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Photography is one broad field. Anyone could have the experience to enjoy it, no matter what genre they would like to explore. Photography has the power to capture the best moments happening in any type of subject. It can be all about animals in their natural habitat, the latest in fashion, people in their everyday life, best places to visit for a vacation, food recipes in different areas in a country, and even your own personal travel. The latest? Architectural photography.

What is architectural photography?

Architecture photography is another genre of photography that focuses on subjects related to architecture. It can be about a collection of photos of different buildings, cityscapes, interior/exterior designs, furniture designs inside a specific structure, landscapes, amazing facades, best spots within a structure, material details, and even model houses for a real estate company.

Architecture photography is one hobby anyone could enjoy. If you enjoy capturing photos and discovering the best-designed buildings from different places, then architecture photography is one haven for you.


Image is taken from What I See

If you are now getting hyped on learning how to photograph buildings, brace yourself because you’ll fall in love more with architectural buildings after reading this next part.

These gears are your perfect must-haves for architectural photography

Engaging in the field of photography also means dealing with a set of equipment. Of course, they are needed! You are wanting to achieve that amazing building photograph, so it’s only a must for you to get only the best weapons. Worried about picking the wrong ones? Chill, because Strikingly got you covered.

Below is the list of the best gear that is highly suggested if you plan to enter the world of architectural photography. Take important notes of these gears, save up (just in case they are too pricey for you), choose the best ones, and get yourself rolling!

  • Tripod. Tripod is among the most basic must-haves of anyone who wants to start architectural photography. Tripods help in ensuring that your camera is right in its place for you to take a shot properly. It helps you avoid getting blurry images that are common when using only your hands when taking photos. A tripod also allows you to use long exposure setting in taking pictures for your building photography. This helps you in giving a more creative approach to your photos.
  • Wide Angle Lens. A wide-angle lens is also as important as a tripod. It helps you in getting the best shots for subjects like building interiors wherein the area is quite small compared to an exterior view. Wide Angle Lens is also a holy grail for photographers who enjoy taking photos of cityscapes, wide areas, and detailed architectural elements.
  • Angle Finder. Angle finder is one simple architecture photography equipment that helps you in taking photos at an extreme angle. This equipment is important when you seek to take photos from a worm’s eye perspective in architecture photography. Angle finders work like a periscope when you need to take amazing photos with an even wider angle approach.
  • Full Frame DSLR. Full frame DSLR is one great investment in joining architecture photography. Full frame DSLR allows you to capture high-quality photos for your building photography photo. It also helps you in reducing the noise on images through its high-quality lenses.
  • Photo Processing Software. Soft wares are also essential when it comes to making a portfolio for your architecture photography. Though some photographers are already gifted enough when it comes to taking photos, there would still be instances where help from photo editing software is badly needed to enhance the photo’s quality. Photo processing soft wares can help you adjust the image’s colors, backgrounds, noise reduction, and blending. Among the best photo editing software are Adobe Photoshop and Nik EFEX which are widely known in the field of photography.

Ways on how to be an architectural photographer

Now that you have an idea of the basics of architecture photography, here’s some additional Strikingly gives you. Learn these architectural photography tips, and start creating the best architectural photography portfolio that will capture everyone’s attention.

  • Choose your subject

Choosing a subject is the first step in starting architecture photography. Though building photography has a wide category waiting for you, choosing where you want to focus is highly recommended. Not only it will keep you on track, but also helps you in finding the best spots to include in your online architecture photography portfolio. You can choose from different kinds of structures like churches, bridges, famous landmarks, masterpieces of famous architects, skyscrapers, tourist spots, or even the simplest structure you can even imagine.

To help you make the best, stunning photos, you must also understand your subject. To do this, you can simply take a walk around the, appreciate its design, see how it blends with its surroundings, and even analyze what feel it gives to every single viewer who goes and visits it. By doing this, you are putting yourself in a more bonded connection on your target subject which will definitely help you a lot in taking the best architectural photography shots.


Image taken from Grand Tour Florence

  • Have your own perspective

Being different is always an advantage. In architecture photography, you don’t just take photos of a building. Rather than capturing their exterior look, why not try doing it in a different style. Shoot it from your own angle. Have your own understanding enveloped with your photography skills and take your photos out of the ordinary. You can use other materials and props in taking your photos like mirrors, frames, lighting, patterns, your own eyeglasses, and even the people lurking around the area. With this, you will be known for your own style and people who will look at your photos will find it more interesting and not boring compared to the usual way of taking photos.


Image taken from Steph Harding

  • Shoot at different time

Lighting plays an important role in giving the best shot for an architectural subject. It’s the one responsible for adding more life to the photos you’ve taken. To make your collection more interesting, you can consider taking photos at different times of the day. You can shoot at sunrise, noon, sunset, and even when the moon is already showing. Doing this will help you have a variety of photos at different lighting levels, of just a single subject. It will also help you to get your future architectural photography viewers to appreciate your style and subject more.

Create your own architectural photography portfolio with Strikingly

You’re already done taking photos, how are you going to share them with the world? Simple, by creating your own architectural photography online portfolio.


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Strikingly is one website builder which allows our users, to share their works with the world. It gives you the freedom to build and create your own architectural photography website, however you wanted them to be.

Here’s what you can include in building that architecture photography portfolio you’ve been dreaming of with Strikingly.

  • Think of a name. Having your own website means having your own created world of architecture photography. Before making your architecture photography website, you should first think of a name for it. Choose a name that will not just make you stand out, but also help you in showcasing your message to your viewers. You can even use your chosen name to create your own logo and include it in your architecture photography layout design.


Image taken from CL & PP Architects

  • Share your story. If you seek to gather a lot of audiences, opening up yourself is one genius hack to capture them. People tend to develop a special connection to someone who also knows how to be brave in sharing their thoughts and personal feelings. Adding a short description about yourself on your architecture photography website portfolio, makes it look more professional and effective. You can share a quick story about your background, your past clients, and even the list of awards you have received in your architecture photography journey.


Image taken from Sarah Muller

  • Keep in touch. Architecture photography portfolios are more effective if it has its own contact section. Customers and companies who visit online portfolios tend to look for this section instinctively once they find your works interesting. You can simply add a contact section in the architectural photography portfolio with Strikingly Add custom form. You can design your own theme, add your contact information, and even include a message for your building photography portfolio viewers.


Image taken from Zinzicolonna

  • Start sharing your work. A portfolio isn’t a portfolio without its content. To complete your architecture photography website, post your photos. Start uploading your building photography collection on your Strikingly website. You can create your own gallery depending on your subject, the date you took the photo, and even photos from your past clients. You can even use them as your architecture photography website background to give it a more personalized and aesthetic look.

drawing on experience

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Architecture photography may sound quite complicated specifically for those who don’t have enough knowledge about it. But you know what? What’s good about being unfamiliar with it, is that you get to appreciate it even more once you already mastered it. Architecture photography can offer you a lot. So, what are you waiting for? Capture those stunning photos and put them on your own website with Strikingly!

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