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Being trapped indoors can be a total bummer. A good thing is that the internet is a vast place to wonder for entertainment. But for people who don’t want to splurge their time scrolling on the internet, finding a hobby that suits your personality and skill would likely do the job.

Whether it’s baking cakes and cookies for your family, crocheting a sweater for your adorable children, or gardening so you can be with one with nature, hobbies vary from person to person. Some hobbies require a different level of skills which you can learn over time through thorough practice. Hobbies are what keeps you unique, and there’s no other cake, sweater, or plant that would come out the same as what you do and create.

Also, exploring a hobby gives us fulfillment as enhances our life and enriches our souls. Likewise, learning hobbies are the embodiment that learning a skill that’s new to you and unlike you can still be fun.

To boot, some people turn to hobbies to destress themselves yet still be productive for the whole day. It steers us away from all the negative energy and lets us explore our own creativity and imagination. With tons of activities that you can turn into hobbies, there’s always a chance to find the perfect hobby for you.

But aside from the benefits that you can get when you do have a hobby or even just starting to learn one, what if you can turn your hobby into a side hustle, much more to a full-time business?

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Having fun with what you do is the prime goal. Plus, earning money is another kind of satisfaction we can get if you know how you can market your craft properly with a marketing strategy.

Things to make and sell, such as handmade goodies, might feel like a dream, but in reality, DIY-ers had the biggest opportunity to sell their crafts online. Since all handmade items are unique and have more attention to detail, people feel the authenticity and genuineness of DIYs and feel more special buying your product instead of those which are store-bought.

Popular Things to Make and Sell Online

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With a lot of things to make and sell out there, it can surely be overwhelming to pick one that customers will love and buy. Hence, if you’re looking for things to make, here are DIY crafts regarding your question of what to sell online.

These easy things to make and sell will surely turn any hobby into a money-generating career. But on a side note, there are a few steps that you need to take note of along the way. Even before starting a business, you always need to identify a few tricks to tickle your customers to buy your piece while having these things to make and sell at home.

  1. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

The health and beauty industry came as no surprise to be the top-selling industry in all types of business industries, both physical and online stores. As people tend to practice self-love and all sorts of health-promoting lifestyles, you cannot blame why startups have been popping up from here and there to accommodate the customer’s growing desire for these self-care products.

With makeup and other cosmetics having the need to undergo certain tests and quality control, you can instead make bath bombs since they are easy things to make and sell online.

With the internet as your friend, there are tons of recipes for bath bombs out there to serve as your guide regarding the critical elements that make a bath bomb simply what it is. From experimenting with different kinds of bath salts to picking the perfect essential oil to mix it with, you have the luxury to do all that at home. You can mix in colorants too and cosmetic glitter to give your customers a sight to see when they drop these little fizzers on their bathtubs. Surprisingly, these are the best things to make and sell since you can buy your ingredients in bulk and still not leave a hole in your pocket.

  1. Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry serves as a piece of you that completes your overall outfit ensemble. It’s able to translate your mood even if paired with different outfits you can find in your wardrobe.

Even if people are restricted from spending outdoors, their feeds on social media platforms are places to exhibit their fashion sense and unique style. These are the best things to make and sell online since you get to explore your creativity and be able to impart your ideas through accessories.

From personalized bracelets made of letter beads to necklace pieces that are soldered and carved to various shapes and sizes, to chunky rings that you molded using polymer clay or resin, the jewelry business is vast so you need to do some research about new trends to your chosen demographic.

  1. Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Celebrations are a no-no in today’s situation. But even before the pandemic, gift boxes were the primary solution when people who are far away want to send a simple yet delightful gesture for their loved ones and friends with thoughtful or special items curated in a box.

Giving gifts such as a gift box makes a lasting impression and makes every celebration memorable. With that, these are the best things to make and sell since you get to create something worth the experience. Do note that customization has always been expensive since the best pieces create the best experiences. Also, this kind of business is flexible all year-round so you don’t have to be worried about flopping in the market, but you still need to have a good marketing strategy.

If you are up for curating pieces that speak authenticity and value, then a gift box business is the right one for you. But before launching your gift box business, you first need to consider researching and partnering with businesses that you know sell the best products fit for your gift box ideas. Having a chat with these business owners would also help you gain insights about their customers when it comes to perfecting your craft.

  1. Scented Candles

Handmade Scented Candles

Scented candles make everything feel homey and relaxing. With a simple light of a candle, your house can turn into smelling like a rose garden or a Sunday morning at the beach thanks to its variety of aromatics you incorporate with it.

Nowadays, candles are making their way as a secret element in interior design styles. Scented candles can soften the look of a specific place or corner, and tie the whole place as its scent complements and permeates every nook and cranny of your humble abode.

To boot, a study conducted by the International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) found out that certain aromatics and fragrances can affect mood by prompting a muscle-relaxing effect. Some scents also have the ability to reduce stress in some people.

While candles are things you can make and sell while you’re at home, these DIY crafts add more substance to what handmade products can offer—and that is peace of mind and tranquility to you and your family.

  1. Apparel, Prints, and Other Fashion Accessories

Apparel Business

If you’re looking for other popular things to make and sell at the comforts of your own home yet covers fashion and anything apparel, then customizing and building your own clothing line would be the best fit for you.

This type of business is broad and can be overwhelming since you can create your own or just deal mainly with the process of it. But rest assured that printing and customizing clothes and other merchandise are the best things to make and sell because all you need to do is print labels, logos, or text on your product.

To put it into perspective, you can crochet sweaters, beanies, bags, and many more if you’re more into making stuff with your bare hands. If you’re not the maker-type, you can sell printed shirts, mugs, and other things since you only get to deal with the process of printing it at home using a machine.

4 simple steps to start your DIY business today

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  1. Choose your brand

With the list above of things to make and sell from home, try picking something that is close to your heart—something that you would enjoy doing in the long run.

The essence of handmade is by being your true self in the process of making a product, and inspire people by the fulfillment you get when you share your it with them. By doing so, your work would not feel like a burden to you.

Likewise, take note of the probable cost that your DIY business can make. For example, raw materials for making candles may be cheap, but the customers tend to go head over heels for packaging. So, try it’s also a great thing to remember what fits your budget. But to tell you, those that are on the list above are the best things to make and sell trend- and budget-wise, so you don’t really have to worry.

  1. Build your brand

There are tons of hobbies out there that can generate cash. That’s why you better know how you can stand out among the crowd. Selecting a unique brand name that’s close to your heart and the nature of your DIY business is the first step. Make them want to remember you and your product since your brand name is the face of your business.

Having a website to promote your brand would also bolster your sales in no time. Though promoting it on social media would also do you and your business good, your friends and the people you allow to see your profile are the only ones that would see your promotion.

Web presence offers a larger span since it allows you to overcome the physical distance between you and your customers. With the world as your viewers, and hopefully potential buyers, you can generate sales in a matter of minutes 24/7.

  1. Do a lot of experimenting and research

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A hobby can please you and your family, but this does not mean it can please a wide variety of customers in the market. Do your research about the latest trends that you can incorporate into your craft, as well as learning how your chosen target market would want to buy a specific product sold by business owners like you.

Good product showcasing and product description writing can make a huge difference when it comes to enticing customers to why they should buy your product.

Also, before launching your business, it’s best to consult with businesses that will be your source of raw materials in making your DIY crafts. Determining the best sources of supplies near you can and having a good connection with them as well can save you bucks in terms of lesser travel fees and discounts.

  1. Start selling

With an appealing brand name on your hand and a strong research plan on the other, you are ready to seize the world of ecommerce. Don’t lose hope if customers don’t notice your brand at first because that is completely normal in a startup business. The best step to do is to continue promoting your product with the help of your friends and family. Next thing you know, your sales would surpass your expectations, might as well say that you’re now living the dream.

The Perks of Being a Hobbyist

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Surely, money can help us achieve our everyday needs, but learning and loving a hobby is an entirely different story. You have the chance to bring your ideas into life, together with the discoveries you make so you can improve your workday by day.

With the surge in ecommerce, you can definitely capitalize on the opportunity with a splash of creativity and determination, as well as proper marketing strategies to keep you moving along the way. Turning a hobby into a full-time business can be tedious since you all do the work to thrive in an ever-growing economy. But nothing can replace the love and effort you put into every handmade good made by your two hands. I guess Confucius was right all this time, that when you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

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