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Are you a writer, designer, illustrator, instructor, music teacher, English tutor, wellness coach, or just one of the talented freelancers out there? If the answer is yes, then we created this blog to help you build a freelancer website.

You might be asking why you should build one of those freelancer portfolio websites. The answer is simple: because you are awesome and great. The world needs to know your expertise and skills that can inspire or even help others. As a freelancer, having a portfolio website with the coolest freelancer website design will not only help you boost confidence but also give you a more professional impression to your target audience. Your viewers can also be your potential clients in the future.

Along with the thousands of skill sets, you also have a pool of freelancer website templates to choose from. Seriously, there are too many to show you at our Strikingly website! The only way to find out which design will work for you is to look at a series of freelancer website examples.

Let us say you are a blogger who is looking for a freelance writer website design or maybe you are a graphic designer and you want to build a freelance designer websites. You have unlimited choices to make ahead. Better seat back and relax because we got you covered. We list 5 users' websites to inspire and help you start your own freelancer website.

  1. Kerryn Gamble - Confidence for Professional Women

Kerryn Gamble photo

Image taken from Kerryn Gamble website

Kerryn Gamble has put women empowerment on top of the list. This is an example of a personal portfolio website created with Strikingly. Kerryn’s website has a powerful statement that says “Improving workplaces, one conversation at a time”. She is an expert in transforming ambitious professionals into compelling communicators. Author of the book entitled ‘Unstoppable The Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Power, and Prosperity’, she also conducts very compassionate and dedicated speaking engagements. Her speaking engagements include topics that aim to empower professional women rule with confidence.

Key Points: Kerryn Gamble website looks professional with its simple yet stylish website. If you are up for an advocacy or mission like Kerryn’s drive for woman empowerment, take note of how organized her website is. On her page includes video clips of her speaking engagement, testimonials from her audience, the book she authored and a contact form. For a freelancer website template, this is such an ideal choice. By the way she also has her own domain.

  1. In a Plan View

Plan view table setting

Image taken from In Plan View website

In a Plan View is a word play for ‘in a plain view’ as it is explained on the website. The website owner has combined love for textiles and design with her love for mindful eating. Erika Renfrew is the owner, designer of this unique concept to promote mindful eating while sharing her textile designs to complement a well-served meal.

Kep points: In Plan View has a notable significance in terms of layout design and organization of images, text, and content on the website. This is an example of an ecommerce website with an online shop section. Showcasing her talent, Erika has put a highlight on her works by putting a gallery section. A series of blog content was also added on the page. The website doesn’t have a personalized domain but the online shop link does. It also features media engagements that serve as an effective strategy to catch the attention and amazed the audience. For someone who wants to build a personal portfolio and turn it into a freelancer website, this template is perfect for you.

  1. Sow Body Fitness

Fresh green vegetables

Image taken from Sow Body Wellness website

This is a website created with Strikingly. Paul and Derecha Cannon from SOW Body fitness offers life coaching, holistic health and wellness, personal training, and even relationship coaching. The website owners partnered to build a more realistic and holistic approach in “creating a healthy lifestyle worth living”. It is very timely and evidently necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle, especially nowadays. Sow body wellness promotes not only physical health but also provides coaching to achieve relationship and life goals.

Key points: What are the best spots of a freelancer website? If you are to offer services like coaching, mentoring, or simply keeping your audience well-informed, Sow Body website template design is a good option. Say you are a fitness coach or personal trainer, this website includes a “Book Now” button on its landing page. A straightforward website like this is more effective than putting the “Book now” button at the end of the page. Also, you have to be clear in presenting what you do or what are the services you offer. It can be supported with a few sections like “Meet the Coaches” or a “Mission” page.

  1. Mark Tse

Mark Tse Photo

Image taken from Mark Tse portfolio website

Have you ever told yourself that you need to build a portfolio website? You might have bumped into a few freelancer web design portfolios once in your life but this time, let us show you one of the portfolio designs at Strikingly. Mark Tse is a conductor. His black and white with a shade of gray background projects a classy and professional type of website design. For a music conductor like Mark, his milestones are as great as a beautiful symphony playing in his ears while he conducts every beat. Mark is a New York-based conductor and educator, serving as Director of bands at SUNY Suffolk County Community College. He conducts the Symphonic Band and Jazz Ensemble and is an instructor of music history, theory, piano, and saxophone. All of his achievements are posted on the Biography section which is the best spot of his portfolio.

Key points: Mark Tse portfolio, aside from its professional design, it shows the other side of Mark in his gallery section. A biography section tells about his achievements in his career. It also has a contact section where his audience can ask about his research. Last but not the least part is where his audience can connect through his social pages like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This is a must-have section for a freelancer website.

  1. Two Little Bells

Two Little bells flowers

Image taken from Two Little Bells website

Two Little Bells is a photography website run by Laurie and Christel. This website is created with Strikingly using a watercolor shade background and sketch images on the ‘About’ section. They have a passionate desire to capture life’s best moments. Two little bells believe that two is better than one. They also have such a cute line on their contact form saying “Don’t be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome”. Isn’t it fab and one of a kind?

Key points: A photography website like Two Little Bells portrays a personalized approach in their layout designs and message to their viewers. This is very effective if you want your freelancer website to stand out. Don’t go with the flow of traditional and usual designs. When you reach out to your audience in a friendly voice, it is more likely to reach their hearts. But when you follow the ‘golden rules’ in building websites, it’s more likely to appear too good to be true. Get personalized designs with Strikingly website.

Build Your Freelancer Website With Strikingly

  1. Sign up for an account. It means you have to do it now so go on and be awesome.

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  1. Choose a freelancer website template you want. Okay, with Strikingly, you have several choices of designs and templates to build your online portfolio. Follow your heart when selecting the perfect design that fits your skills and personality.

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  1. Add sections - A freelancer website can also turn into an online shop. Sell your handmade crafts on your website by adding a Simple store and product showcase.

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  1. Add a contact form- This is an important part of your website because it is your key section to get in touch with your visitors. It also helps you promote your website, especially if you ask to send them Newsletters with a “Subscribe Now” option below.

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Screenshot image taken from Why did the chicken? website

  1. Add a blog post- For a freelance writer website template, the blog section is the heart of the website. It is where your meaningful articles such as about lifestyle and travel, life hacks, shared recipes, and inspiring topics can be found. Make sure to add meaningful blog posts and shine.

Blog posts screenshot

Image taken from Two Little Bells website

  1. Connect your social media accounts - Add social media links such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter on your website.There is a guarantee that it will bring traffic to your personal website and link to your potential clients. Finally, hit publish to go live.

Social media icons

Screenshot image from Mark Tse's Website

You have a hundred and one reasons why you should build a freelancer website. One is that you have skills inside and it need not to hide. You have to show the world how you do things, how you can write and inspire others, and share your beautifully made crafts. Freelancing is the best option for you if you are after work and life balance. The idea of working at your own pace anywhere you are is a dream come true for many. Loving what you do and doing what you love is a bonus when you find the right opportunity to showcase your skills. Your gateway to this kind of lifestyle will start showing the world how awesome you are. Build your portfolio now. Let Strikingly help you create a freelancer website and wave to your potential clients with pride.