One Page Website

If we look at the modern web designs today, one-page websites create new dynamics. On a one page website, all the data can be relayed through a single document. In a period when we have to see tons of information and data daily, a single-page website provides a refreshing break from multi-page websites. We all know that you need to do a lot of hard work on a multi-page website before getting the desired website content.

There are a few arguments made against single-page websites as well. Some critics believe that these websites can lead to endless scrolling as you have to post a ton of information on a single web page. This is where you must have a proactive approach and the right strategies for your website. With the correct approach, you can create successful online spaces after establishing this design scheme. There are thousands of one-page designs on Strikingly that you can go through.

What is a Single-Page Website?

If you have just stepped foot into your professional career and want to make the best possible CV for yourself, you must know what one page website is. Also known as a single page website, it is defined as a website that contains only one page. It has a simple design structure that contains limited website information, such as the company’s credentials and call to action (CTA) buttons. The visitors go through the single-page layout and find their desired information related to the offered products or services.

one page design

Image taken from Strikingly

If you come to Strikingly, you will thousands of established and well-organized single-page websites. They are used in numerous types of businesses, such as

  • Personal gains
  • Portfolios
  • Resume/CV
  • One-time events
  • Landing pages
  • Brochures
  • Display of products

Single-page websites are extremely popular in today's digital world. As everyone is becoming part of the online community in one way or another, its importance continues to grow. However, there are many benefits that you need to understand related to these websites before creating them.

Advantages of Single-Page Website

1. Lightweight Visuals

The best thing about one page website designs is that it enables business owners and individuals to create an online space that can convey a singular message. You can use lightweight visuals to make the audience understand your brand message and what your website is about. For example, John Fang on Strikingly is one of the best personal websites on the platform. Its background image is more than enough to tell you that the man is an adventurer and likes to explore things.

lightweight website visuals

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

By having a single document online space, it can be a difficult task to shrink numerous images into a single web page. The problem with that is that making online spaces can come at a cost as the website's loading speed gets negatively affected. Moreover, the user experience may also go down due to the process.

2. Simplified Navigation

As discussed in the first section of the article, one page website design may result in endless scrolling. It is important to have effective website navigation in place to avoid such confusion. Single-page website designs give you the authority to create a clear navigation bar either at the top or the left side of the website. Every navigation element will take you to different sections of the website.

In case of the multi-page websites, navigation elements are used to make visitors move from one page to another. The order of navigation elements should be the same as the order of sections of your website. For example, you cannot have the contact section on the top of your navigation bar and its section at the bottom. The navigation bar is visible throughout the page, which gives visitors the license to go back to the top of the page.

3. Social Media Status

social media status

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

If we talk about one page websites, you need to make your mark very quickly. As you don’t have the license to display all of your products and services on multiple pages, single-page websites enable you to use your social media status. By integrating social media platforms on your website, you can gain your visitors’ trust. You can add social media accounts in any of the following forms:

  • Feeds that boast your achievements
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Links to media publications that laud your contribution

4. Authority

When you create any website design, regardless of whether it is a one page website design or not, you have the ambition of elevating it in the Google rankings. As a marketing person, you dream of an increased rank in the search engines. This is not just about getting every promotional opportunity available to you, but also increasing the audience coverage. A single-page website is the kind of website that ticks all the boxes for you related to the search engine results.

Single-page websites are so successful because any promotion done through a search engine directly links with the URL of your website. If you create multiple single-page websites, it will give you a higher authority to have multiple web pages linked with the main URL of your website. This advantage comes instantly because linking is considered one of the biggest SEO factors in the digital industry.

5. Mobile-Friendly

It is not a secret that mobile phone users have exceeded the number of desktop users in the digital industry today. With the number of mobile users increasing every day, the importance of responsive one page website templates is also increasing. After all, you cannot afford to customize those website templates that are just associated with one device. This has negative consequences on your SEO rankings and destroys your credibility as a marketing person.

mobile friendly design

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

By customizing responsive website templates, you will give yourself a chance to attract traffic from desktop users and mobile users. Looking at all the examples of single-page websites on Strikingly, they have responsive website designs. Strikingly gives users the authority to change the website version directly from desktop to mobile and vice versa, depending on their liking. By checking both versions, the users will know whether the website is in working order or not across both of the versions.

Disadvantages of Single-Page Website

1. Less Space

If you look at many of the single page website templates on Strikingly, you will realize that they have issues related to spacing. As one page websites contain only one page, it can be a disadvantage, especially if you have a lot of website content to publish. For example, if you want to create a personal website about your achievements and your achievements are huge, you may find yourself short of space to describe exactly what you have achieved.

less website space

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

There can be videos that showcase your big achievement or high-quality images that you are proud of. However, the lack of space may make you handicapped with your content. This is where you must have a pragmatic approach and consider adding the best content available to you. Sometimes, it is not about adding the entirety of the content. You can pick the most notable form of content and display it. If all your content is important, you can decrease the size of your website font.

2. Loading Time

The biggest issue related to a one page website revolves around search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. SEO is defined as the technique that enables you to bring your website or web pages up in the Google rankings. In 2010, Google announced that site speed is classified as a ranking signal, another limitation for single page web templates. According to marketing reports, a delay of one second in page response drops the conversion rate of a website by 7%.

If all the information, including videos and graphics, is to be displayed on a single web page, it may influence the loading speed of your website. The more data or content that a browser has to download, the more patience you would need to see the entirety of your website. This doesn’t just have negative consequences on your SEO performance but also disrupts user engagement.


A responsive one page website template is classified as Strikingly’s forte. We allow you to create your own designs by choosing a wide collection of themes and templates offered by us. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to pay a penny to access these templates. By choosing the best website template, you can customize it as per your liking and ensure that your brand stands out among the rest of your competitors.

Unlike many other website builders, Strikingly gives a collection of user-friendly single-page website examples. By going through them, you will not be worried about the thought of creating trouble for users. Apart from that, Strikingly gives you the authority to add as many web pages to your website. To learn more about website designing, you can contact our Happiness Officers today. So, register yourself on Strikingly and enjoy a wonderful career in web designing.