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Some people believe that “less is more”. Whether you agree with this statement or not, it has a literal expression towards website building ideas. We have been introduced to a minimalistic mindset for the last couple of years. Since then, it has continued to influence people in terms of making design and building one page website. A single page website allows you to put emphasis on your main objective. The reason why you created a website is to achieve your goals that go along with it. For instance, you created a one page website for your upcoming event like a coaching webinar, virtual book review, or your startup business launch. Actually, you can simply choose a template or create a customized one page design with Strikingly if you want to establish your personal portfolio or give your business a spotlight online.

In modern web design, one page website is introducing a new paradigm in which everything that you have to say on your site can all be relayed through a single document. In a generation where we’re constantly inundated by tons of information, one page websites design offers a refreshing break from multi-page spaces that compel us to make several clicks before getting to the content we want to see.

Some argue, however, one page websites design can lead to endless scrolling because you’re trying to cram tons of information in a single document. But with the right strategy, it is possible to create successful online spaces following this design scheme. Here are a few one page website examples that were created with Strikingly web templates to inspire your own web design project.

  1. Have a clear goal for the website

One of the perceived limitations of a simple one page website is that it is made to fulfill one specific goal; unlike multi-page sites that are designed to be full-featured online spaces and the pages accomplish varied objectives.

Before you create a one page site, it’s important to identify a clear objective that will drive your design and content. Objectives could either be to inform, to announce an upcoming event or, to present a portfolio, and a long list among others.

  1. Use a strong but lightweight visuals

One page websites design enables business owners and individuals to create online spaces that can convey a single message. WIth a single document online space, it can be quite tempting to cram a lot of images in such a small space. The only problem is the desire to showcase beautiful images can come at a cost - loading speeds can be affected and user experience can also go down in the process.

gdc consulting website
GDC Consulting

GDC Consulting’s single page website is a good example of how strong visuals can help bring an online space to life without sacrificing loading speed. To do this, we recommend that you keep within the recommended file size limits for images and videos.

  1. Engage with a call to action

By focusing on a single objective, a one page website will require a single call to action to fulfill this goal. Smart placement of this CTA can help increase conversions and engage visitors. Many sites, just like Zizzle, display their call to action on the upper fold of the site so it gets easily noticed.

Zizzle Learn Chinese Website

Zizzle. Learn Chinese

  1. Make a short but punchy web copy

Few people will want to scroll down to the end of a really long website so you want to make it worth your visitor’s time. One important tip on how to create a one page website is to work on creating attractive and engaging web copy. Using bold headlines such as the GDC Consulting banner above gets your reader’s attention and encourages him to scroll.

Avoid huge blocks of text anywhere on the page. Whenever possible, break your text content down into sections and combine them with high quality visuals. Make your copy easy to comprehend and appeal to your target demographic.

  1. Separate sections with smart use of white space

An illustrating photo
Elly Amelia

Proper placement of visuals is important on a one page website. Resist the temptation to cram so much information in a single document but if you must, break the content down into sections and add sufficient white space to prevent clutter. Elly Amelia’s visuals are divided into various sections to make it easy for the visitor to process information. Negative space is great for drawing the focus on images and keeps the entire design clean.

Single Page Website Examples That are Created With Strikingly

Take a peek and get some ideas on how to make a one page website. When you think of how simple yet powerful are these website examples below, then you’ve come a long way and it’s the perfect time to build your own site.

Pause On Fracking

A body of water
Image taken from Pause on Fracking website

This campaign website that aims to pause fracking activities in the state of New Mexico . The site exposes the negative effects of fracking in the environment and the community. As the statement on this site goes “New Mexico is disappearing fresh water at a high-rate, from the hydrological cycle, it sounds to have alarming effects. By creating this one page website, people will be well-informed and keep updated to the progress of this movement.

Live Without Limits

Nick Vujicic event photo
Image taken from Live Without Limits website

Nick Vujicic is an Australian-born Youtube sensation and celebrated worldwide motivational speaker. Growing up without arms and legs, he was a victim of bullying. He certainly didn’t feel as though he belonged in this world. This is what many people, specifically teenagers and adults are experiencing right now. Live without limits website is created to help these people who are struggling emotionally and spiritually. A single page website like this aims to announce his upcoming events. It also features a section about Nick’s life and how he was able to live life without limits. A powerful advocacy to uplift and encourage people in their day-to-day life battles.

Karen Lo

Karen Lo fashion styles
Image taken from Karen Lo website

This is a portfolio website created by Karen Lo with Strikingly. A minimalist movement of a fashion stylist and art director that she is. This website showcasing her works that were published in Vulcan magazine, Women X Women, Salon Magazine, and a blog site. The best way to put your talent on a highlight is a single page website. Check this template if you’re planning to create your own portfolio online.

Drawing on Experience

Man sitting on the rock
Image taken from Drawing on Experience website

Mike Sheehan is a talented illustrator and designer who loves to showcase his drawing on experience. This one page website he created with Strikingly has a special section of all his sketchbooks. He has carefully presented all his designs, drawings, links, and educational videos for art students, painters, illustrators who want to learn about his works. If you are an art student or even a well-experienced professional illustrator like Mike, you would definitely love the simplicity and realistic expression of this single page website.


Man with a backpack

Image taken from Momentary website

Hey, we’ve got Momentary at Strikingly. Momentary is a Melbourne-based video production company that uses storytelling for social impact. Well, this is how they created their single page website with us. They believe that any organization has the potential to contribute towards a more inclusive and sustainable world. They use their skills in filmmaking and storytelling to help organizations promote their advocacy. Indeed, an inspiring and empowering website like Momentary is creating a network to make this world a better place to live in.

Tablas Gourmet

Fruits cheese and nuts
Image taken from Tablas Gourmet website

Okay, take a deep breath and enjoy these sumptuous plates of Tablas Gourmet by Tefy Munoz. This is a type of one page website that allows you to check out Tablas Gourmet menus and plating package ideas. On this website, scrolling down is the most interesting thing to do because of their exclusive cocktails. Plus, it has a section where customers can contact and ask questions.

Create Your Own One Page Website in 4 Steps

  1. Sign up for an Account with Strikingly. It’s easy and you can actually do it in a few minutes.

Strikingly landing page

  1. Choose your template. We have multiple pre-designed templates that will surely fit on your taste and preference.

Choose template screenshot

  1. Add your content . You can simply add blog content, photographs, or videos of your last out of town.

Website editor screenshot

  1. Hit Publish! Congrats, your one page website is ready to go live.

We’ve come a long way on how to make a one page website. Strikingly gives you tons of template designs, including our users websites, that will give you fresh ideas in building your own website. A one page website is ideal for business and personal use. The less details and pages you put, the more you get your audience attention. Just think about all the information we encounter when we explore online. The last thing you want to happen is to have your visitors get overwhelmed with too much information on your website. Make it clear and simple. A clear message says it all. Moreover, a simple layout design is more appealing than intimidating. Remember that your website is just a glimpse of what you want to show to the world. A simple and single page website is far better than a multi-pages site telling you the same thing over and over again. Less is more, remember?