Choosing a website layout isn’t as simple as you think. What design template should I use? Are color schemes important? How many pages do I need to include in my layout? Should I go for a single page design? If you happen to be asking these questions in your mind as of the moment, then you just also happen to be in the right place. In this blog, we are going to give you the best guide on how to make your website not just interesting, but also effective and user-friendly. How? Through the use of one-page website design.

One pager websites are considered as an “underrated” web design by some. With its simple, single page design, many tend to judge it without even knowing how wonderful one-page websites are. To help you see a clearer view of the hidden wonders of one-pager websites, we collected the best examples we had. These one-page websites created by our users will surely not just put you in awe but will also drive you into the world of one-page website designs.

1. Tabla’s Gourmet


Image taken from Tabla’s Gourmet

Tabla’s Gourmet is one good example for owners who run a food business. This one-page website is filled with mouth-watering dishes that the business primarily offers. You can easily browse through them as you dive into their one-pager website. You can also spot images of food included on their menu along with its corresponding prices as you scroll down on their single page website. Ingredients along with short descriptions can also be seen on the one-page website. And as you reach the bottom, you will find a social media section where you can connect with the management.

2. Julianne Feir


Image taken from Julianne Feir

Julianne Feir is a one-page website that is one best example for those who seek an online portfolio inspiration. As an artist, Julianne Feir’s single page has everything a professional should include in her online one-page website. Upon scrolling on her single page website, you will be amazed at how she effectively posted her works and information. From a gallery of her works, up to a link of her online documents, everything was rightly placed on her one-page website. The one-pager website is also filled with engaging photos which can surely take your breath away.

3. Jacob Tomas


Image taken from Jacob Tomas

Jacob Tomas is another best example of a one-page portfolio website. This single page website offers a simple, yet classy website design layout that is perfect for those who seek a minimalist approach on their one-page website. Jacob Tomas’s one-pager website focuses on showing basic information about him and what he’s into. He also included his photos as his one-page website background to add a more personalized look.

4. Sourdough Against the System


Image taken from Sourdough Against the System

This one-page website is another best inspiration for food business enthusiasts, at the same time wanting to offer a helping hand. Sourdough Against the System sells bread and puts all the money they got into good use. This one-page website is owned by couple Chris and Roberta of S.A.T.S. based in Pacifica, California. The couple found themselves saddened by the current issues occurring inspiring them to build such an online one-page business website. A tagline “fighting the system, one loaf at a time”, will greet you with an awesome bread image as the one-page website background. The single page website is also filled with all the other company brands who bought bread and partnered with Sourdough Against the System.

5. Antoine Rangotte Troletti


Image taken from Antoine Rangotte Troletti

Antoine Troletti is a one-page website showcasing how a professional portfolio should be. Upon landing on this single page website, you can spot an amazing portfolio filled with the owner’s past works and projects. Graphical designs on the website layout also add more aesthetics and uniqueness to the overall appeal of the one-page websites. A section meant for the owner’s personal information like her hobbies and professional background is also nicely placed throughout the one-page website. A contact section is even placed on the edge of the single page website providing an instant mode of communication for the website visitors towards the business owner.

6. Live Lite


Image taken from Live Lite

Live Lite is a one-page website that offers life coaching and consulting services. Once visiting their single page website, you can immediately see a set of call-to-actions and a simple, yet eye-catching one-page website background. Their one-page website is filled with sections each carrying different information about what they do. A feedback section is also present in the one-page website driving more interest from their website visitors on how reliable they can be. There is also a session bookings section where audiences can take a look at the different services Live Lite can offer. Website viewers can even immediately figure out how much they are going to pay for each session they plan to take.

7. Maria Starko


Image taken from Maria Starko

Maria Starko’s one-page website is best for those seeking a clean yet sophisticated look on their online one-page portfolio. Her website is simply designed just like a normal portfolio with basic information about her and her professional background. A “Harry Potter-feel” will envelop you as you scroll through her one-page website. Her authored books are neatly placed on her single page website along with descriptions and short summaries of what the book is all about. She also added social media and subscription sections below her one-page website to let her website audience connect to her easily.

8. Natural Shilajit


Image taken from Natural Shilajit

Natural Shilajit’s one-page website is another example of how food websites should rock website building. Filled with a nice set of CTA’s, this single page website will surely teach you how to influence others with healthy living, at the same time doing their marketing strategy. Aside from an eye-catchy background layout and interesting images, they also included a “Shop Now” button on their menu bar where one-page websites viewers can take a closer look at the products they are offering. This single page website is also filled with a social media section and a subscription box where you can easily send them your queries.

9. Watercress Bali


Image taken from Watercress Bali

Watercress Bali is a one-page website made for a restaurant located in Bali. Their one-page website features a clean design with mostly white background and a collection of different food images. These images are all taken by their own business from their restaurant’s menu giving it a more enticing feel to try and eat at their food shop. As you scroll through their single page website, you will also encounter a section titled “Press” showcasing all the media companies and businesses they’ve been featured on and worked with. A short description of their business’s location and even a contact number is also present to give viewers a guide on how they can visit them personally.

10. GDC Consulting


Image taken from GDC Consulting

GDC Consulting is another example of a one-page website offering consulting services. This one-page website offers business coaching for entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their chosen path. With their tagline, “Services to bridge your Evolution”, this single page website is equipped with everything you need to learn in reaching your business goals. They have an action plan section, a gallery section of the owner’s previous works, and even a get-to-know section for those who are curious about the business itself. Testimonials from professionals whom they’ve worked with are also prominently placed on the one-page website strengthening audience interest in the business.

11. OOO Graphic Design


Image taken from OOO Graphic Design

If you are looking for inspiration on how to make a one-page website that is bright and has that energetic vibe, this website is a must-visit for you. OOO Graphic Design proves how much they take their business and passion seriously. With a single page layout that is filled with bright color schemes and boldly designed fonts, this one-page website can immediately draw attention. This one-pager website also contains a section introducing their team members who basically give graphic designing services. Their one-page website is also filled with all the basic information which their potential clients might need in transacting with them. They have a service section, a gallery of amazing graphic art pieces with the name of their creator, a gallery of photographs, and their one-page website’s contact section.

12. Fighting Pretty


Image taken from Fighting Pretty

Fighting Pretty is a one-page website that is built not just to earn revenues, but also helps those who are incapable. This single page website is founded by Kara Skaflestad with the aim of collecting funds to help women who have cancer. They make merchandise and use the earnings they collected in various donation drives they host. You can see how much dedication they have just by browsing through their one-page site. Their single page website is also equipped with a blog section, press section, their website’s online store, and even a job section to create more engagements towards their website viewers.

13. Vencat Capital


Image taken from Vencat Capital

VenCat Capital is a one-page website that practices locally deep and globally connected firms based in London, UK. They aim to provide honest and independent advice for their clients. They choose to stand for transparency, adaptability, and personal professional service. Vencat Capital’s one-page website is simple yet, truly captivating. Upon landing on their website, you will be mesmerized by a video background of waves that appears to make the one-page website floating in the water. Additional sections like an About Us Page, What We Do section, and Contact section are also present as you scroll through their online website.

Website designing is a powerful weapon everyone should know about. When you enter the world of e-commerce, you must be equipped with the right tools to survive. You have to master how to stand out and create your name which everyone will remember. You have to be aware of your uniqueness and use it as an opportunity to overpower your competitors. One way to help you do that is to choose the most effective website layout.

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