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Anyone can fall in love with art and drawing. It may sound impossible but anyone could be a master in the field of art as long as you have the passion to pursue what you truly want.

Digital arts have been prominent for the past years. Not just because it is fun, but with the fact that one can gain a lot from learning it. It has tons of uses specifically in the field of online marketing. Promotions and company advertisements have been mostly done online nowadays making digital arts more in demand. If you seek to be involved in the field of digital arts, then you might want to consider taking online drawing classes.


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Why online drawing classes are among the latest trend

There is a long list of reasons how online drawing classes have become an instant celebrity to many individuals. Strikingly collected these top five main reasons to inspire you to enroll on one or even create your own digital illustration class in the future.

  • Schedule-friendly. Enrolling for online drawing classes gives you all the freedom. You can have all the control within your schedule and choose the best drawing classes online suited for your lifestyle. You have the power to take illustration courses online that will help you adapt quickly in your chosen field without being a hindrance on your other priorities.

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  • Abundance of specializations. Online drawing classes come with a lot of choices. It has a long list of specific fields where you can choose what you are good at and what interests you the most. Even if you are someone who does not have any idea about art and is just purely curious, there is a perfect match of online art classes waiting for you.

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  • One-on-one coaching privilege. Drawing classes online are mostly handled by specific art experts/teachers which are just one-chat away. These mentors serve as your “personal partner” in your digital illustration class and ensure that you learn what you need to learn. They are present to answer your concerns and even give you one-on-one consultation which is hard to do if you are in an actual art class.
  • Creates community. Online drawing classes is like an actual school. It holds a group of individuals brought together by one reason—passion for art. When you enroll in online drawing classes, or even manage free online drawing classes, you are being exposed to a community with the same feelings towards art, just like you. Through online drawing classes, you are not only learning how to draw or paint, at the same time make a lot of friends who truly understand what your heart wants.

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  • Offer a bunch of opportunities. Mastering digital arts is one advantage. Since this new normal started, almost everything is done through the use of modern technology. Having knowledge on how digital marketing works saves you a life. Most companies seek potential employees who are equipped with these skills and more likely to hire them. If you are someone with experience being in a digital illustration class, it is easier for you to get a job. Through online drawing classes, you didn’t just enrich your basic knowledge but also help something to use it with.

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What to put on your online drawing classes

Now that we’re done with what benefits you can bag from online drawing classes, we should now talk about what to include on your online drawing classes platform. If you are someone getting interested in this field, you must know the basic must-haves in creating one. To make things lighter for you, Strikingly collected and listed the information for you.

  • List of online courses offered

A website design intended for online drawing classes, a clear list of offered online art classes must be posted. Potential students seek this once they land on an online art class’ webpage. This is to confirm whether the category of digital illustration class that they were looking for is within your specialty. Having a concise yet detailed online art course you offer on your website page makes it look more professional and real.

Here’s one best example of an illustration course online made with Strikingly.

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  • Pricing/Schedule sections

Price and schedule are among the top information potential students seek on any online course website. Including this on your website page makes it easier for your students to gather the information they need about the courses you are offering. It will also help them decide quickly whether or not to continue enrolling on your online drawing classes. Through this section, you are also helping them choose the right online art classes that will fit their schedule and lifestyle.

  • Contacts/Linked accounts

Providing a contact form on your online drawing classes website makes gathering more students possible. Including an email or contact number for them to reach you is one way of establishing trust and connection between each other. It is also an advantage for you since it will be easier for you to reach them and answer their concerns about your online drawing classes. Through Strikingly’s Add Custom Form and link account features, transacting with potential audiences/students is more possible.

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  • Illustration classes Portfolio

Online portfolios make any website more interesting. It adds that “spice” and instantly captures the attention of anyone who browses through it. When creating your website intended for your online drawing classes, do not forget to add your online art classes portfolio. It will not just add beauty and identity to your website, at the same time show potential students how enjoyable and worth-trying it is to join your community.

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Check out these online art classes website

Still having second thoughts? Just relax because Strikingly will do all the online drawing classes introduction for you. After knowing the basics, it’s the right time for you to meet the best examples to enlighten you more. Be inspired with this set of online art classes website and start creating yours!

  1. Sinixdesign

Sinixdesign is among free online drawing classes which is suited for everyone who wishes to learn illustration and design tutorials. It is a YouTube channel featuring different video tutorials which tackles step-by-step processes on different art projects and design theories.

  1. Cornish College of the Arts on Kadenze

This online website offers free art classes however basic knowledge on Adobe Photoshop is needed. For Cornish College students, there is a charge of $300. This college offers various art classes including Graphic Illustration through Kadenze. These online drawing classes are divided into different sections like “Digital Tools Demos”, “What is Good Illustration” and “Compositional Studies.”

  1. Skillshare

Skillshare is a membership-based site which allows their users to have access to various classes in different fields. They can offer free online drawing classes on your initial month of subscription. This website is filled with professionals who expertise in different fields. They have offers on a variety of courses on different illustration techniques, like Pen/Ink Illustration and Food Illustration.

  1. SchaeferArt

These free online drawing classes mainly focus on providing their students video tutorials covering various art topics. It is a YouTube site with a playlist that includes how to discover the best drawing style for you, proportions in art, and how to draw a portrait sketch appropriately. They have a collection of free art classes mostly involving videos about charcoal, graphite and white charcoal medium.

  1. Kline Creative for Beginners

The online drawing classes for this website have art lessons designed by Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts graduate John C. Kline. His free online drawing classes have fourteen lessons available. Each of these video tutorials has voice overs which explains the step-by-step process and even shows some practical examples.

  1. Rapid Fire Art

This website offers free online drawing classes which are made to be fun and easy to learn with. According to its founder/instructor Darlene, the videos are made to let students have fun while learning how to develop their drawing and painting skills.

Create your online drawing classes website with Strikingly

You are now on the last step of your online art classes journey—finding the best website host.

Finding the best website host for your online drawing classes is crucial. This will not only help you build the best website but also help you boost your confidence as an artist. And when it comes to boosting your confidence, Strikingly can surely help you a lot.

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