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With the pandemic still on the roll, many companies are forced to work virtually to keep their business alive. Strict health protocols being implemented makes it even more challenging for companies to open their physical companies. Many are finding practical ways on how they could operate and work together even when staying at home.

If you are interested in developing new strategies for your business website, online collaboration may be the best option.

What is Online Collaboration?

We can describe online collaboration as partnering with other creators/people in business through digital communication tools. It is like working with a specific team on a virtual company. Just like a physical company, each member has an important role.

Web collaboration also includes working on a built software system that every team member can use to communicate and perform tasks assigned to them. In most cases, web collaboration allows members to do detailed brainstorming right in the comfort of their own homes. This website collaboration involves letting team members do video calls, chat using audio/text, and even access their main business website. The main idea of online collaboration is to let everyone involved work faster and more effectively, even without an actual physical workplace.

There are tons of modern online collaboration tools which companies use. They can use online conference tools to hold a meeting and let everyone witness a critical presentation. Or, they can also use specific online collaboration tools to edit essential files online. Sounds intriguing, right?

radio online collaboration

Image taken from Radio Eden

Why You Should Do Website Collaboration

If you’re still wondering why online collaboration is a must for every business nowadays, this next part we’ve written is meant for you.

1. Saves Your Time

Time is one critical element in achieving any goal set by any company. The more you save time, the better your results could be. With online collaboration, managing your precious time is just a piece of cake. Every time your employees do web collaboration, tasks are easily accomplished. You don’t have to go walking around checking on your co-workers. Instead, you can just simply sit in front of your computer, log in to your online collaboration website, and voila! You can now start working smoothly.

Just like what they say, time is money. As a businessman, save more money by saving your own time. And one thing to do this is to start embracing the extraordinary world of website collaboration.

2. Improves Management

Handling a project is more challenging when you lack human resources. The pandemic undeniably added more reasons for businesses to find it hard working on a strategy together. Many employees are still not allowed to work on an actual physical company due to the strict implementation of health protocols. Thankfully, online collaboration exists.

With the right set of online collaboration tools, finishing the task is a no-brainer. Another advantage of online collaboration is that it allows employees to have an improved communication towards each other, making it easier to avoid mistakes. Website collaboration also enables a team to disseminate the tasks needed to be done quickly. When more people work on a project, getting the most out of a team is much possible.

3. Strengthens Team Bond

It may seem not to like it, but doing online collaboration does help in improving the relationship between workers. Why? Simple, it gives you and your team more time. When tasks are done, every member can freely communicate and express their selves towards their co-workers. They can do online games together and even do simple chitchat about their previous projects. Online collaboration also gives a chance to workers who find it hard talking to someone in person. You can also do meetings easily because everyone is allowed to participate whenever they are. After all, website collaboration wouldn’t gain its name if it did not connect individuals.

providence web collaboration

Image taken from Providence Church

Pros and Cons of Collaboration

You might still be having a hard time understanding what is online collaboration. Well, worry no more because we in Strikingly definitely got your back.

Let’s dive deeper into what is an online collaboration by discovering its pros and cons.


∙ Increases Productivity

Online collaboration can give team members the freedom to do their tasks whenever they want. Whether they are at home or currently on travel, they have nothing to worry about. This hugely reduces the chance of losing time due to interruptions in work caused by other events. It also allows members to be in their “productive mode” no matter the time they prefer. With website collaboration, everyone can still participate, and the project is moving at a continuous pace.

∙ Better Workflow

With the right set of online collaboration tools, better team performance is possible. Members don’t need to arrange meetings nor phone calls to check important documents. You can easily upload files on the website collaboration page, and in an instant, anyone granted access can browse and review the records. Assigned reviewers can then do their part in adding comments and suggestions needed to improve the file. This type of workflow is easier for many organizations giving everyone the chance to do their part without having much trouble.

∙ Cost-Effective

Among all the advantages of online collaboration, being cost-effective is a favorite of those practicing it. Web collaboration compared to other traditional business strategies is done virtually, enabling companies to cut down unnecessary bills. This includes office equipment, electricity, and space rentals.

Ramsey web collaboration

Image taken from Ramsey Foundation


∙ Less Personal Contact

Website collaboration reduces physical interaction with people, which is undeniably a weakness. Without personal contact, confusion results in disappointments, the weak performance of employees, and faulty assessments. Online collaboration could also cause people to feel like they don’t have time to chill and relax in their own homes. It can also give them the feeling of being obligated to work constantly to meet deadlines.

Security Breaches

Working in an online collaboration community doesn’t always secure a reliable workplace. There are still tons of safety threats lingering online. Although there are original cases related to these issues that are already resolved, few individuals take their time breaching other personal stored data from many servers.

∙ Lack in Tools

Online collaboration requires tools to get the job done. Unluckily, not all employees have the power to buy the necessary equipment needed. This could drastically affect not just the performance of the individual but also the whole group involved in the project.

website collaboration

Image taken from Real Meal Grill Detroit

Do it with Strikingly!

Starting your own business could become too much to handle if you lack support. If you are someone looking for the best support to ace online collaboration, then you just happen to be in the right place.

Strikingly is among the few website builders that offer premium performance to their users. Even with a tight budget, you can easily create your own website and start an online collaboration you’ve been dreaming of. You don’t even need to be a pro just to start your own website collaboration. How to do that? Simple, through our awesome Team manager feature.

Strikingly’s Team manager allows website owners to create an online space for him, and his whole team with no coding skills needed. It lets you send invitations to your friends and colleagues and let them freely edit and manage your designed Strikingly website. You can even send invites to up to 10 team members to each of your created websites.

To enable your Team manager feature, simply follow these instructions:

1. Go to your website editor and click "SETTINGS".

2. On the left panel, Select "TEAM".

Strikingly Team feature

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3. Click "ADD TEAMMATE".

4. You can also upload a profile picture of your choice.

5. Enter your team member's name.

6. Add your team member's email.

7. Choose a designated role for your team member.

8. Now, click "SEND INVITATION".

Online collaboration Strikingly

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9. Your team members need to accept your invitation from their email to gain access to your created website.


If your team members cannot find the invitation you sent, ask them to check their Spam folder. If they don't have an account with Strikingly, they'll be prompted to create one and set their own password. If they already have one, all they just need to do is log in.

Entering the world of business and website development will require you to be flexible. Especially in this type of living wherein every move we make is crucial. To have a successful business, you need to learn how to adapt to changes. You must know how to have a set of plans behind every plan. Don’t just stick to what the naked eye can see, and instead, learn how to be unusual. You don’t always have to be on the trend and do what everyone else is doing. You need to know how to keep up with the trend without leaving your branding behind. Aside from that, you should also learn that you don’t always have to be alone. Sometimes, you will need a helping hand from people who know how to do what you do.

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Strikingly is not just any website builder. The platform lets you do many other things. We offer free templates and let you design your free websites. And we let you write your blogs and share them on your social media accounts. You can sell products and earn an extraordinary amount of income. We can be your best partner in the world of e-commerce and website building.

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