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Teenagers often get a bad rap or any kind of bad assumption due to their mood and behavior. And it sucks, right? Having to deal with being misjudged every day can be a bummer. Little did your parents and society know that a teenager like you possesses so much potential for changing the world (better dream big, right?) that could bring about innovative ideas and bring fresher outlooks in society. But more than often, these budding potentials are often overshadowed by your endless mood swings or what society predicts you to be—young and incapable.

But don’t worry, teenagers today have been defying the odds and have been setting new standards when it comes to decision-making and following entrepreneur footsteps at such an early age. To boot, teenagers make great business owners due to their enthusiasm and willingness to take risks. When venturing into business in your teenage years, you get to face challenges no four-walled classroom can teach. Classrooms only have an ample amount of knowledge to prepare you for your chosen career in the future. Schools provide you the knowledge, and the world provides you the experience.

Other than that, you get to value hard work and focus your blazing energy on positive outlooks and for you to be prepared in the long run. After all, a business is still a business—your age does not define the success of your business because you’re the boss here.

Things to consider when starting your business if you’re a teenager

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Being a teen can be challenging if society minimizes your potential of changing—more so, in venturing into the field of business where most of the standards are set for and expected by adults “only”.

While there’s no necessary skill except the determination to pursue a money-making business, there are still a few elements to note on how to start a business as a teen. If you know to yourself that you have what it takes to conquer the world of business and entrepreneurship, here is a list of important matters to think about that even adults have to face when starting a business.

1. Money

Yes, you have all the time in the world, but money isn’t something free in this world. While starting a business all by yourself can cost you, if not hundreds, but thousands of dollars, if you’re into selling products or services, teen business ideas don’t even need a tremendous amount of money to start with.

Since most teens are busy with school or just finding ways to earn money for their family or for themselves, online business ideas for teens are one way to go. If not, you can ponder on the set of skills you already have and make it your primary investment to earn profit.

2. Looking for the best business idea

There are tons of good business ideas for teens out there, and it is definitely hard to pick one that would help you earn money. With varying skillsets and talents, a sure answer for teen business ideas is that teenagers will never run out of concepts to sell. With teenagers always on the search for new innovations to use (and in your case, to sell) in the market, there’s always something to be discovered like entrepreneur ideas for teens thanks to your open-mindedness and access to problems and solutions that other generations overlook.

Looking up the internet for trends is a great start if you’re looking for entrepreneur ideas for teens like you. Don’t stop until you’ve found the best of business ideas for teens that speak to you and for you. Nevertheless, you might even discover the best invention or solution ever made and found it in the comfort of your own room.

3. Research your target market

Serving the wrong demographic with your business can lead to business failure. Some teens with teen business ideas often disregard this step since their target is to sell their product or service to anyone who wants to buy it. Business ideas for teens might be easy but researching your target market is essential in a startup business or sideline. You don’t want to be too vague just to serve a larger demographic, thinking you can earn more with a larger audience.

Focusing on your customers can help you improve and develop your strategy in selling more. With the help of the internet, you can find strategies on how you can know more about customer service and achieve their expectations by meeting them in the middle.

4. Pick a business structure

Some business ideas for teens often start with a sole proprietorship. Since you’re all on your own, managing a small business can be easy on the first try. But do think of the possibilities ahead when your small business is generating sales by the minute. Having a good background or research about business structure and its effects on a business can help you decide if it’s the right time to deal with partners and in expanding your business.

A business structure can change anytime, but in the meantime, you can deal with it on your own since there’s not much going during the start of your business. You can even seek your family’s help when your business needs people to look out for the inventory or just improve and help you with making business plans and decisions. After all, when looking for business ideas for teens, family is the best alternatives when looking for trusted acquaintances.

5. Plan an exit strategy

Not all businesses thrive and become successful—that’s a thing we can’t fully avoid in a world where they said has tons of opportunities. Even if you’ve given your best in making your business happen, some things just won’t end up the way we want them to be. This is why it’s always important to include an exit strategy in your business plan.

Having an exit strategy helps you limit the losses of your business. Since some businesses require money to start with, you may want to still get profit from the expenses you’ve allocated when you’ve started. The best exit strategy that small businesses can use is to merge or fully sell all of their products or services with another local small business. Having a one-on-one business talk with your chosen local small business discussing your deal can help you take back the money you’d spend on funding your small business.

Best business ideas for teens depending on your personality

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Moods are normal. It’s a crucial part of building your character and develop yourself in the process. Developing an identity without the eyes and restriction of parents can be daunting but can even be as rewarding on different levels. As teenagers hold different moods from time to time and diverse traits, it’s best to find the best job, side hustle, or business that fits your personality.

In today’s era, where ecommerce is at its highest peak, creating the perfect entrepreneur ideas for teens and launching a business to make a profit has never been this easy. So, without further ado, here are business ideas for teens to choose from depending on their personality:

The Practical and Patient

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Who knew that being practical and patient can earn you money? Practicality is an important trait in a business. A practical and patient person like you has a good sense of prioritization and is emotionally stable to handle things at a time of crisis. After all, patience really is a virtue.

If you are positive, calm, and determined to set and achieve goals, the best business ideas for teens or sidelines for you are:

The Enthusiastic and Energetic

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Starting a business at an early age is an advantage since you have all the energy in the world. It’s safe to say that being a teenager like you in this era, you’re always on the go to invent, produce, create, do, and accomplish things for the world to see, on top of that, help you earn money in the process. People under this personality trait are often the ones who are pumped up to get the job done.

If you have what it takes to provide service to your customers by being your enthusiastic self and give customers your full 100% in the products or services you offer, these are some side hustles and business ideas for teens you can focus on:

  • Seasonal chores (lawn care, snow removal, etc.)
  • Dog walking
  • Plant Sitting
  • Academic Tutorials
  • Online Personality/YouTuber

The Crafty and Creative

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In this age where people are making money by selling their hair to make wigs, or even rent their back garden to campers, why not turn your hobby into a money-generating career? Being crafty and creative is one of the great foundations for business ideas for teens since teenagers have an over-flowing curiosity to find the things they want and like. Whether it is crocheting, making handmade jewelry with polymer clay, creating artworks, etc., the possibilities of online business ideas for teens are endless.

If you have hobbies or been wanting to learn one for the sake of earning money, you can try these trending hobbies that sell in the market:

  • Selling handmade goods (handmade jewelry, knitting, crocheting, etc.)
  • Digital designs/layouts
  • Personalized gift boxes and crafts
  • Candle-making
  • Bathbomb business

The Open-minded and Outgoing

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Being open-minded in a business is a positive character quality. While stepping out of your comfort zone can be frightening, this kind of attitude can make you open to possibilities that the world has in store for you. You gain insights and new perspectives about how the business industry works and how you can make use of your potential to earn money.

If you’re looking for business ideas for teens that require you of becoming open-minded and outgoing, these are the challenging yet life-changing jobs to try:

Business is for everyone

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Given the list above of business ideas for teens in accordance with your personality, you can now conquer the world of business. Stop worrying about the possibilities of failing when there are tons of possibilities out there when you decide on trying. Also, instead of setting unhealthy and high expectations that would do you no good, enjoy the experience of what it’s like to earn money all by yourself. Hard work pretty much pays off when you are determined to succeed.

Defy every adult’s expectations and make a go for it. After all, you have the two most valuable things that adults in the business industry have so little or already been used and exhausted, which is time and energy.

If you’ve picked one out of the business ideas for teens on the list and ready to start your business venture, here at Strikingly, we can help you turn your dreams into reality.


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