Starting a small business will definitely cost you money, no matter how big or small it is. How much does it cost to start a business? Well, there is no exact answer to this question, but we can give you a heads up about the startup costs. Because every business is uniquely different, you have to determine the basic needs and requirements on how to start a small business.

How to start a business? You can probably get a general answer to this question. That is why you need to figure out first what kind of business you are about to run and the types of cost to start a business. Once you have fully understood and set your goals in starting a small business, that is the only time you can ask and answer the next question. How much money do you need to start a business?

You see, starting a small business is not just an overnight task. It can take you up to months or even years to successfully put up your own small business. Now, Strikingly is here to give you some tips and advice about determining startup costs and how you can come up with a smart and cost-efficient way to start your own small business. Here are some tips on how you can fully understand and address the cost to start a business.

Cost-Efficient Tips on Starting a Small Business

Like most businesses that started from scratch, you have to take the following tips seriously. Without understanding why and what you are spending the money for, you would not have a clear direction in starting a small business. It helps to determine first what you need in business so that you can answer your question. How much does it cost to start a business?

Japanese traditional crafts

Image taken from Japanese Craft website

  • Start with a low-cost plan. Once you have identified the type of small business you want to start, the next thing you have to sort out is the cost planning. It is ideal to start from low-cost materials and equipment for a small business. Aside from saving money, you are also saving yourself from inevitable frustration if your plans didn’t end up well. Let us face it, in business, you win some and you lose some. It is not always a win-win situation. You have to be careful with your resources by having a low-cost plan. Start from scratch and start with small capital. You’ll realize that it gets bigger and better in time.
  • Determine the startup costs. Know what are the basic things you need in starting a small business. You can save a huge cost to start a business if you have predetermined what are the important things you need to run your small business like the following:

-business supplies

-space rent


-business permit, license documents, insurance, etc.

-marketing and production costs

-website building cost

These things can add up to the cost to start a business. You also need to identify what are the ongoing or one-time costs. Be smart enough to differentiate whether it is an optional or essential cost. If it’s a non-urgent cost, then you better wait. By knowing the types of costs and weighing their importance, you are making such a cost-efficient and smart move in starting a small business.

  • Calculate and estimate your startup costs. It is not sufficient to just determine the types of cost to start a business. Be realistic enough to calculate and estimate these startup costs. When you start asking questions like “how much does it cost to start a business?”, estimation is the simplest way to answer it. You might not have all the information you need which is why you have to do some research about the startup costs. Below is an example table of startup costs.

Sample startup costs table

Image screenshot taken from Business News Daily website

  • Grow your network to get support. Starting your own business is not easy. You need to grow your network by connecting with other business owners with the same nature and venture as you. You can get moral and, sometimes, financial support from organizations that are into bridging the gaps between small business owners to large corporations. There are institutions and groups of business startup owners whom you can rely on to help you grow your network and get support at the same time. Sometimes, you can find them online. The next tip to build your own website is another way to grow your network and collaborate with talented business owners out there. Startup Youth is an example of a website organization that aims to inspire and empower a young generation of entrepreneurs. Strikingly has helped design a website with this meaningful advocacy for startup business owners.

Startup Youth website

Image taken from Startup Youth website

  • Build your own website. You’ll notice the cost in designing and hosting a website can go up to an estimated cost of $2,000, while you can get a VIP all-access plan with Strikingly for only $49 per month (billed yearly). Upgrading to VIP yearly can give you thousands of savings while enjoying unlimited amenities in web hosting, professional designs, and website services you need to run a business online. The estimated cost for website design and hosting given above is based on the fee given for a web designer or developer if you hire one. You have to consider making your own website if you have a low-cost plan for a small business.

Strikingly Pricing plan

Image taken from Strikingly website

Strikingly helps aspiring startup business owners to put up a strong web presence while spending little to zero cost on website building. Our pricing plans are designed according to our users' needs and requirements in their online business. As a business owner, you should know if you need to get a lower plan or you have to upgrade to a premium plan to have some peace of mind. With Strikingly, you can buy peace of mind in running your own business.

  • Don’t stop running your business. In running your own business, you need to be hands-on and hardworking. Your business should literally not sleep at night and on wee hours. There are several features and functions that you can use with Strikingly website and connect them to your online store. We have online-to-offline tips where you can connect with your customers online and encourage them to visit your physical store. When we say that you don’t stop running your business, we mean 24/7 business hours online. Yes, you can do it! Just simply add a contact form on your site or add a live chat feature and encourage them to leave inquiries about your products. The best and cost-efficient way to start and run your own business is by doing it your own and bringing it online.

Some of Strikingly Small Business Websites

Jianbing Company

Jian bing company has created a home for mouth-watering Shanghai-inspired street food that you can order online. They’ve created a website to share a different kind of catering experience to your home, office, or anywhere you want to enjoy their food. A pretty informative section is created on the website to show their audience how they prepare a comfort food with fresh ingredients. In building a website like this, you have to ensure you have quality images that you can use as perfect marketing materials. You can hire a photographer or invest in a high-resolution camera to shoot the products that you want to sell online. The cost to start a business can be very expensive or cost-efficient depending on your requirements and skills.

Street food on hand

Image taken from Jianbing Company website

Heaven Shakes

Oh, for Heaven Shakes you’ll be glad to know how this amazing startup business has come a long way to sell their shakes online. A cool and refreshing image of their shake bottles can easily get someone to place an order. Having your own website can give your small business a wider audience and potential customers.

Bottles with Heavenly Shakes

Image taken from Heaven Shakes website


Fodi has a very professional design with a fixed sidebar that takes visitors and potential customers to discover more about their product and the business itself. When you create your own website, regardless of how simple or complex it is, put the user-experience on your priority list. Good experience on your website can bring you positive results like getting more sales and traffic.

Fodi website

Image taken from Fodi website

Natural Shilajit

Imagine how much it cost to start a business like Natural Shilajit. You will be surprised to find it yourself. The simple and clean design they used to show how to take Shilajit is a perfect presentation of their product. Make sure that your site call-to-action can be easily found like the green button for ‘shop now’ is located on the top right of the page.

Natural Shilajit website

Image taken from Natural Shilajit website

Here at Strikingly, we love to share with you the best tips on how you can put up your own business online and show your skills and talents while getting a cost-efficient service. If you have figured out how much it would cost to start a business, then don’t hesitate to take the first step to success. Starting a small business can be a challenging task, but you can do it right by understanding what you need and its importance. Make sure you don’t overthink or over react on things that didn't end up well. In business, you will win some and lose some. You have to be prepared while staying smart. Discover how you can save money, time, and energy in putting up your business online with Strikingly.