There is a growing market for hand-made crafts and if you’re thinking of turning your hobby into a money-making venture, now is the best time to start. Nowadays, it’s easier to build your own craft websites and get your business going. You don’t even have to know how to code or design a website to get your own site. There are a lot of free tools and website builders that can help you build your online shop.

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As a leading website builder, Strikingly has helped thousands of individuals launch their businesses - including craft sites on its platform. We’ve seen lots of businesses take off with the help of proper planning and good site content. Here are some of the elements that we found most successful crafting websites to have in common.

1. A personalized domain

Free craft website builders may provide you with a free domain attached to the platform’s brand but there is value in getting your own domain for your website. It makes your website look more professional. Get your own domain through Strikingly or use an external domain registration site.

2. Let your creativity shine through

When selecting and customizing a template for your crafts website, it’s important that you select design elements that will reflect your personality and your creativity. Choose a color scheme that best suits your brand. Write about your business and your ideas. Adding a blog is also a good way to regularly communicate and update your audience. Create engaging product images or build a gallery that showcases your products in action.

3. Decide where you want people to purchase your crafts

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When it comes to selling your items, you have a variety of options. You can sell your items through Etsy, a brick-and-mortar store, add an online store function to your arts and crafts websites or all of the above. Keeping both online and physical stores can be a management challenge but this widens your net and lets you reach a wider market for your products.

Some businesses start online through an Etsy store and then route buyers to their crafts website. If you use Strikingly’s Simple Store, you can price your items a bit lower compared to your Etsy shop because this ecommerce platform does not charge separate transaction fees outside for letting people buy on your website.

4. Social media drives interest

Leverage on the power of social media to drive traffic and interest to your website. Add social share features on your craft website so visitors can also help you widen your network. Add links to your social media pages and a social stream on your site to keep all your pages updated at the same time. You can even run a promotion on social media to attract interest.

5. Add a live chat feature

One of the limitations of an online store is that customers do not get human assistance during the buying process. Strikingly has a live chat feature that you can use under an Audience Plan so you can engage your audience in real time. This allows you to attend to enquiries and answer questions in a timely manner. With this feature, your customers will feel at ease knowing that they have somebody attending to their queries as if they are in a physical store.

6. Keep learning and tweaking

Your craft selling websites should not be static. Listen to what the website traffic data tell you about your site’s performance and make improvements on your content based on the feedback you get. Keep testing and learning new ways to introduce new products to your customers. Business is a work in progress and it’s important to keep learning.