A Simple Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Blogspot Website How to create a website for blogging?

1. Pick a Domain Name

2. Purchase a Hosting Package

3. Choose a Blogging Platform

4. Create a Maintenance Mode

5. Select the Best Blog Theme

6. Start Writing Your Blog Pages

7. Install Plugins and Widgets

Have you always wanted to start a blogspot but don’t know where to start? If you’re a writer, whether freelance or not, it makes perfect sense: You can use a blogspot website as a platform to market your work or find new freelance writing clients. To get started, here is a step-by-step process on how to create a new blogspot.

Pick a Domain Name

Pick a Domain Name

The first order of business is choosing a domain name. If you are creating a website for a product or service that you are selling, then it is best to have the domain name checked through domain checkers before having it registered for business. You wouldn’t want to have to think of a business name so hard and won’t be able to use it because it’s already taken.

Another option you have is to use other endings instead of .com if the domain name is already taken. For a personal blogspot, you might find yourself with the same name as another person. If you’re committed and determined to this whole writing passion, you can also try putting a verb or a word right after your name to differentiate yourself from the others.

Pro tip: Opting for a creative blog name such as one that relates well to your theme may not be sustainable. Remember that your interests and target audience may change as the years go by. Going for something that wouldn’t change like your name or nickname is the best way to go about it.

Finally, don’t wait for anything once you have decided on a domain name for your blogspot website. You’ll never know when someone out there will also be interested in the same domain name.

Purchase a Hosting Package

Once you have your domain set up, the next thing to do is to find a good deal of the hosting package. You might be wondering what a web host is. Well, your blogspot hosting company does all the technical or manages the back end to make sure your site appears when visitors or users type your domain name into their browser.

Choosing the right web hosting provider seems like a daunting task with so many technical terms to try to understand and hundreds of potential companies to choose from. A few questions at the tip of your tongue could include, "What are the perks of going for a shared hosting provider?”, “Would a landing page do the trick?, and “how much bandwidth do I really need?”

Choose a Blogging Platform

Choose a Blogging Platform

Next up is choosing blogspot templates. Strikingly has a slew of templates to help you get started with the design of your page. It is essential for your blogspot to have great design that is easy to navigate. This is not only for the benefit of the user but it is an important factor for your SEO as well.

Create a Maintenance Mode

Once you are done looking for a platform where you can make a free blogspot, it’s time to plan your maintenance page. This serves as your homepage while you are fixing the website. While working on the appearance of your blogspot, you might want to put up an “under construction” or “work in progress” pop up to greet visitors.

You don’t want any potential clients or readers to Google your name and find a half-finished site.

To set up maintenance mode, just download the maintenance page builder plugin. On your maintenance page, you can even include a link to your email newsletter or social media profile so visitors have an alternative way of getting in touch with you. When you’re ready to share your new blogspot with the world, you can simply deactivate and delete the plugin.

Select the Best Blog Theme

Select the Best Blog Theme

The technical stuff is over! We are now getting to the fun stuff. Your theme determines what your blogspot looks like, and you’ve got a lot of different options to choose from. Yes, there’s a wide range of free blogspot templates, but if you’re serious about blogging, the customization and support offered by paid themes is something you can take advantage of.

Genesis, one of the most popular premium themes available, is commonly used for pure blogging. Another popular and flexible theme is Thesis. If you are looking for a free blogspot template that is minimalist, then you can go for elegant themes.

Your blog can also serve as a marketing tool for your writing services. If you are going for this, you might want to look for a theme with a static home page. That way, your site will look professional and appealing to everyone.

Pro tip: Make sure your theme is “responsive,” meaning, it automatically adjusts to look good on any device. This should be able to be adjusted for other viewing purposes.

Start Writing Your Blog Pages

Though you’re starting a new blogspot and not a static website, you’ll still want a few pages that don’t need constant changes. Take note, pages are different from posts, which are the daily, or weekly, monthly entries you publish on your blog. Here are some pages you may want to create. This would mostly contain your information and services.

1. About

The about page is labeled as one of the most-viewed pages on blogspots, so don’t overlook it. Include a professional headshot (not a selfie) and a brief bio to explain why you’re blogging and why the reader should care. You should be able to answer questions in their mind, such as how you are so different from the others, what’s your plan, and everything that will book your services.

2. Contact Us or Keep in Touch

This page is where your readers can get in touch with you. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just tell your readers how best to reach you. Avoid putting your full email address on any page of your website, especially the main page of your blogspot, as spambots can get a hold of it. You can either use a contact form plugin or simply break down the words into your name AT your site DOT com to avoid getting spam messages.

3. Portfolio

It’s your blog, so you have the liberty to showcase everything that you have got. Show your prospective clients and readers that you deserve their time and attention with examples of your past and present work. You can name this page with whatever term you’d like to use. There are some pages that would use the word “words” or “case studies”.

4. Work with me

If you’re using your new blog to sell your writing services, this page is important. Be clear with how they can get in touch with you. The Work with me page is where you can also pitch yourself and your services with buttons that lead them to more information. With this page, you are basically guiding the reader on the customer journey. You might want to capture their attention and trust as early as when they are just checking out your packages.

Once you’ve set up all your pages, make sure they’re easily accessible from the home page.

Install Plugins and Widgets

Install Plugins and Widgets Plugins are great for beginners and amateurs alike. Especially those of us who are less comfortable with the technical side of things and are just starting out their new blogspot. Think of them as apps for your blogspot. There are free or paid tools you can install within your website to do a variety of things that cannot be done through the features of a theme.

● Contact Form 7

If you want to avoid putting your email address on your contact page, use this plugin, which is frequently updated and receives good reviews. Remember the spambots? You may want to avoid those by installing a contact form plugin.

● Google Analytics Dashboard

This plugin tracks visitors to your site so you can see what people are interested in and how they’re finding you. The Google analytics dashboard is also useful for when you want to start wishlisting and email marketing. It gives you data with which you can align your campaigns.

● WP Super Cache

Another plugin that’s not easy, but is important. Caching allows your blog to load faster — pleasing both your readers and Google. You want your website to load faster. Considering your own level of patience, are you the one waiting for a certain website to load? Or you’ll skip to the next one?

● Yoast SEO

This all-in-one SEO plugin helps you optimize your posts so you can get organic traffic from search engines. It helps you construct articles the way that it pleases Google algorithms. You get more blogspot visits if you have used the formula that will make your website appear on the first page of a browser.

Wrapping Up!

Congratulations! You are almost ready to put the steps into practice to make your own blogspot website. In the end, creating a successful blogspot websites is about hard work and passion. Keep posting helpful and engaging content, optimizing it for SEO, and sharing it with your networks — and you’ll soon see your new blogspot start to blossom. Take into account every step to get there without missing out on any page. Make sure that all pages are functional and working, with links, and of course, engaging content.