Cook up the Perfect Food Blog

From appetizers to desserts and all the way to finger food and snacks, if there is one thing people can agree on, it’s their love for food. No matter what country you come from and what culture you originate in, food has always been a common interest. Food has, in one way or another, brought a community together. But if you are one of those people who have an even bigger love and passion for food, creating a food blog might just be the right move for you.

A food blog is one of the avenues for food-lovers like you, to share their passion with the world. Whether you are a food enthusiast or a dedicated chef or a cook, creating a food blog is one of the best ways to express your creativity and help other people to see the beauty and magic you see in what you share. You can be one of those food bloggers who write about the different kinds of food you encounter in the different places you go. Or maybe, you can be a food blogger who shares recipes and step-by-step guides and maybe sells their meals in their own food companies. Whatever it is, we understand that people like you start a food blog because you have something interesting that you think other people should know about too. Especially in the time of quarantine restrictions and the pandemic, to start a food blog is to connect with other food lovers or food makers like you. And if you want to start a food blog, then don’t you worry because we got your back.

How to Start a Food Blog?

Creating your food blog can start with a Simple Blog. Your first blog need not be extravagant and complex but rather what matters is the content and the consistency of it. Basically, when you start a food blog, you only need these 3 things:

  1. Passion and Love for Food

Blogging has a way of tiring some people out. This is because some of them choose to blog about something that they aren’t really interested in. This is why it’s important that your blog niche is something that you know about and something that you love. If you are going to start a food blog, it is imperative that you have a love for food - whether food as a final product or food as in the making of it. This will allow you to enjoy what you are doing, no matter what, and help you truly reap the benefits of food blogging. Like many people out there, as a food blogger, you now not only have an agreement with yourself to commit to it, but you also have a certain number of followers that are awaiting your updates. Having a love and passion for food will lead you not to be pressured by that commitment though, because having so guarantees that you love creating your food blog, just as much as your followers enjoy reading it.

  1. A Blog Name and a Blog Niche

Of course, every great master has to be known by a name. Everybody who’s ever become anybody is called and remembered by a specific name. And as a food blogger, you can’t get started without one too. You have to decide on a name that is unique, memorable, and friendly to the kind of audience that you are targeting. The name of your food blog should be something that your followers will be comfortable saying as if it was a name of one of their very close friends. Your name also has to represent the kind of food blog you are creating. Alas, to start a food blog, you must decide on the kind of content you want to be putting into it. Think, “what do you wanna do everyday and you’d enjoy writing about?”. Do you want to start food blogs that narrate all your foodie adventures? A blog that contains the different kinds of food you have tried? Or do you want a blog that lists out steps on the recipes that you are making for the day? Whatever it may be, it must be something you enjoy because you are gonna be writing about it practically everyday. And remember, your blog niche is something that will define what your blog and your name is going to be. So think long and hard about it, then come up with a name that suits that and you.

  1. Your Very Own Food Blog Site

Upon deciding on what you are going to be writing about and on what you want to be called, you now have to create your own food blog site from templates. Of course, you have to have an avenue to start your food blog. And if you are going to share your story and adventure with the world, it should be written and documented on a website so more people will be able to see it. Now, there are a lot of free website builders out there that you can use. Even without any experience or knowledge on coding, a website builder, like Strikingly, can help and assist you in creating your own food blog website. Design and layout it whatever you want. And you can even add features to help your viewers become your followers. When you are satisfied with what you have created, then it is time to start food blogging!

Big Breakfast to kickoff your blog

Benefits of Food Blogging

If you are still having second thoughts about creating your own food blog, then let us try to ease your mind a little bit. Food blogs have become very popular throughout the years, wherever you are in the world. Food can be an easy and good blog niche for many people. And like any other blog, creating a food blog has its perks. Starting out, the benefit of food blogging is that you get to explore different foods and share it with the world. Your blog may start with just a few following, it may just be your friends and your family, but it nevertheless allows you an outlet to express yourself and your passion for food. If you start a food blog that narrates your adventures, then you don’t only have an opportunity to make the experience immortal by writing about it, you also present your site visitors with new food options to maybe try out. On the other hand, if you are trying out recipes or making new recipes in your food blog, then you are providing a guide to many people out there who want to get their hands moving. And if ever, you wanna do both, then imagine the kind of audience you are connecting with and helping with each blog post.

If your food blog starts to grow, more perks will come out for you. More traffic on your blog allows you to more easily monetize it and earn from it. Simply adding a Google AdSense to your site would allow you to earn commissions. This food blogging can become your job and your source of income. When that happens, you get to be the master of your own career and you get an excuse to spoil yourself by travelling, trying out everything, buying all the fancy equipment and ingredients, and the likes without having to feel guilty about it. Imagine, you get to earn by merely enjoying eating or making your food and writing about your experiences. You can also add a membership subscription to your site. People can and will pay you to get your exclusive content. But the benefits don't stop there. See, when you have a large follower or subscriber base and your food blog is always booming with traffic, restaurants, hotels, and other food establishments will start to reach out to you, instead of the other way around. You can get invitations to do a taste test for them and/or get free food or ingredients that you have to use in cooking your recipes that are free of charge, just as long as you write about it. These are all on top of making real connections with your audience and helping them. So if you have the passion and love, like we think you do, then get started on your blogging journey.

Food Blogs to Inspire You

  1. Shao

Image taken from Strikingly User's Website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This food blog site was created with Strikingly. It is home to the story and business of Chef Jack. It contains the story behind their business, their menu, and a way for their customers to order online. It also has their contact information at the end of the site. As a successful restaurant founder that offers the most exquisite seafood meals. This blog allows them to entice more people to come and order their food.

  1. Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes is a blog that presents food recipes and meals that are budget-friendly. Beth, the owner of this food blog, has been blogging for 11 years. Offering a step-by-step guide on how to cook and make different meals, she not only lists down the ingredients of the meal but also lists down their prices. She is a food lover at the same time, she also can be very meticulous about budgets. This is what prompted her to start a food blog. Her blog is now among the top blogs around the world.

  1. The MixTape Chef

Image Taken from Strikingly User's Website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s website

This Strikingly-made food blog is home to the story and food of a husband and wife duo that has a love for food. They have traveled the globe and now have decided to share what they loved in their travels and give it a twist of their own. They not only serve meals in their private dining rooms, but they also offer cooking classes for people to avail themselves. Their website features photos of their food and menu. Their website also displays reviews and blogs about their food and their business. Their social media feed is also featured on their food blog.

  1. Bake With Shivesh

Bake With Shivesh

If you want to focus on baking in your food blog, you can visit this site for inspiration. Shivesh, a political science graduate who loves baking and writing, was practically forced by his friends into creating a food blog of his own. His website now holds his stories, featuring blogs about his travels, what he learned from them, and tips and hacks to help other adventurers like him. He also writes up recipes for people to follow and is now one of the top food bloggers out there.

  1. Jude’s Ice Cream

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This food blog is home to a family business that sells carbon negative ice cream. This initiative was started to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Creating this food blog with Strikingly allowed the family to bring tubs of sweetness and joy to the homes of their customers and at the same time, bring awareness to the climate change emergency of today. Their website uses a Grid for their blog layout. Each block of their grid links to another page that displays the whole story. Each comes with images and different stories about their business. At the end of their site, their social media accounts are displayed as well as an email form can be found which would allow site visitors to subscribe to their blog.

  1. Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is another food blog that features different recipes. The owner, Lindsay, was the one to start this food blog. She moved on from her career as a 4th-grade teacher to become a full-time blogger. Her food blog not only contains detailed and delicious recipes. Each recipe also comes with her own tasty review of the meal and a fun story about the meal and her making of it.

  1. Siam Coconut

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This Strikingly food blog is one about a business all the way from Singapore. It was built as a family business keen on distributing imported coconuts from Thailand to different restaurants in Singapore. However, the decision to start a food blog allowed their business to grow. They are now also distributors of various ingredients and grocery items. Their website features all of their items for sale, their team and their story, and their partners. Towards the end of their website, they have a contact form with a map of their location. This allows them to collect names, emails, phone numbers, and messages from their site visitors. The last thing you’ll see when scrolling through their blog is their social media accounts.

  1. Dinner Belle Nashville

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This food blog is another one that was made with Strikingly. Dinner Belle Nashville is a food blog site and a restaurant site. Visitors to the site can browse through the restaurant’s menu for the week. Their “How It Works” page contains a process section that explains what they do and how their customers can take advantage of it. Their business is all about advocating for fresh ingredients directly from local farms and producers. You can subscribe to their site or just order one time. They also use a pop-up feature that allows customers to put in their email address and name to subscribe and get a discount on their orders.

  1. Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons was created by a couple based in Chicago. They were motivated to start a food blog that will cater vegans for a change. However, they also sell cookbooks and cooking equipment directly on their website. But mainly, their website contains all kinds of recipes that are all for vegans. If you are a vegan looking to try new recipes, this food blog is for you.

  1. Flew the Coop

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

This food blog focuses on showcasing their priced food items - fried chicken sandwiches. They have information boxes describing each sandwich, its ingredients and its exquisite taste. But not only do they describe it for their site visitors, their food blog also uses a gallery feature to display each kind of sandwich and their names. Photos of their products are displayed in a way that would just get your mouth watering. At the end of their site, they put in a Google Map link that will lead you directly to them.

In creating your food blog, keep in mind that you would want your readers to navigate through your page easily. Strikingly offers you food website templates that you can start with. These templates are used by some of the food blogs that we mentioned above. Creating your food blog with Strikingly may be one of the best choices you’ll ever make because this website builder allows you to display photos, even videos, to put in your contact and social media information, to accept subscribers, collect emails from site visitors, to display ads, and so much more features that will help you elevate your blog to the next level. Nevertheless, always remember that the most important thing you have to focus on your food blog will always be your content. Sign-up with Strikingly now and get started on your blog!