Youtube has become so saturated with aspiring content creators, attracted by the promise of making it big with a single viral video. A recent survey even showed that most younger individuals look at becoming a youtuber as a viable career. If you are one of those who are interested in growing a Youtube channel either as a career, a hobby or a side hustle, here are a few tips on how you can achieve success on this platform.


1. Design an engaging channel page

The first step on how to become a youtuber is quite obvious - create a channel and start building content. Assuming you have already selected a niche topic you want to build content on, you need to start building a channel page where your videos will be hosted. Your profile should reflect the kind of image and tone that you want to create for your brand. Add a profile photo in the recommended aspect ratio and file size. Your banner image should also coincide with your branding and the voice of your content.

2. Create a content calendar

One secret on how to be a successful youtuber is to maintain consistency - not just in the voice of your content but also in the frequency of your uploads. Recent studies have also shown that channels that posted more than once weekly got more recommended views than those that were not as active. If you’re in the process of building an audience, a regular schedule for uploading videos will help make your channel perform better. It will also give your audience a sense of when to expect new content from your channel so having a clear schedule will also help with engagement.

3. Build content around a single topic or keyword

As Youtube is a search engine in itself, you shouldn’t forget about optimizing your content. It may sound obvious but it’s important to create content out of a specific topic or keyword if you want to attract targeted traffic. You want to get the maximum number of viewers for every video you upload or your efforts will go to waste. Having said that, focusing on a keyword will also help you create streamlined content for your channel.

4. Keep your audience engaged

Youtube is also a social media platform and as such, engaging with your audience is also important. Encourage discussion with video or visual prompts. Respond to feedback, questions or comments on your uploaded videos. Some content creators make mention of putting down emojis or specific words in the comments in their videos to get users to communicate with them. Ask questions in your videos to invite discussion.

5. Cross-platform promotion is also important

The good thing about the internet is that it provides you with a variety of platforms where you can promote your brand. Youtube in itself has a feature that allows you to share your content to other social media platforms. Ideally, you want to be on the most popular social networks that your target audience is known to frequent. You can even post your videos directly on Facebook or even on a standalone website to widen your audience reach.

6. Consider building your own website

Aside from sharing social media, another way on how to become a successful youtuber is to build a website where you can embed all your videos for a wider audience. Having your own website gives you a bit more creative freedom in terms of content and how you present your brand. You can also branch out to other content-types beyond creating videos if you have a personal website to host your work.