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Trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of these trends to earn you some money.

During the pandemic, research shows that COVID-19 has drastically changed ecommerce with skyrocketing sales in months just right after the implementation of lockdowns in almost all cities around the globe.

Since the lockdown, stores, establishments, and other places that require face-to-face transactions were temporarily shut down. Concerts, mass gatherings, and sports were postponed due to outbreak concerns.

On the other hand, most companies permanently closed their offices or establishments do not fully meet the requirements of the “new normal”, as well as having a tremendous drop in sales since people weren’t allowed to spend outside which led them to total bankruptcy.

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With people prohibited from going outside, business froze in an instant—the economic growth was nowhere to be found, and money wasn’t circulating within the local economy.

With all of us sealed up inside our homes, online platforms have been our companions and bridge to the outside world. Not only that, but we also have discovered the internet’s capacity of entertaining us, at the same time, comforting us in the middle of such a crisis—this is where online shopping comes in.

If you are thinking of products to sell online to take advantage of the huge amount of people spending most of their time online, you are not the only one. A lot of entrepreneurs have already taken that digital leap towards their business by selling new products. Competition is fierce, so you always have to be one step ahead of your competitors.

One thing that can help you bolster your sales to the sky is knowing what the market wants. Trending products are the way to go because people will always buy the popular products on the market.

If you don’t have an idea about what to sell online, here are the top 10 product trends to invest on:

1. Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Nothing can offer the best entertainment except spending your time outdoors. You can go skinny dipping on a beach in the Maldives while having a sip of that freshly opened coconut, or join that hike with your friends and face a challenging battle with the wonders of nature—the possibilities are just endless. But as much as we want to spend our precious time outdoors, we should hold back the trips and travels due to the concerning and alarming rates of COVID-19 retractions—so we have to compromise.

Consumer electronics have changed our lifestyle. Electronic refrigerators to smart TVs just make life a lot easier. The same thing can be said while cities are still on lockdown, we rely deeply on electronics for entertainment, communication, knowledge, business, and a whole lot more.

Children now have their online classes, while companies implement the “work-from-home” scheme to minimize the spread of the virus. With the “new normal” setup, our gadgets are the ones that save us from inefficiency and boredom.

With phones, laptops, and tablets, these gadgets are the first in terms of trending products to sell this year because most people are looking for new products for upgrades, latest edition gadgets, or a new handy phone to keep up with the workload and adapt to the increased telework. As a matter of fact, there is always a new product in terms of electronics, so you really won’t worry about your business becoming stale in the market since it’s always a success.

2. Bicycles


Everyone hates to take public transport. It’s either the time you spend waiting for a bus to arrive or because the train is just too crowded. The struggle that you have to go through just to arrive at work early and come back home in one piece isn’t mostly attainable when riding on public transport.

Not only that, today’s public transport has been ordered to only let half of the normal load of passengers ride a specific unit to maintain social distancing and practice other health protocols. This now results in more waiting time, which is not ideal knowing the dangers that lie while spending more time outside.

But with cycling, you don’t only get to have a solo ride across town and avoid contact with people, and you don’t even need to think about paying for gas and insurance. Plus, cycling is a great form of exercise, too!

With this, bicycles are also having a place on trending products 2020, making it a great investment to sell bicycles to people who are looking for alternatives when it comes to transport during the pandemic.

3. Portable Blenders

Portable Blender

Spending time indoors had led us to gain consciousness of what we eat on a daily basis. With only us and our family to focus on, the fitness trend is pumping dollars, and portable blenders are considered a must-have to those who have busy lifestyles.

With people looking for new products that can keep up with their active lifestyles, portable blenders are product ideas that fit the category. These new products are easy to sell since it touches the health sector. Maintaining healthy lifestyles these days is also important to battle certain diseases like COVID-19. A thing that is also great about these is that they are lightweight which can fit in your bag and is USB-rechargeable.

This new product is the epitome of fast, efficient, and easy to use product trends. So, it surely is worth the investment.

4. Kitchenware and Furniture

Kitchenware and Furniture

Now that people have a lot of time spent inside their homes, they now notice the little details that they often miss since they are always hauled up at work in the office—no more take-out or dine-in at restaurants since they mostly prefer the food at home. And with so much attention now in their humble abodes, they tend to splurge all that hard-earned money in upgrading and improving their homes, kitchen to be specific, with kitchenware and shelves to make the most out of their spaces.

Baking has also been a great way to let off a little steam in the rising cases of COVID-19. Baking also makes way for more bonding time with your family, and in that case, people buy and look for new products in terms of kitchenware upgrades like ovens, mittens, and other baking supplies needed by the household.

On the other hand, furniture is also making its way since people have more time remodeling their houses. Most furniture sought in the market these days are shelves for books, collections, etc., in an attempt to organize or re-organize. With people having more time to remodel their house, it is best to take the opportunity while it's still there.

5. Skincare Products

Skincare Products

Skincare has always been on top of the trending products to sell list even before then, but sales doubled this year as more and more people have been interested in what they put on their skin.

Ranging from facial wash, serums, toners to skincare tools like beauty rollers, facial steamers, pore extractors, and many more. People have been experimenting with their faces with new products in order to improve the health of their skin.

With more people and content creators on different social media platforms trying and rating beauty product trends, these would be the best products to sell online.

6. Clothing


Everybody knows the saying, “we dress to impress”. Even if we can’t flaunt our newly-bought dress to the world, the internet is there to thank for. Today’s media have brought new ways for us to connect with the world, so fashion isn’t yet dead.

Either it’s adding garments into your wardrobe or a major shift in style, there’s always something going on in the fashion industry. Just make sure that researching your target market would be a great advantage since you would know their preferences and tastes when it comes to fashion.

If you’re looking for product ideas regarding fashion, looking into sites like Pinterest regarding collections about the latest trends in fashion can help you gain an idea of what sells in the market.

7. Inflatables


Summer is always the most awaited season of the year. Basking under the sun, even if it’s just in your backyard can surely beat boredom and steer you away from all stress caused by the pandemic.

Inflatable pools and pool floats are sure-fire new products to invest on and make money all year-round since people are trying to find the best product ideas to keep them entertained, and this includes having fun at their homes with inflatable pools to help them have a sweet and fun escape.

With inflatable pools, you can fill them up with water and have some fun under the sun, at the same time, deflate and store them without the hassle of cleaning and maintaining a home-built pool in your backyard. Easy as that! Truly, it’s an investment worth your time and money.

8. Dimmable Vintage and Fairy Lights

Vintage Light Bulbs

There has been an increased rate in sales when it comes to interior design. Having the time to change some things up in our homes gives us a break from being and feeling trapped inside.

With hacks that people see online, whether it’s to achieve a rustic or minimalistic look, new products like dimmable vintage lights and fairy lights would radically change the overall atmosphere in your house.

Not only that, but these fixtures also make it easier for consumers to have Instagrammable spots, so they always have something to share with the world, even if it’s just at the comfort of their own homes.

9. Baby Mop

Baby Mop

You know how the internet gets weird right. Trends are not only about helpful appliances or décor, and the baby mop is proof of people’s strange habits of splurging money on things that are just so uncanny.

The baby mop is a onesie filled with soft bristles that act like a duster or, what the name says, as a mop to clean up debris on the floor while they learn to crawl.

This new product might sound unsanitary but it still talks about efficiency in the most absurd way.

10. Diffusers and Humidifiers


To have a piece or corner or to yourself in the house can be a struggle. If you have a family, you’ve got kids playing all day all around. You’ve also got this loud, nosy neighbor that makes you unable to focus on work or school.

With all the fuss happening around, diffusers and humidifiers are new products that can best set your mood to have the best stress-free feeling around the house.

Oil diffusers and humidifiers are a hit in the online market since people always have been experimenting with ways to make their homes a suitable working environment. With oil diffusers and humidifiers, they get to have some peace of mind and a boost in your mood brought by the essential oils and aromatics you use. Plus, it’s an aromatherapy session all day for you and the whole family.

Study your demographic and do some research to know what kind of oil diffusers and humidifiers they prefer. Since these devices come in all shapes and sizes, it’s best to know what suits your customer’s tastes and preferences.

Time to get up and run (your business)

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The rate of people buying online is not going to slow down by the minute. With people glued to their phones, they tend to rely more on the internet nowadays whether it is for telework, entertainment, knowledge, or ecommerce.

Instead of spending your time indoors idly, you can still make money by selling these new products online. The internet is a vast place full of entertainment-hungry people, so you’ll never know what your online business with these trending products 2020 may bring you.

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