User experience or UX refers to the interactions a person makes with your website, mobile app or online service. It can refer to anything including completing a purchase, creating a user account or submitting a form. In this era when people are already so used to using the internet and information is readily available virtually everywhere, users are so easily turned away with a bad website visiting experience. With the best website maker, it is possible to create a memorable UX that encourages visitors to keep coming back to your website.


There are so many web maker platforms available in the market today and every one of them promise to help you build your website in minutes without the need to learn code. These are the minimum requirements for what makes the best free website maker, however. Other criteria will come into play when determining the right webpage maker for your website project and all these can contribute to your ability to design a positive UX for your potential customers.

Mobile first

With Google prioritizing mobile versions when indexing websites, it has become even more important for your site to cater to mobile device users. Strikingly is a site maker platform that has simplified this task for you by providing a collection of mobile-responsive website templates. You don’t need to write extra code or resize all your images so they would render well on smaller screens.

Modern templates

One of the things you want to look for in free website makers is diversity of template collection. One of the drawbacks of using platforms such as the GoDaddy website maker, for instance, is the limited number of templates for you to choose from compared to stronger website builders such as Strikingly. Go for a platform that can provide you with a good variety of web templates that will suit your industry.

The ability to customize the look and feel of your website will also be a great feature to have. Strikingly gives you a lot of room to change up your site’s color scheme or fonts according to your company’s branding guidelines. For pro accounts, it’s also easy to add apps and widgets by HTML. An HTML editor may not be available across all site builders like the Adobe website maker to stay true to their claim that users do not need to write and read code in order to build their sites.

Loading times


How fast a page loads can affect a visitor’s user experience. A reliable website maker can guarantee up times and a decent bandwidth for loading your site quickly. Strikingly has staff working round the clock to ensure that service levels are up all the time. This webpage maker free users up from the stress of having to worry whether or not their site will load when the traffic to the site goes up.

Customer support

Even in this industry, there is the so-called fake website maker - a platform that may not offer all the services of a typical website builder. Some platforms offer hosting but will need a third party platform such as Wordpress for you to build your site. Others will give you the website template but you need to arrange for web hosting somewhere else. The problem with such features is that if you need customer support, you end up talking to two or three different providers. When you’re a small business, you don’t always have the luxury of time to manage issues on your website. It’s better to rely on a single organization for support on everything that has to do with your online space. This is why many startups opt to go for a webpage maker that offer the entire package - hosting, domain, site templates and content management.