Make your online photography portfolio accessible and user-friendly for your clients.
  • Look for inspiration from your family, friends, and colleagues to keep your passion burning.
  • Find a mentor that can help you improve your skills and learn new ideas for your next photography project.
  • Set up a portfolio review event to let yourself know what areas you need to improve and help yourself understand your audience more.


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Doing 3D photography will be more fun if you get the chance to share it with an audience. Aside from getting the recognition you deserve, you also get the chance to meet people who love the same thing as you. You can make friends and even learn new ideas about 3D photography together. You can even create your own store and start selling your works. Just one amazing way to showcase to the world your unique skills and abilities.

To know more about designing an online portfolio, chat with us, and let’s start working together.