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Do you intend to start a new blog or make changes to one you already have? It's a brilliant concept! Product reviews and how-to information, as well as for instructions and advice, are all common uses for blogs. Because of this widespread appeal, there are many blog examples and over 600 million blogs.

However, how do you build a successful blog with an attractive blog design when there are hundreds of daily readers and subscribers?? Another option is to create a passive income stream of at least $20,000 per month.

There is a slew of self-proclaimed "blogging gurus" who will give you blog examples techniques. The two most important aspects of any successful blog website design are high-quality content and an engaging user experience.

Blogging Industry at its Best

Businesses has never had a better opportunity to use blogging as an advertising method than they have today. We can have many blog examples to support this argument.

Blogging helps you establish credibility with your target audience in addition to driving traffic to your website and spreading the word about your products and services, no matter which examples of blogs they are.

According to Statista Research, there were 27.4 million bloggers in the United States in 2014. In 2016, it was predicted that by 2020, the number of bloggers would rise to 31.7 million, a 14 percent increase from 2016.

Over 409 million people browse through and read around 20 billion blog examples every month. Users post and comment on roughly 70 million new items each month. Google receives 89,409 requests per second.

Last year, blog pages that used paid advertising to promote their posts had increased by 93%. Businesses that create blog pages receive twice as many email subscribers as those that do not.

All other business activities, except for non-profit ventures, all other business activities are focused on selling products, software, newspapers/magazines, apps, or other products. Maintaining customer interest in your products is critical, particularly when nearly everyone is involved in the sales process. Businesses employ various strategies to boost online store sales and turn around operations quickly.

In recent years, content marketing has become an increasingly popular strategy that has attracted the interest of consumers. Content is given top priority by website owners to increase sales and conversions. Blogs are a powerful tool for increasing conversions in content marketing.

This post will look into some blog examples built on a smooth and appealing blog website design and have valuable content published on them regularly.

Essential Features for Good Blog Examples

Here are the 4 must-have features that every good blog example must contain.

1. Personalize your content

Creating content for a topic or website isn't "rocket science." However, the real challenge is identifying a target audience for your content to assist your company in achieving its objectives. To keep customers reading your blog pages, you must include a personal touch in your writing to keep customers reading your blog pages. Learn how renowned authors like J.K. Rowling and Paulo Coelho and William Shakespeare, and Charles Dickens used techniques to create their works. By cultivating a readership that enjoys your content, you can persuade them to make a purchase from your online store.

2. Solve Customer Issues in Your Posts

Giving a customer a solution to their problem is a great way to attract many new customers to your online store. Your sales pitch is more likely to be heard if you can help your customers solve a problem. Don't let them down. A large number of people are looking for answers on your blog. A blog example on your website, for instance, can guide readers on how to select the most suitable product item in the right shape, size, and color, when they visit your retail or online store. Successful blog examples provide immense value in their content to the readers.

3. Visual Your Blog Post

People don't want to read anything, just a collection of words. Effective blog examples include a relevant blog design, i.e. images and videos, in your content if you want to keep customers interested. Use eye-catching images and videos to make the blog website design more effective and engaging. Furthermore, a 2-3 minute video is more effective than a simple piece of textual content at eliciting a higher level of customer experience. Use an A/B testing tool to see how optimized images and videos can increase conversion rates and impact your content. Check out this A/B testing example to see which content converts visitors into customers better.

4. Find Ways to Engage With Your Clients

You can't have a productive two-way conversation unless you're willing to listen. If you want to grow your blog's audience on any blog examples, include mechanisms in your posts for customers to leave feedback, comments, and questions. Give your target audience a way to contact you to improve customer retention. The blog post on the website Cover Male mentioned below provides information about a subject and allows customers to interact with the author. Readers can easily express their thoughts and ideas about the post by clicking on the "Leave a comment" link at the top of the blog post, and this option should be there on all blog examples.

8 Excellent Blog Examples

Here is a list of notable examples of blogs that you can use as a starting point if you’re getting into blogging.

1. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy website homepage

Image taken from Apartment Therapy

One of the top blog examples is Apartment Therapy, an interior design blog featured on the site. It was founded in 2001 by Maxwell Ryan. Ryan, an interior designer by trade, began blogging in 2009 under the moniker "the apartment therapist." With over 20 million followers, the blog has grown into a full-fledged media company.

2. Say Yes

 Say Yes website homepage

Image taken from Say Yes

In 2006, Liz Stanley launched the award-winning blog Say Yes. Although Liz's blog could be classified as a mom blog, it covers many topics other than motherhood, such as food and travel. It is considered to be included in best blog examples.

3. Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar blog

Image taken from Bright Bazaar

Will Taylor, a journalist-turned-interior designer, launched Bright Bazaar, is an example of a blog website that sold a wide range of one-of-a-kind items in 2009. Will's lifestyle includes outfits, recipes, and his life in New York City and his wonderful home tours and design discoveries.

4. Pretty Olive Interiors

blog section of Pretty Olive Interiors website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

This example of a blog is a section on a website that promotes and sells interior designing services for houses. In their blog pages, they share different ideas about designing the other rooms of a house. The content and publish show their knowledge and expertise in this niche. Creating quality content related to your sector and posting it regularly on a professionally designed blog gives you the authority in your industry. Your audience can see that you are an expert in your area and knowledgeable about your services.

This blog design was created on Strikingly and has an appealing look. The color scheme is soft and gives a cooling effect to the eyes. These colors make readers feel relaxed to get well-versed in the content and provide them with time to be impressed with the brand. The thumbnails for each blog post are also created carefully, giving a beautiful look to the overall blog section.

5. Kerryn Gamble

blog section of Kerryn Gamble website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

Kerryn Gamble coaches ambitious and aspiring professionals to become compelling communicators and influential leaders. She has a website of her own with a blog design on it. In her blog posts, she gives out free content produced from her expertise and knowledge in her specific niche.

Her blog design has a very bold color that represents the nature of the skills she teaches. Her paid content is not only limited to seminars and workshops but also has course videos, ebooks, and other digital downloads.

This blog example is built on Strikingly and has neat blog post layouts. She uses her real photographs in her blog post thumbnails, and the template she has used gives a professional look to her website.

6. Namesake Coffee

blog section of Namesake Coffee website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

This is a website that promotes coffee beans for sale. The company masters its knowledge about coffee beans and shares the knowledge with the audience in blog posts. They have several articles on topics describing different types of coffee beans. The website is actually an online store, which means you can buy their products right off the site.

This is one of those blog examples built on a feature-rich template. They add pictures to their posts to make them more descriptive. Each blog post ends with the signup form that allows readers to subscribe to their newsletters.

7. Michael Seibel

landing page of Michael Seibel's personal website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

This is the personal website of a financial consultant who coaches people on making the right decisions about their investments. The website has several blog posts or blog pages published on it. The color scheme is consistent throughout the long web page, providing a detailed introduction of the writer on top. The posts are written on interesting topics and are of a reasonable length.

The blog example looks attractive because it’s built on Strikingly, a platform that provides responsive and easy-to-navigate templates. It’s a simple web page layout, and it probably didn’t take Michael more than an hour to set up his entire personal website on Strikingly.

8. Against the Grain

blog section of Against the Grain website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

This is next on our list of blog examples built here on Strikingly. It uses a to-the-point page layout that’s easy to scroll through and clear enough to read. The template is responsive and can be browsed smoothly from different devices.

Against the Grain produces content meant to uplift individuals while reminding them to stay grounded in who they really are. The way the articles are arranged on the web page adds to the beauty of the blog.

Now that we have gone through several excellent blog examples, you can start your own blog and promote your business initiative through its content. If you want to do it the fastest way, you can create your blog pages on Strikingly. All you need to do is sign up on our platform, verify your email address, select a template from the options you’ll be given, add a simple blog section to your website, and start typing.