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Are you planning to start a blog? With so many popular blogging websites these days, it is difficult to simply select the most famous one. You have to consider your goals as well. Why do you want to build a blogging site? What features are you looking for in blogging platforms? While sharing your wonderful thoughts in your blogs is great, you have to think about your purpose for why you’ve written them in the first place. Do you want to influence your audience? Are you thinking about monetizing your blogs? Then, choosing the best blogging platform is key to get your purpose into action. Truly, there might be about twenty best blogging websites you’ve come across online. We have sorted them down to the top five to make it easier for you to choose and focus on what features will work for your blogging goals. Here at Strikingly, we’ve worked with several bloggers who have brilliant talents in sharing ideas on their website. It's ideal to give you an overview of what they love most about choosing us as their blogging website. What do most bloggers are looking for in blogging platforms? Before you even start a blog, take time to read this helpful article on choosing the best blogging websites.

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How to Choose the Best Blogging Website?

It’s a tough decision on which of the blogging platforms you should go to. There are several of them to choose from. Knowing which one is right for you will serve your purpose well. For beginners, having to choose the best blogging website right from the start is smart. Because you have to consider growth and development in the future, it makes sense to know that you have the option to expand your work. Flexibility in terms of bringing your work to a larger audience, having to monetize it, or building a more robust brand name for yourself. It’s a hassle to realize that you need to switch from one blogging website to another because it doesn't have the features you need.

Considering so many blogging websites offer free accounts or a free trial for a certain period, you must take advantage of this opportunity to know what works best for you. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, several factors may affect your decision-making on which blogging platform to go to. You have to check out the pricing and quality, stunning web designs, SEO and branding tools, user-friendly website editor, and the list goes on. These are some of the things to look out for. Anyway, you will know better when you compare these top five best blogging websites below.

Top 5 Best Blogging Websites

1. Strikingly

If you’re looking for a blogging website that will allow you to grow and be more than what you can do online, Strikingly is a great choice. With multiple users across the globe, we’ve catered to the best with web services and features that most bloggers are looking for for a blogging website. Here are some good features to enjoy when you decide to start a blog with us.

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∙ Stunning Blog Templates

Creating your own blogging site is one of the smartest ideas you can do. Unlike choosing other blogging websites where you can just post your blogs for free, Strikingly enables its users to build their own website with over a hundred blog templates to choose from. Indeed, you can achieve a professional and stunning online presence without any coding skills.

∙ Schedule Blog Posts

This feature works really well for bloggers who want to manage their posts on a scheduled basis. Say they can’t do it daily. Scheduling blog posts is a life-saver, especially if you have readers or blog subscribers waiting for your posts. With Strikingly, you can manage your blogs easily.

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∙ Manage Blogs by Categories & Unlimited Posts

There is no limit to the number of blog posts you can make on your website. Manage your blogging website by categories to be easy for you and your readers to find what they want to read.

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∙ Free Unlimited Hosting

While most website builders offer free hosting, Strikingly is true to its promise and makes it unlimited free hosting for all our users. You can have secure and reliable web hosting for your blogging site.

∙ Drag-and-Drop Editor

Choose from our artistic blog themes and use drag and drop editing to personalize the design. Building your personal blog site shouldn’t be complicated.

∙ Mobile-First

A blogging website should be mobile-friendly to attract more readers and rank well on search engines. We ensure to our users that their websites are mobile-first. Having mentioned search engines, we also have SEO tools ready. You can even share blog posts on social media and stay up to date with RSS feeds. You can have all these plus more about the best blogging experience with Strikingly.


According to the WPbeginner article, WordPress is immensely popular and used by millions of people worldwide. With almost 42% of all websites on the internet being powered by WordPress, we can’t deny that it’s one of the best website builders. As one of the leading blogging websites, what are the good features to people who want to start a blog site?

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Note: Don’t get confused between versus is the world’s most popular blogging software, while the latter requires self-hosting.

∙ Free Blogging Platform

Many blogging websites offer free accounts, but it’s good to mention that you can take advantage of a free blogging platform like WordPress.

∙ Thousands of Beautiful Themes

WordPress is known for its simple yet sophisticated web designs that most users are fond of. They have full design control with their drag and drop editing feature.

∙ Add Forum, Membership, Subscription, etc.

Grow your blog following by engaging directly with your readers. Forums help you build a community with common perspectives as your blog topics. Paid subscription or membership can help monetize your blog and provide exclusive content to your members.

∙ Access to Plugins

WordPress is known for having so many plugins that can be used as an app for your website. There are free plugins you can add, such as custom forms, galleries, etc. But, other plugins need to be paid extra for integration.

3. HubSpot CMS

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HubSpot CMS website

If you’re looking for a blogging website optimized for every device and personalized for your visitors, HubSpot CMS is what you need. It is an all-in-one kind of blogging website. You can customize web designs and build your brand with them. Check out some of the notable features of this best blogging website below.

∙ Drag and Drop Editor

Use their drag and drop editing feature like a pro. You don’t need to learn to code or be an expert. Build a website from scratch or choose from their professional templates.

∙ Fully Optimized SEO and Conversions

Everyone who has a business online wants their content to be fully optimized. SEO tools help your website rank well on search engines like Google. Thus, giving your site a desirable conversion rate that most users want.

∙ Free SSL Certificate Included

If you need to ensure web security, then a free SSL certificate is really a good deal. Most website builders offer this without additional charge, but others may not be the case.

∙ Send Out Newsletters

Connect with your readers by sending them updates about your recent blog posts. A newsletter is a good way to promote your blog content, plus you can also get direct feedback from them.

4. Wix

Another popular hosted platform to build a website in is Wix. Anyone familiar with the best-in-class in terms of blogging websites knows that Wix is one great website builder. While it’s famous for online stores and eCommerce stuff, you can’t simply ignore the blog sites created with Wix. From simple to gorgeous web designs, you know that they’re pretty good at it. Here are some of its great features.

Wix blogging platform

Image taken from Wix website

∙ Create High-Conversion Website

Yes, you can get the most out of their best web features and services. Promote your site on social media, rank well on Google, get a wide range of audience reach, plus all the things you need to get your blogs to shine.

∙ Drag and Drop Editing

This is a very powerful feature in building and designing your own website. Indeed, you can just select a template and edit from there, but you need more than that. You need to move texts and objects around to come up with a perfect message for your website.

∙ No-Coding Skills Required

No need to learn to code or be an expert to build your own website with Wix.

∙ Fast and Easy-Setup

Build your website in minutes and go live instantly. This is how empowering the best blogging websites are. You don’t need to wait until the next morning to publish your works.

5. Medium

Unlike all the other blogging websites we’ve mentioned above, Medium works like a social networking site. A growing community of bloggers, writers, media workers, and professionals are sharing their thoughts online. You can simply create an account and start publishing your articles. You get direct feedback with the comments enabled at the bottom of each article. You can also get a certain number of applause if your content hits your readers hard.

Medium blogging website

Image taken from Medium website

∙ Easy to Use

You don’t need to set up anything, or even coding skills won’t be required. Just create an account and start a blog.

∙ Existing Online Community

The existing online community is a great way to reach a wider audience. You get all-out support from people with the same passion and interests in writing.

∙ No Need to Build a Website

While it’s good to have your own online space, what’s good about Medium is that it allows you to focus on the most important thing -- writing. Don’t need to be bothered with web designs, domain, hosting, and web page stuff. You can just focus on blogging.

Final Thoughts

Having to introduce to you the top five blogging websites, we thought it's ideal to leave good advice. No matter how deep and intellectual your ideas are, always think of your purpose before writing anything. These blogging platforms are used to deliver these ideas to the world. If you want to share, share with passion. If you’re going to influence, influence in a positive way. If you want to make a change, move people by your writings. Strikingly loves the idea of making change happen. Start an awesome blog website with us.